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21 Born to Lead Born to Lead

This song is just thrilling and amazing... Deserves to be in top 10... Come on guys...!

22 Without a Fight Without a Fight

Should be in the top 10... this song kicks some pretty major ass. Should be in the top 5, personally think it's one of their best.

This is literally the best song by hoobastank
Should be in the top right next to out of control and the reason

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23 Let It Out Let It Out
24 Is This the Day?
25 Look Where We Are Look Where We Are
26 Escape Escape
27 Remember Me Remember Me

This is on self titled, not the reason.

This is the best song they've ever done

28 Tears of Yesterday Tears of Yesterday

This song is really relaxing even though its not a quiet song. I was really expecting this song to be in the top ten... Surprisingly not. Everyone should give this song a try, since its good from the start until the end.

29 This Is Gonna Hurt This Is Gonna Hurt

A very different song, but definitely one that deserves not be STRANDED AT 33rd! The chorus is to die for, give it a shot, you'll end up loving this song much more than the ones undeservedly listed above!

30 My Turn My Turn
31 Good Enough Good Enough
32 Sick of Hanging On Sick of Hanging On

32 what? Good song should be top 10, and PES bring this song!

33 Can You Save Me?

I didn't like the starting, but if Xcluding that, I love this song!

34 No Win Situation No Win Situation

This song is amazing! The instruments, the lyrics, the melody. Just amazing!

35 Can I Buy You a Drink?
36 End of Our Rope
37 You're the One You're the One

One of the catchiest songs I've ever heard, a lot of their higher songs are defenantly not as good as this one!

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38 Moving Forward Moving Forward
39 Say the Same Say the Same

Lyrics... Reminds me of my good old days... Really heart song..

40 Face the Music
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