Silent Hill: Shattered Memories: Random video game review

Let me all introduce you to a genre nobody ever introduced me to! Horror games! While I do enjoy some of them, I just have never got into playing a lot of them! And because helloween was already 2 DAYS AGO, I will review my favorite horror game ever created, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories!

Silent Hill has for the most part an great plot! Does Shattered Memories have one too? HELL YES! The plot revolves around a father, trying to find his daughter in an city! In the game, he switches between reality and nightmare, a frozen version of said city! There will happen a plot twist at the end, but I wont spoil it!

The gameplay is done like in most other Silent Hill games. It's minimalistic enough to bring a feeling of helplessness and because it was released on the Wii, Shattered Memories is played with motion controls, making the game more realistic! The gameplay in the nightmare differs, because there are monsters trying to kill you everywhere! The game throws in a level, build like a maze, which makes it frustrating, but also really intense! Sometimes the game throws you, the protagonist, into a test by an psychologist, which change the nightmare area!

For an game on the Wii, Shattered Memories graphics are good! Compared to other Wii gems, it manages to have really good graphics, which have'nt aged a lot yet!

The soundtrack of the game is good! It is'nt anything outstanding, but it's still a great soundtrack for such a horror game!

So while Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was'nt as scary as it's predecessor Silent Hill 2, in itself it's still worthy of a:
8,5/10 and an adjective of "pretty good"
Its gameplay is may be frustrating and annoying at times, but it manages to be a very scary game and its plot is enough to check it out, if you are a horror fan!


Silent hills cancelled:( - Ananya