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61 Miniature Pony

They are so cute and small. A great first pony for a little person.

62 Suffolk Punch

An exceedingly rare breed of draft, they are a highly coveted horse with an exceptionally gentle demeanor. Hard workers and intelligent, they excel in hauling and drayage, field work, and are very smooth under saddle. Weighing-in at 1800+ lbs, they are massively muscled. They have very alert and active ears. Numbering less than 1500, the Rare Breed Survival Trust lists them as a bloodline that is critically endangered.

I have been blessed with one of these fine horses, and rarely does a day pass without some subtle realization of the perfection of this breed. They are monsterously strong, gentle in disposition, tolerant of fools, intelligent, and LOVE to pull and push things. Want to make a Suffolk happy? Put her under harness and give her a job involving heavy objects. These equine tractors have amazing utility in small logging and field operations, needing little in the way of upkeep. Not prone to biting, kicking or drama of any sort, they genuinely enjoy human ...more

63 Holsteiner

They make some of the best dressage and eventing horses. My friend has a Holsteiner, he's so cute and a great horse.

64 POA


POAs are amazing. They are so smart and they are quick learners. My pony has learned not to bite people in less then a month, learned to smile, bow, hug, kiss, and jump in less then a week. She is also very tolerable and listenes to everyone she meets. My pony Rosie also loves dogs and once even ran up to our new kitten and puppy because she wanted to get to know them. They are just perfect and I believe they should be in the top 3. They have the calmest temperment and even has tought our other horse manners and is so patent when our other horse steals her food

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65 Marwari

It is a purebreed of horses that is found in Rajasthan India. It was bred by the Rajputs of India who took care in ensuring the breed's quality. It was also used by the British during their rule of India and was regarded by them as a breed at par with any they had seen. The breed has suffered in the last few decades due to poor management which has resulted in a drastic fall in its numbers. Also a few genetic bottlenecks have been found in some of the Marwari horses when none existed, as late as 1989.

I've been breeding Marwari for years and they are some of the most unique horses versatile for any sport and adventure amazing human connection faithful and brave to try anything

Marwaris are often crossed with Thoroughbreds to produce a larger horse with more versatility. Despite the fact that the breed is indigenous to the country, cavalry units of the Indian military make little use of the horses

Best horse to ride with unique features!

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66 Spanish Mustang

The Spanish mustang A mustang is a free-roaming horse that has become an iconic symbol of the spirit of the American West. Mustangs are often called a wild horse. However, this term is incorrect because they are genetically descended from domesticated Spanish horses. A more accurate term is feral horse.

Mustangs were first brought over to the Americas by Spanish explorers. Native Americans quickly adopted the horse as a means of transportation. Pioneers in the American West, ranchers and cowboys also used the hardy, stocky horses for travel.

Mustangs are known for their speed and grace. They measure an average size of 14 - 15 hands and typically weigh around 800 pounds (360 kg). One hand is equivalent to 4 inches (10 cm). Their coloring varies from reddish-brown, black, white or a golden-brown. In the wild, Mustangs have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years, while domesticated Mustangs can live up to 30 years. Like most horses, mustangs spend much of their day grazing in ...more

I like them because they are butiful and majestic.The Mustang is really fun to ride.

67 Lusitano

Very Beautiful and Powerful Portuguese Horses, They Were used as War Horses in the conquering of South America, they are also used in Bullfight, they have a Really very powerful apearence, very strong neck and hindquarters, I Love them, seen them in action, here in Portugal, wish I had one.

I am sorry... It is amazing how this breed is not placed at #1

My horse is a Lusitano, his name is Bailador. It's a very good horse breed. And they're really fast

Better than arabs... these boys where the favourite horse of the roman army most versatile horse I have seen they can jump well they are strong and they are quite fast as well as agile besides that they're tall but not too tall definitely a great horse to ride arround have fun or to go to a event and "show off" a bit due to the beautifull color you can get from them and of how beautifull their mane is besides you can give the mane a little portuguese touch ;).

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68 Newfoundland Pony

The number of Newfoundland Ponies that are in existence today has dwindled to a very small number. They are sweet tempered, very hard working, resilient to harsh cold climates. I feel very fortunate to have a sweet Newfoundland Pony mare and she is a sweetheart!

There are only a handful of Newfoundland ponies anymore. I am blessed to have one. They are gentle in nature but strong in strength. A hard working pony, easy keeper and able to withstand cold harsh winters. A very lovely breed of pony!

69 Zweibrucker
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