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21 Welsh Pony

Welsh ponies should definitely be in the top ten. My job at my barn is to train all the young welsh ponies. There are 7 of them. They can get a little excited but man are they fun! They are adorable jumpers and amazing movers. One of my ponies is only 12.3 and he gets horse strides when jumping! Once they are finished with training they are bombproof for anyone to ride them. One of the ponies I trained is sold and doing 2'6 hunter courses with his new owner! The welsh pony will try their best to please you, even though they will try to outsmart you.

My welsh is cool.. She is 5 years old and 13.1 and she is marish sometimes but she is sweet. You can see her on my Instagram, I'm @my_chestnut_yummy. She has awesome Hunter confirmation, a good temperament, and she is smart. Also a very easy keeper. These are common traits of a welsh

Welshes are the best ponies that ever lived. They are such easy keepers and love to learn. Love attention, love people. Great ponies! All around amazing ponies, and the can also pull carts!


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22 Connemara

How are Connemara ponies are not in the top tens! Seriously they are amazing they are calm, gentle and nice But they are still really good to ride and safe and great with children they will love anyone who treats them well! I have seen them at shows. They rock and are amazing to ride I suggest them now and I always will so GET ONE!

Connemaras are amazing horses! I own one and he is the kindest horse ever. If he ever gets a fright he doesn't do anything wrong and he tries his best to keep me safe! If I leave him in the paddock he chooses me over his over horse friends and follows me around every step I take. He is an all rounder and loves water! He is also very quiet. Connemaras are especially good children's horses because you know they will keep the child safe and love them unconditionally.

Connemara Ponies are gentle kind and sweet. They have sloping shoulders which is good for jumping and All sorts of other things. In the Dublin Horse Show 2014 The guy jumped 1.20 and the Connemara Stallion jumped it and won. They are brillant ponies, there is one at my riding stables called Nora and she is the best pony in the world, she loves jumping. CONNEMARAS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10!

Brilliant brred - great all round

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23 Australian Riding Pony

This is best horse ever! They should be the number 1!

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24 Canadian Horse

I keep hearing about how this is the most sociable horse breed. And who doesn't want that? I haven't owned a Canadian so can't say whether it's true or not, but considering their history, it would make sense. These horses have only recently have been bred with sporting in mind, previously having been bred to work on the farm. It would make sense to presume farmers would have focused on breeding them for good tempers, as opposed to how high they could jump or how fast they could run.

I have a Canadian mare and she is just the sweetest, kindest horse ever. Strong, easy keeper, able to do nearly any task. The Canadian's history is a fascinating one and they were used during war as war horses, particularly during the Civil war.

This is the little horse that could. Toughest horse ever, puts up with all types of weather and great at all tasks.

25 Norwegian Fjord

I have a Norwegian Fjord and she is so sweet! I think she is one of the most beautiful and cute horses in the world. She is literally like a giant shetland pony, lol! If you get on their good side they will do lots for you up until the limit of their nap-time. They can be a bit lazy and stubborn but, I have heard they can also be gentle. Anyway, I LOVE Fjords (my username for Youtube is Fjord Horse Lover)! - Leopardspirit

Fjords are the most wonderful breed.l! I didn't set out to get one, but stumbled upon the breed and have been so grateful. They're smart, typically have good brains, sturdy, hardy, sure-footed, versatile, sweet, and personality plus. They may not be tall, but they can have spunk and torque. If you give them love and kindness, they will give back to you in spades. Owning my Fjord has brought me a sense of pride because my guy is always respectful, a good citizen, low maintenance, and the barn mascot. He's the horse my friends want to ride to regain their confidence after a fall. Everyone should try a Fjord once and see what I mean.

I love fjords so much

I have loved Fjord horses since I have seen one! AMAZING HORSE!

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26 Irish Sport Horse

Love them, amazing at most things, so sweet and intelligent!

There are friendly gentle and fast really they should be the best

Great horse well behaved and genuine. Lovely paces and great all rounders. Have the speed of a TB and the temperament and sensibility of an Irish Draught. Have one and he's amazing.

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27 Rocky Mountain

Beautiful black coat with appears to be red hair in the sun light

I had a Rocky Mountain and loved every minute. Beautiful breed and a great experience.

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28 Welsh Cob (Section D)

I've owned and ridden several different breeds of ponies and horses and my favorite is my Welsh Pony! She is smart and beautiful like an Arabian, willing and trustworthy like a Quarter horse, and loves to go fast like a Thoroughbred. She is super smart and is constantly outsmarting those who ride her but the trick is to be patient and gentle and she will do absolutely anything for me! My friends hate riding her and they say she is a pain but I think she is just so fun. She has taught me so much about equines!

