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1 Brown Rang

Best song from International Villager

Very nice and I like to hear this songs I love this song

After listening it, I started listening punjabi songs


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2 Breakup Party

Nice song
I really like this song

The song is outstanding

Best wording no girl will try to breakup after listening

Honey singh is best I really like this song and I am a very big fan of yo yo.

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3 Choot (Volume 1)

Best dirty rap song by honey singh
Every girl should listen this song.

Honey singh made the song perfect... Other singer was good too..

Sexiest song of honey sing

Nice song... Honey...

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4 Angreji Beat

Cool song
and even enjoyable

Mast song of all time

Aweome I love all of honey singh's song... Muahh...

Angreji beat is really perfect song for we and all youth guys..

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5 High Heels

Awesome music with awesome rap

Both are best in this song.. If any one know the name of that HOT girls with honey sing in the last, wearing yellow dress, please inform.. She is really HOT..

It is much better song than other songs

I'm a big fan of yo yo I like all his songs and blue eyes so much

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6 Haye Mera Dil

He is the best... I love each and every one of his songs, but he should have kept a light hand in the choot volume one song :D

Lovely Nice Very Good HAYE MERA DIL

Amazing heat touchable song by honey singh I have heard ever..

Haye mera dil... Nice one...

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7 Get Up Jawani

Really joyful song...
Love you honey singh

Wow wonderful song love you honey

Honey is the best

I love honey singh in very best songs yahoo

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8 Dope Shope

Very good song I have never heard this much powerful song in my life because I am only 11 years old

I like this song very much. Honey singh is my faverite

It's a amajing song

My friend honey singh you are the best singer. You are the big fan of my family. I love your songs very much like dope shope etc. BYE

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9 Blue Eyes

The best song of 2013..2 million hits after 4 days of release..the way he dances..! Love this song

Best song ever I love his rap he is the best Punjabi rapper.I love tis song so well. Hats off to yo yo honey singh for the super duper hit song. I am his biggest fan

Awesome song guy...gotta vote for it yaar

How can this be on no.10? This should be in no.2 because I don't mind brown rang on number 1... This is very bad man. Do you know how awesome this song is? Its very popular. Just look at his dance moves and the rap? Forget it... He is a versatile singer and will bring coolness to India and the world... His future seems bright - anaghamenon14

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10 Head Banger

Honey singh is words best singer

Honey Singh is best singer of pop

It's the best song of ma favorite play list

I love it

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11 This Party Gettin Hot

Just awesome! Honey singh's one of the best... Music is crackling...

Very hot somg hunny... I like it

A Perfect Party SOng..! One To Remember!

Nice like his all block busters

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12 Glassi

Most popular song of 2006

Yo, yo, honey shing I love yo, yo...

Honey singh is my super star

Superb lyrics with great music composition

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13 Condom

V v v v v v v v v v v V... Nice song

Vere is like this song

Honey please give your mind to me

I like dis song

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14 Main Sharabi

Awesome party song... This song will make you dance...

Great Song with great rhythm

One of my favourite song which also suits my bro

I love dis song

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15 47 Weight Kudi Da

This is one of the awesomest songs of honeysingh

Dangerous song and best

It's a lovely and too much close to real life

Awlaw! Song love you honey singh

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16 Bring Me Back

Great song super lyrics by honey

Yr honey singh tune to kamal kr ditta

This song is very good and honey singh is rock

I like it I really like honey singh all songs love you

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17 Siftaan

It also must be in Top ten..!

Whah honey tere rap to eedum jackas hai aur super super rap likhte ja siftaan ka rap best hai

Yo Yo Honey Singh is all in 1

I love this song

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18 Lungi Dance

The song dedicated to South-Star Rajnikantha

Awesome Song Yar...
Yo Yo Honey Singh...

A classic song,
Tribute to the RAJNI fans,
I love this song. - nakul.pacheriwala.3

I love this song this is my favourite song but I hate honey singh

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19 Sunny Leone Pink Nipple

Kya gaana hai... I love ths song

A very pop song

This song is good but I don't like sunny but I like very much yo yo honey.

