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21 Gazing at the Moonlight Gazing at the Moonlight V 1 Comment
22 Pans In the Kitchen Pans In the Kitchen

Made me "bop my head like a walkin pigeon" Hopsin goes in on this song. Only hopsin could do something like this with this beat.

Love the beat.
Love how hopsin whispers in my ear with his dank voice lmao

23 Lucifer Effect Lucifer Effect

Great song about the rap game though.

24 Fly Fly

A true meaning of what music should be right now. There is so much going on in the World right now that this song covers perfectly. Has one of the most truthful messages that you can hear today and that we need to do something to save this World.

This is one of the greats help it get to top 3 this is my personal favorite honestly you just need to listen to the lyrics

My favorite song the meaning behind it so so powerful. Even my friends ho don't listen to hop love this song

This song is so underrated... whats it doing on second page? should be top 5 at least.. It's so real

25 I'm Not Introducing You I'm Not Introducing You

Best song by hopsin number 1

26 I'm Here I'm Here
27 Bout the Business Bout the Business

This is truly the cut from modern and real hip hop. It also is the first release of undercover prodigy

His flow is outstanding, what else can I say

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28 Die This Way Die This Way

This is so real about now the robbers the idea of the video is awesome I would rate 10/10

Best song by hops in I've ever heard

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29 Ill Mind of Hopsin
30 Baby's Daddy Baby's Daddy
31 Hop Madness Hop Madness

So underrated and unknown. All of his deliveries are on point and his lyrics are so ill!

32 I Am Raw I Am Raw
33 Where Will I Go Where Will I Go
34 Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone

Deep song about money I think everyone should hear

35 Hip Hop Sinister Hip Hop Sinister

Can believe this. This song has more energy than any song I've ever heard. I'm a die hard Eminem fan and the only song I can think of that has as much energy as this is Kim, and that's technically a bad thing. This is my favorite Hopsin song ever and it's plain ridiculous it's not top 3. It should be in the first spot on the list!

This song should be in the top 3! It has so much energy it's unbelievable!

Shouldn't be 32. So much better than that

36 I'm Not Crazy I'm Not Crazy

This should definitely be in top 10, Nocturnal Rainbows takes first for sure, but I really like this song. The wordplay in it is great and I like the message. Should in top ten, Please bring more attention to this song! Its Great!

This song is absolutely perfect! Guys come on it belongs within the top 5!

This song is already number 15 on first page why is it repeated here at 31?

Should be top 15 probably one his most underrated song

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37 Fort Collins Fort Collins

Not the best Hopsin song but definitely needs to be in the top 10, great beat, base drop and rap.

Are you kidding me how is that not on here

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38 Crown Me Crown Me

Killer beat but still maintains that great hopsin message. Should be top 10

Needs to be top 10 chorus is amazing

This song need to be in the top ten

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39 Who's There Who's There
40 Good Guys Get Left Behind Good Guys Get Left Behind
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