Fun, cheeky and loving - obviously been mistakenly placed of number 23.

Well what can I say Welsh cob section D's are the best breed you can think of. I have my beautiful boy Utah and he is the best boy I could think of. He plays with me, cwtches me a dream Horse to have

Getting two beautuful black mares next month they are amazing I love welshies

29 Shire

Gentle Giants, strong/powerful and easy to work with, I had a rescued shire and loved him with all my heart but if I chose to have another horse I would defonatly have another shire.

30 Australian Stock Horse

What the other comment said. They can everything like jump, do dressage, stock work, camp drafting and more. They are tough, quiet horses for beginners or experienced.

I rode one. He was pretty calm and self aware. Lovely horse indeed.

Most versatile horse you'll come across

31 Anglo-Arabian

The Anglo-Arabian or Anglo-Arab is a crossbred horse that now also has its own status as a horse breed. It is a Thoroughbred crossed with an Arabian so two of the oldest and favourite horse breeds ever. The best examples of this breed inherit the refinement, good bone, and endurance of the Arabian, as well as the speed and scope of the Thoroughbred. They are powerful horses and are good at most things, The breed ideal is for a horse to have conformation that more strongly resembles the Arabian. They have a long neck, prominent withers, a compact and strong body (sturdier than the Thoroughbred), a deep chest, and solid bone. Anglo-Arabians should have small, fine heads, similar to an Arabian, but they should not be overly "dished" in profile. These are Amazing animals and have both speed and stamina from the Thoroughbred and have the elegant, graceful and intelligence from the Arabian.

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32 Paso Fino

They come in such wonderful colors and are such smooth gaited horses. They are great for trail rides, endurance, and pleasure. (Of course a lot of other things. It depends on the individual horse, usually.) Paso Finos are also very gentle.

Awesome horse. Smoothest Horse ever.

Best horse

33 Exmoor

They are so sweet I was looking to buy a horse but then when I saw the cute little Exmoor foal. He was cute and I finally got him to a good rank with training. Now he is one of my champions at the stable. They are really just stunning horse. When you are looking for a horse he is a great choice. They don't have a problem with kids. I have a 4 year old and he rides my Exmoor!

An extremely tough, sweet, cute, and awesome horse. Willing to do most anything you ask.

I rode a ex or and had a great experience

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34 Oldenburg

Oldenburgs have great jumping ability and excellent gaits. They are also very tall and beautiful (from my experience). Every Oldenburg that Ove worked with has been willing and kind.

35 Lippizan

Best horse ever best temperament loveable great at dressage jumping and cross country and also a good companion love trial rides perfect for little kids and advanced rider

The only horses that can do such dance moves like the Lipizzan, there is no other! ;D Also known as Lipizzaners.

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36 Icelandic Horse

I love their character, willingness and spirit. Having very soft additional gates does not spoil either.

Intelligent, courageous, funny, moody and no two are the same. The only horse breed to have 5 gates. A lot of diversity in their color.

Very colorful and looks very much like a natural. Amazing to ride.

I have one. love their big, fluffy. I love he so much

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37 Falabella

Cute little ponies. Sturdy and intelligent

A falabella is this adorable pony and I have one at my stable. They are just beautiful and look wonderful. My 5 year old holds on and rides her bare back. They work well together he has never gotten thrown off. This is a good pick for ponys.

38 Akhal-Teke

A very versatile and beautiful breed, descended from the extinct Turkoman horses. They are hardy, versatile and very beautiful and have a range of coat colours and beautiful shiny coats due to their special hair structure.

The most beautiful and thoroughbred horse in the world!

Its called the golden horse, it should be in the top 5

Most beautiful horse ever seen in my life.. It's just too much

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39 New Forest

I look after a new forest and they are a hardy, fluffy ponies

These are very popular in England!

I live near the forest so woo!

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40 Trakehner

Of my 5 favorite breeds 3 of them are in the top three, the 4th one was not to far down, so I gave the Trakehner a vote to help them out.

My favorite breeds: Arabian, thoroughbred, quarter horses, gypsy vanner, and the Trakehner

Amazing horses, and beautiful jumpers. Loves everyone around them. Will win every show jumping competition.

I own a Trakehner and she's beautiful! Great jumper and runs gorgeously!

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