Best Hopsin Songs

The Top Ten Best Hopsin Songs

1 Ill Mind of Hopsin 5

I don't know how to explain it, but all I can say is it's the realest anybody's ever rapped about today's problems in my opinion. It's fire and I must also say this song alone is worth more than that one song called Lifestyle.

He is so real in this song. he talks about real world problems and not just stupid stuff. No chorus that gets old after a while, just good rapping through the whole song

If you have not listened to this song. You are truly not a Hopsin fan. By far this is his most well produced rap in both production and the rap itself, his truth in his rap is as lit as the rhymes themselves. Not to mention this is one of the most viewed song he's put up on the internet. If you haven't listened to this, first drink some bleach, and then check it out.

Really just points out everything that Hopsin feels is wrong with today's society. As violent and horridly angry it is, it is down-to-earth and no one can say otherwise.

2 Nocturnal Rainbows

Best song ever great and amazing message nothing better great lines great everything hopsin for ever

Brilliant. Reaches out with great lyrics and has a mysterious, eerie beat, which I love. It may not be as fast as other songs, but the flow is the best I've ever seen for Hopsin.

Has a weird melody to it that goes really well with Hopsin's rap style in the song. Amazing song that gets better every time you hear it!

Meaningful lyrics and the chorus is so catchy and holds so much meaning. Best Hopsin song for sure.

3 Ill Mind of Hopsin 7

Hopsin does what many rappers have not. Not many MCs are willing to explore a topic as touchy as religion and I think Hopsin is brave for speaking from his heart. This song is incredibly deep by describing his struggle with God and what to believe L. Although a lot of people might not agree with his beliefs, I think everyone can relate to it through some struggle they've had.

Greatest Hopsin song of all time! Deep message about religion and the government! Nice beat to go with it and Marcus just shows true emotion throughout this song. Every lyric is raw emotion.

Everyone can relate, the background music had me in goosebumps, easily one of his top 3 songs.

He said himself it would be his realest song and he was right its amazing how he thinks

4 Hop is Back

EASILY the most swag song he's produced, bringing out his new album after he's been gone with this song. It was a masterpiece

NEW SONG! Should be in Top Ten Search it Up Goes Hard ---- HOPSIN 2013 RETURN!

Lyrical genius - enough said

Kendrick Lamar's high is still really short to me - DaWyteNight

5 I Need Help

This song is amazing! It tells the story of his struggles against his own mind. This song also shows off how good of a rapper Hopsin is. Well done Marcus/Hopsin.

One of the most rhythmic and real songs ever, mad respect for hop and all he does but hangs down one of his best songs ever. The first best is definitely Fort Collins.

I think the sample for this song doesn't do it justice. I reccommend people actually listen to the entire thing and then come back to vote. Also keep in mind that this is his latest song so it's not going to shoot to the top all of a sudden.

This hands down is the best hop-sin song which isn't a ill mind

6 Ill Mind of Hopsin IV

He will take over when Eminem leaves. He will be the greatest

This song is amazing... Hopsin is so real in this song.

This should be number 1, it's clearly his best song!

Love the flow and the beat is so catchy, one of his best!

7 Ill Mind of Hopsin 8

This should be number one, I think we all know that, it had fire flow and it seemed like he took time to really think about all that happened

This is his best hands down. Went all out beast mode on Volume's ass

Great song with a great, but most importantly the message explained at the end of the sing is deep and completely true no matter who you are and what you are

It's honestly spitting some real. And the way he all connects it with his flow smoothly is crazy, amazing honestly.

8 Ill Mind Six: Old Friend

This song, in my opinion, is the best Hopsin track to date. He shows his true side and it has such a strong and positive message behind it, the music video's absolutely amazing and the hook is great as well.

In my opinion this is the best Hopsin song, he is so real and his voice makes you feel his emotions, the hook is one of the best, that's just Hop at his best.

Illest of them all

The ill mind six shows issues stimulating in Marcus Hopson's life mixed with a lonely tone and without a doubt the most catchy hook of any Hopsin song to date.

9 Sag My Pants

I greatly dislike Drake, and when I heard Hopsin talk about him, I just about flipped!

My favorite part on this song was when he dissed Lil Wayne and rick ross

This song is amazing I listen to it everyday and is a great song for when I'm upset or feeling down

One of Hopsins most memorable songs. Both because it's one of his first hits and also cause it's one of the first I listened to. It's straight fire and deserves some good love

10 Rip Your Heart Out

This is by far my favorite Hopsin song. The flow is unreal by both rappers

Deserved at least number 2 - KrazzyMadd

Defiantly one of the best off of his newest album

Hopsin's pretty cool... but Tech N9ne murdered this track! - Lasvegasxavier

The Contenders

11 Fly

A true meaning of what music should be right now. There is so much going on in the World right now that this song covers perfectly. Has one of the most truthful messages that you can hear today and that we need to do something to save this World.

This is one of the greats help it get to top 3 this is my personal favorite honestly you just need to listen to the lyrics

My favorite song the meaning behind it so so powerful. Even my friends ho don't listen to hop love this song

This song is so underrated... whats it doing on second page? should be top 5 at least.. It's so real

12 Lunch Time Cypher

This song is just flawless. Never gets old.

