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41 Hackney

A great pony for whatever discipline anyone wants to do. The pony I first learned on and learned the most on was a hackney pony. They can be a bit fiery, but also are gentle. They are known for a high trot and are beautiful to watch.

This horse is fabulous. It should 100% be on the top ten list!

This is a fast and friendly horse.

42 Azteca V 1 Comment
43 Kathiawari

I really love their ears and they are really smart horses.

Its another war horse from India. native strong and quick.. even tempered but always ready to go to war..

I think Kathiawaris are great pets and equestrian horses because they are so willing to learn.

V 2 Comments
44 Missouri Fox Trotter

The greatest horse the are so loyal and nice.Mine is so trusting he never bites while I am tacking him up.He is great for children and I only got him for 2,500

45 Percheron

Percheron horses are steady, calm draft breeds with Arabian ancestors. Vote Perchy!

46 Chincoteague Pony

Although the chincoteague ponies are wild, it is gentle and calm and makes a ideal child's pony. It usually stands around 13 hands tall, so it is a very good choice for smaller riders. It is also used to live on live food, so it's not as expensive! I love them!

Chincoteague ponies are a very gentle child horse. They only stand up to thirteen hands, so it's great for small riders. They are also used to living on little food, so they're not as expensive as other breeds. They're great!

Although the chincoteague pony is wild, it is very calm and very gentle, so it is a good choice for a child's pony. They stand up to 13hands tall, so it is a good choice for small riders. they are also used to living on not much food, so they aren't as expensive!

This is the best pony. Vote for them, how could you guys let Misty down!

47 Xilingol

These horses are SWEET! Very hardy and strong, and they are the ONLY breed with a X! GO UNIQUE XILINGOLS!

48 Caspian

Caspian Ponies are thought to be the ancestors of the Arabian... You can thank a Caspian for your Arab! Also, Caspian ponies (if an ancestor to them)are one of the oldest breeds alive. Thumbs up to you if you vote CASPIAN!

49 Hucul
50 Peruvian

I've had lots of horses over 25+ years
And a bunch of crosses. They all have individual personalities. Quickest learners of them I've owned and trained.
3-Q horse

The smoothest riding horse in the world. Literally, they do not bounce, only glide!

51 Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A)

They are amazing child's first pony and quite safe as well. They are also very fun rides! ���'

V 2 Comments
52 Black Forest Horse V 1 Comment
53 Connemara Pony

How in the world is Connemara Pony at 49?!

My Connemara x cob is seriously clever! He has gone from not being able to walk in a straight line to doing his INTRO C DRESSAGE in just 6 weeks! He is hardy, he is brave! Phenomenal!

54 Belgian

I have one Belgian and she never go to the vet other then shots

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55 Selle Francais

The name is translated as "French Saddle". A quite lovely spot horse in my book!

56 Nokota

They are so good and they are friendly and gentle

57 Nordlandshest

Nordlands is a Norwegian breed. Their extremely cute and nice ponies!

58 Fell Pony

Beautiful, hard working, loyal, affectionate

V 1 Comment
59 Dales

Honest, beautiful, a friend for life.a very willing and hard working breed.

60 Curly

American Bashkir Curlies are such sweet animals. They are amazing for riders who are allergic, because they have a curly coat that is considered hypoallergenic.

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