I have had a few diffrent breeds growing up but the Arabian is tops in my book. Hard, wonderful feet- rarely a health issue and they are extremely smart! Arabian horses can learn any discipline in riding. They learn fast and will outsmart their rider if given the chance. But the BEST quality is that they are sweetest, most kind natured horse I've ever met. There is a reason in the dessert they would sleep in the tents of their masters! They are super protective and loyal to their owners, but you have got to earn it! Once you do -they are your best friend for for life.
Unfortunately they have a stereotype for being " hot" or " crazy". Any Arab who behaves that way is a direct result of the owner and I can guarantee you- any horse that person has will result with the same issues. I would Never go back to any other breed after earning the love of one of these beautiful and graceful animals.

Arabians are agile and beautiful I have rode an Arabian before and they are so graceful. Arabians can also do both riding styles which can be helpful. Arabians are very easy to work with and are good listeners I have always dreamed of owning a Arabian.

Dana, our Arab, was purchased as a family horse. We are all short in our family and Dana was 14 hands. As it turned out, only my Dad and I could ride Dana. They do bond to the rider and can out think a rider. Beautiful and flashy, Dana had a fiery personality but was a cream puff with Dad and I. Endurance, speed, beauty--these are my favorite breed!

I have never owned an Arab but I have done much research on them, hung out with them and rode a couple. They are definitely my fave! The endurance, intelligence, bravery... I can go on and on. Also the fact that they have influenced almost every single horse breed there is today just blows my mind away. They are just the best of the best.

Arabians are amazing. I have owned my arabian paint for 4 years and couldn't be any happier with her. My 6 year old mare is beautiful, intelligent, fast, strong, and so graceful to ride. Even during the fastest gallop, it feels as though I am floating on air. I love this breed because they do have an interesting personality. Very hyper and excited at all times with high spirits. Treat them right and they will listen.

I have owned my Arab for six years, I have never owned a better horse. He has a wonderful personality and loves everyone. I can take him to any show and he does so good. I have never loved a horse like I do my Arab. He is calmer than my quarter horse, to be honest.

Love them, they are beautiful and clever! They have been known to be the best horses once in England, if I had a chance to vote, I definitely will vote for them to be the most smartest horse and best horse.

Arabians are elegant horses, with beautiful dished faces. They are also very unique and different from other horses. Their tails are held high, and they have one less rib bone (17 ribs total) than other equines.

They are gorgeous horses, and amazing to ride.

I've been around these gentle giants all my 23 year life. The moment I met an Arabian (I named him blue, because of his bluish - gray color), I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I took care of him as he took care of me. They are Smart, Passionate, clever horses, no doubt about it.

They are the best horses ever, because they are so trustworthy and they can live well over 25 years old. Very hardy, yet beautiful. The Arabian carries itself as though it is aware of its own beauty.

The first horse I learned to ride was a full blood Arabian, beautiful looking and nothing but gentle. I was 5 when I learned to ride and starting on my Arabian gelding was a very pleasant experience. Since him, I have only gotten Arabians to ride and I couldn't be more pleased with all their personalities and skills. It is such a gentle and intelligent breed I would never go back to a different breed.

I own a gorgeous Arabian, and he is the only horse I will ride. He follows me like a puppy, looks like a prince and listenes like a best friend. By far the best breed!

Beautiful, charming, elegant, active, fast, brave, faithful, loving, intelligent, daring, challenging and having good temperament

I've being doing a research online about Horse breeds, all most all articles, comments and reviews crown ARABIAN HORSES to be the BEST among all breeds. The Arabian horses are number one without a doubt.

I have an Arab at home and she's the best horse I could ever want! I've been bucked off of her before, but it was out of excitement and not anger or frustration. She's always willing to please and try something new and will go on for as long as I want her to. Arabs are for sure the best!

My Arabian picks up everything I ask her so quickly! Once you get used to their spirit and learn to ride them, they are so willing to do ANYTHING. Love my little Arab.

A breed with stamina, courage, strength, loyalty and intelligence. Nothing could be better for humans than an Arabian dedicated to them

Arabian horses are beautiful and the best all around horses their awesome to have even when you first get one they are so intelligent

They are beautiful and elegant. Great for almost any activity!

Seeing an Arabian horse in flight is an absolute joy to behold... like poetry in motion.

I own two and absolutely agree! Extremely smart horses and both mine are so gentle around people of all ages!

I own an Arabian. Her name is laser. She is full of speed and endurance. Laser is a show jumper and a barrel racer.

Prettier than all other horses, have a great history, and are great for almost every discipline in riding.

They LOVE to run and you can't really stop them They will toss there head it you pull on the reins and tend to be quite small (for me) I love there faces though! I jump one but she gets exited about it and gallops to the jump! Its really fun but incorrect. They are the boss of them selves :P

My Arab is definitely the smartest horse I've ever ridden. Riyaaz (Arabic: Garden of purity), has only ever had to be shown anything new twice before he has it, apart from when he flat doesn't see the point in doing something.
I have had him since he was 14 months old and he is now rising 7. He has taught me how to ride at the same time as I was breaking him in (not the best way to do things as I soon found out).
During the last 3 years he has been amazing both in the school and out on the endurance trails. I first broke him to English and then moved on to western as he is so slim I found it really hard to stay seated. He caught me several times using his neck when I didn't stop as quickly as he did!
Learning how to handle an Arabian has been amazing. He has broken my nose, rib and neck over the years, all have been 'my fault' accidents.
He has definitely copied my personality and spends hours finding ways to chase and torment others in his field. My wife says he is a ...more