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61 Subha Hone Na De

From Desi Boys. I really love this song

62 Chup Karke
63 9XM
64 Balatkari
65 Chaska E Yaara Nu
66 Raftaar

So nice song. I love you honey singh. Yo Yo.

So good song. I love you honey singh. Yo Yo.

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67 Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop V 5 Comments
68 Desi Kalakaar

This is the best song by honey Singh I'm shocked why this isn't number one...

Sonakshi was not at all fit for this song

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69 Mein Balatkari

We All Know He Did It...

70 Fantasy
71 Jat Surme
72 Arjun
73 Daftar Ki Girl

Why it wasn't in the list one of the best song by yo yo

One of my favourite song ever

This is my favourite

74 One Bottle Down

I never thought that this song on 70 no it is no one song best song ever

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75 London

Best song ever.. music composed by yo yo is outstanding it should be in top 10 list...
Keep calm and follow mafia mundeer
A pure desinglish love tale...

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76 Khol Botal
77 One Thousand Miles

Really nice. Can be compared to a English song. Creative and original. Honey Singh at his best.

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78 Ankhon Ankhon V 1 Comment
79 Stardom V 1 Comment
80 Vineet and Keshav

It is the est song of honey singh it should be at number 1

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