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41 Siren
42 Painkiller
43 Alien: Isolation

How can it be on 45 it should be on the top 10

44 Slenderman the Arrival
45 D2
46 Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
47 Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
48 Corpse Party

I do not own a PSP, so I have never played this. But I have just finished watching Cryaotic play this, and this game is easily the best horror game out there. Has a fantastic story, interesting characters, a creepy atmosphere, and more. I loved this game. I definitely recommend that you play it. Play. It. Now. - Alpha101

It's a wonderful story. the charecters reactions to the scary things around them is really nice

49 The Thing
50 Resident Evil: Code Veronica
51 P.T. Silent Hills
52 Resistance: Fall of Man
53 The House of the Dead
54 Alan Wake

Better story

55 The Evil Within V 1 Comment
56 Resident Evil: Outbreak
57 Resident Evil: Dead Aim
58 Vampire Night
59 S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow Of Chernobyl

I just got finished with this game on Master difficulty, it's bloody amazing! The atmosphere sends chills down my spine, and holy hell, I think my scariest parts in it was Chernobyl NPP, Agroprom Underground, and Lab X18.

60 The Dig
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