Great lyrics, Cool beat

Great song if you're into lyrics. The point of the song is to put you back into highschool in the cafeteria with the beat being somewhat of a beatbox you would find in such a situation and the cyphers seem moreso freestyles.

The combination of the beatboxing and innovative beat with absolutely astounsing rapping makes this song his best.

13 Chris Dolmeth

This song is so real. Tells a great story that has a meaningful lesson and shows what Hopsin is capable of. The great beat doesn't hurt either.

Such a good story!

Amazing beat and amazing storytelling, I get that it's a ''less refined'' version of Ill Mind VI but I find the more haunting beat and less aggressive form of storytelling to be much more effective, on top of that the chorus is just chilling. A true masterpiece and an example of Hop at his best.

14 I'm Not Crazy

This should definitely be in top 10, Nocturnal Rainbows takes first for sure, but I really like this song. The wordplay in it is great and I like the message. Should in top ten, Please bring more attention to this song! Its Great!

This song is absolutely perfect! Guys come on it belongs within the top 5!

This song is already number 15 on first page why is it repeated here at 31?

Should be top 15 probably one his most underrated song

15 You are My Enemy

This song has a fire beat with dark lyrics

16 Ill Mind of Hopsin III

This makes up for the 2nd one

This song is under rated, it is definitely one of his best. :D

17 Gazing at the Moonlight

This is TOTALLY a anti santic song. I LOVE IT!

18 Lucifer Effect

Amazing and should have a lot more publicity

Great song about the rap game though.

19 The Purge

I don't even like this thing but The purge is actually a good song. - AlphaQ

Best song, or at least better that #23

Amazing Song - Wunked


20 Heather Nicole

Dude I can't stop playing this song, he killed chorus and the message is deep

Really good to see this so high, Hopsin really shows his compassinate side here, love it, LONG LIVE HOPSIN!


Good song

21 Leave Me Alone

Deep song about money I think everyone should hear

22 Ill Mind of Hopsin 9

Why people be hating on this one it is one of my personal favourites - MRRANDOM

Reaches out to some people on a different level. One of his best.

Oops wrong one. - AlphaQ


23 Pans in the Kitchen

Made me "bop my head like a walkin pigeon" Hopsin goes in on this song. Only hopsin could do something like this with this beat.

Love the beat.
Love how hopsin whispers in my ear with his dank voice lmao

24 Hotel in Sydney

I think it is a good song it’s real and describes his problems and shares his side of the story

25 I'm Here
26 Die This Way

This is so real about now the robbers the idea of the video is awesome I would rate 10/10

Best song by hops in I've ever heard

By far some of his Best Lyrics

This or bout the business

27 Hop Madness

So underrated and unknown. All of his deliveries are on point and his lyrics are so ill!

28 The Hop Train
29 Bout the Business

This is truly the cut from modern and real hip hop. It also is the first release of undercover prodigy

His flow is outstanding, what else can I say

Love the beat

This fye - Doobber

30 I'm Not Introducing You

Best song by hopsin number 1

This song is underrated this should be in top 10

31 Where Will I Go
32 I Can't Decide

Personally think it's his best song because of how it tell about the life of Tyrone and how life in the hood is

The only downside is the auto tune

33 How Do You Like Me Now

The tempo and rhythm is extremely catchy and its just totally DOPE.

Not the number one Hopsin song but should definitely be in the top 10, the flow is phonemonal and both Hopsin and SwiZZZ nail it.

34 Good Guys Get Left Behind
35 The Fiends are Knocking

Best song by far, love the chorus

36 Fort Collins

Not the best Hopsin song but definitely needs to be in the top 10, great beat, base drop and rap.

Love this song by hopsin

Are you kidding me how is that not on here

37 Crown Me

Killer beat but still maintains that great hopsin message. Should be top 10

Needs to be top 10 chorus is amazing

This song need to be in the top ten

love it

38 All Your Fault

Super dope song. Hopsin brings back his classic Knock Madness production style and puts together one of the realest tracks he's ever made.


39 Story of Mine
40 Who's There
41 Ramona

Another one of hopsins trademark satirical and comedic songs. Really fun nasty listen

42 You Should've Known

Great song with Dax. The music video is awesome as well

43 Super Duper Fly

Great beat. It makes one feel super duper fly

44 Novi Novak Diss

Dope Diss track... I listen to it like twice a day...

Absolutely killed Novi. Total headbanger.

45 Blood Energy Potion

Needs to be way higher on this list

Budget rap god

Should be top 10

46 Hip Hop Sinister

Can believe this. This song has more energy than any song I've ever heard. I'm a die hard Eminem fan and the only song I can think of that has as much energy as this is Kim, and that's technically a bad thing. This is my favorite Hopsin song ever and it's plain ridiculous it's not top 3. It should be in the first spot on the list!

This song should be in the top 3! It has so much energy it's unbelievable!

Shouldn't be 32. So much better than that

47 Pillow Man

How is this not on top 15 AT LEAST?

Really good song

48 Dream Forever

Amazing lyrics and great meaning behind it. I get the chills every time I hear the song get more intense.

This song should be at the top. Doing lyrics justice

49 Nollie Tre Flip
50 My Love

Super underrated track from "Pound Syndrome"

Legit his best song

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