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1 Silent Hill 2 Silent Hill 2

By far one of the most scary and disturbing survival-horror games out there.
Great story, crazy characters, horrific environments, eerie atmosphere and what enemies make of Silent Hill 2 my all time favorite horror genre video game.

Surely a great game, it deserves the first place:). It is truely a game worth the invest your time in. Srry for bad englisch

Hell it's the best, must be number one. It can give chills down your back. Environment is horrifying and dark, monsters scary and most of all pyramid head.

One of the best games I have ever played. Ever.

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2 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Oh yeah, the fact that these creatures are just straight up stalking about in the dark while you wonder around in an abandoned castle filled with monsters that will kill you with no way to defend yourself whatsoever in the dark is totally terrifying! Oh yeah, and you deal with all this while losing your sanity, slowly slipping into insanity with every moment that passes by while you explore that God forsaken place! Not only that, but multiple gamers, including the #1 subscribed channel in YouTube, Pewdiepie, have gained fame from playing this game (or slender, but we're not talking about that) due to the horror they had to face and share with the internet. Yeah, this deserves this spot since so many people peed in their pants to escape this game.

This should be the first! This game is very scary, good atmosphere, good sound effect, good story, challenging... imagine that you don't have any weapon to protect yourself from monster.. I think this gane is not the first because this game is new, you absolutely have to play it

Nothing scarier than Amnesia in a dark room with a headset on. Be prepared to crap your pants playing this game!

Definitely Amnesia, you can't fight back nor can you kill it, and with the creepy background sounds along with the music, it is the most terrifying game ever. Adds even more to it with headphones on for the best experience.

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3 Outlast

Man, I can't forget my first experience with this game... It's still unsurpassed in terms of how sick and twisted it is. The scariest game made so far.

How is this not #1?! This game is INCREDIBLY realistic and yet still scares you!

Good storyline, great graphics, awesome gameplay, epic DLC.

The scariest horror game I've ever seen.

Running around an Insane Asylum while Pig-Man ( I guess ) 2 Naked dudes, a doctor, and a particularly agressive spirit try to kill you. This game is perfect. - x-TDG-14

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4 Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 4

This is the best horror game ever created be sure to go toilet earlier playing this

The best game I have ever played in my life

I'm not much for violent video games, but love this game! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Ehh more action than horror but still horror I guess

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5 Dead Space Dead Space

Dead Space is such an amazing game. The horror and skill required to play a third person shooter, combined with the kind of play style required for this game it is both challenging and fun for any gamer...

The game is refreshing and was a great start to an amazing series...

Should be higher, its just plain awesome.

First time I played it was on my home theater and total darkness. I almost needed new unaware! Amazing, best atmosphere ever

I've never played the game, because I've heard it's insanely horrific. - Jammer196

Only game that has ever made me scream. And I'm a grown man.

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6 Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's

This game! Just, no! I got to the fourth night as I am typing this, and all I can say is no! This game isn't your average horror game, where you can walk around with a flashlight and get jumpscared while climbing up a ladder by some crazy alien and still be alive. This is a game where you can't move from your office chair and all you do is look at cameras, shut doors, and turn lights on/off. Doesn't sound scary yet? Well, there are four animatronics that have their minds of their own at night and try to break into your office and kill you. There is Bonnie the Bunny, the purple/bluish one that slowly creeps down the west hall to get to your office and jumpscare you while you are looking at your cameras. Often, you will see Bonnie at your door when you are flashing your lights, trying to see if any animatronic is there. There is also Chica the Duck, the yellow one that goes down the east hall and tries to break into your office. Chica attacking is a bit more rare than Bonnie attacking, ...more

If you are talking about the original game, it isn't scary anymore, but back then, it was terrorifying. The gameplay was so unique and was never seen in a horror game, or any game. Nowadays, this is probably the last good horror series left.

You guys are just bored of it now. This game has great graphics, gameplay and story is unique, the character designs are really cool. It isn't really that scary nowadays but still, FNAF is enjoyable.

To be honest, I love watching theories about FNaF and make theories. I don't even play the game, I just want to know all the secrets about it. It's so mysterious, and the backstory is scarier than the game in my opinion. It's about a Chuck E Cheese-like restaurant. The animatronics are just normal animatronics that sing, dance, etc. They were normal, until the Purple Guy came. So, there are the four main animatronics, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, but there's also Golden Freddy, which is a hallucination that the night guard sees rarely. The Purple Guy is an employee in this restaurant, but one night when it was a child's birthday, Purple Guy killed four children, and also his son (we don't know why). After that, there's this puppet called Marionette, and when the restaurant was closed, Marionette stuffed the bodies into the four animatronics, and it stuffed the son of Purple Guy into Golden Freddy, which was an old animatronic with no endoskeleton they used in an older restaurant ...more

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7 Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

The best horror games are made in Japan. This game has original gameplay, and original story.

8 Slender

Its one of the few games that actually scared me O. O

I have this game and I can't play it any more

GOD this guy just pops out of nowhere - RainbowArtist191

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9 P.T. V 2 Comments
10 Dead Space 2 Dead Space 2

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11 The Last Of Us The Last Of Us
12 Silent Hill Silent Hill

This was the only game that I was scared to even play. Great story, great ambiance, great music, great puzzles.

Great suspense, great music and great horror - RainbowArtist191

Man, this game should be in te top of the list. The best Horror Game I ever played! Sorry for my bad English.

13 F.E.A.R F.E.A.R

I play previous version of this game. it's like a thriller game some places goast comes like a Hollywood movie... definitely I play this version you try it...

This game should be the first one on this list, if you've played it then you know what I mean, such a scary game with a great storyline.

This should be higher than all these games it scares the crap of me and it's so fun and the story line is amazing

14 Metro: Last Light Metro: Last Light

This game is hard.
The graphics are amazing.
Great story.
Great gameplay.

15 Manhunt 2 Manhunt 2 V 1 Comment
16 Slender: The Eight Pages

This game so scary you walk in the dark with only a flashlight and a camera trying to find 8 pages that are hidden in the woods WHILE BEING STALKED AND HUNTED BY A TALL MAN IN A SUIT AND TIE named Slender and when slender is coming closer to you your camera gets covered in static and a high pinched sound comes you see tentacles then the pitch gets MAX loud the screen goes dark then Slenders face is on the camera covered in static and then you DIE! SCARIEST GAME IN MY LIVE!

The whole slender series scared the heck outta me I can't play them anymore


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17 Silent Hill 3 Silent Hill 3
18 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead

I wouldn't consider this horror, unless you are talking about a hunter appearing out of nowhere. Other than that it's not scary. In fact its not even in the horror genre, I don't know why its up here.

Probably the best zombie game ever made... Never get bored of this one

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19 Neverending Nightmare Neverending Nightmare
20 Silent Hill 4: The Room Silent Hill 4:  The Room

I'm a cold blooded person who plays horror games to laugh actually however, this is the only game I could NOT play alone. Just.. Scary as hell.

Scared the hell out of me when I Played it first time... very disturbing and scary atmosphere and the jump scares are like AHAAHAAH!

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