Wow wonderful song yo yo honey sing

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20 Kukkad

What a song is this. The entry for sid in this song is just fab.

Siftan is the best song of honey

Hey which song is this I am not getting this please hlp

This song z lovely

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21 Sunny Sunny

Lovely song you are grate honey

Honey singh rocked the song with his vocals & music..

I want to listen this song I like this song very much

Best... I had turned repeat on on my cell and slept listening it. just awesome. !

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22 Chaska

It's a very nice song. In this both performed very well(yo yo honey singh)

Very heart touchey song

Nic and vey nice song...


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23 Chaar Botal Vodka

Honey Singh and sunny had a great gang

Wow. My favorite song

Seriously it's a great song listen it yaar... Col

My favourite song. It is really a good one and one of the best songs by yo yo honey Singh!

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24 Goliyan

This song is very hot

Love you honey I am Sonu pandat

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25 Battian Bujalo

I really really love this song

I really love this song

It is nice hearing song

26 Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi

All songs sing by you are amazing

This song is very nice

My opinion is that replace the old songs so good thing and so good rap in and Punjabi songs another's Urdu songs are very nice heart touching...

One of the best of yo yo honey singh...

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27 Tu Mera Bai Main Tera Bai

Funny song... Good to hear at loud - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

I love you honey singh you rockk

E It is very funny and good song, I like this song

I love honey singh's all songs

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28 Pink

What music and and flow of the song is just awesome.

In india rap means honey singh so injoy yo yo in and as...

I like this song. Nsa

I like this song very much

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29 Bebo

Yo Yo Honey Singh ft alfaaz

Rocking lyrics

Very nice songs
Love you - jenu

Awesome song by honey singh and alfaaz! Ought to be in top 5!

Deserves top 10 :/

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30 Dheere Dheere

Help me in downloading

This is the best of 2015

Awesome song! Honey Singh made perfect

What a great song love you love you so much

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31 Paani Paani

Super song... l iove it

I loved this song very much. Honey singh is my best.

This song is super! I like it

Very good song awesome song

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32 Mere Hier Se Mila De
33 Party All Night

This song should be on top of his list..

This song is so awesome it gets my mood to the top!

It is best song of honey singh

What a beautiful song I like it so much

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34 Achko Machko

Good like kfc sogood


This is nice song&I like it

Nice Song and the best honey singh Style

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35 Vol.5

Kashif love this song

My heart song is yo yo honey singh

I love this song

Nice songs

36 Superman

Releasing in 2013

Heard the song
It amazing

37 Panga

Awesome song. Best rap of yo yo honey singh.

38 Party With Bhootnath

Song from bhootnath returns...

This is very rocking song

The song is very much good... And I love YYOOYYO honey singh

I hate you honey singh

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39 Kudi Saturday Saturday

It is awesome and rap is mindblowing

Sonise I really love you hoonyy singg

I also like this song very much. Because I like honey very mush.

This is the best song & I think it is one of his best song

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40 Beautiful


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41 Sargi-tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22


Its a very nice song

All songs are awesome, I love them 222222222222... Much.

42 Upar Upar In the Air

Honey singh is good in this rap... Mast hai

This is my best songss

Yo yo honey sing kmal a

This song makes me mad... I am unable to understand why this song is in 42th place.. This should be in top 10

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43 Dilli Ke Deewane
44 Badtameez Dil

Go ahead and watch this baby on YouTube

What a awesome song

45 Ethir Neechal

Where is volume 1

Best... Hiphop tamizha and yo yo is the best

Yo yo honeysingh kya rum id banadoge

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46 Satan

Best song of your's yo yo honey singh

It's Amazing Song... I like it so much.

47 Lun Mera

Give your luns to My ex girlfriend huma laugh out loud

48 Chal Phuddi Di


49 Yeh Mera Dewaana Pan Hai

Good and I always like honey singh song... Yo yo honey singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh

50 Vaishnavi

So cool and ico

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