Quarter Horse


I have grown up around Quarter Horses. We have 6 right now. Our oldest Quarter Horse is our chestnut gelding, Sugar. He is the smartest, packing horse I have ever known. In fact, he's the only horse I know who can get a saddle off of himself, call in an Elk (Trust me, he has! ), and will untie himself and every other horse!
Not only are they smart, Quarter Horses are an extremely versatile breed. People mostly use them for western, but I believe they can do both western and English. They are my favorite breed in the whole world!

I like Quarter Horses because they are very easy to break and they are loyal. They do like to run and they are very respectful, I feel safest on a Quarter Horse because they are very calm. They are just so versatile. They are handy in jumping, barrel racing, and even trail rides. I went to Eureka Springs Arkansas last year (I was 11 then) and we went on a trail ride around the mountains and my horse was a Quarter horse and her name was Bella, but never once did she get off trail.

I have an 8 year old quarter horse mare, and she is my world! I've had her for about 6 months and I've loved every moment of it! She is a calm horse with a lot of personality! In my opinion, quarter horses should be #1 only because they are the greatest horses for anyone. Being so relaxed, they take great care of their rider and usually are very respectful! Great choice of a breed, especially if you're just getting into horses!

Quarter horses are the FASTEST horse with a burst of speed under a QUARTER mile. They can travel up to 50 mph at within 10 seconds into the gallop and maintain that speed for about 20 seconds, then drop down to an average speed of 40 to 45 mph. They are very intelligent horses. They are way smarter than Thoroughbreds. But who am I kidding? I love horses, every breed, shape, color, and size. But Quarter horses most! - diehardbarrelbabe

I think Quarter horses are amazing! They are pretty, and a good learner and respond quickly too what you tell them too do. And from what I heard Quarter horse would make a good first horse. And I KNOW they LOVE children! I know that because I am only 10! I SAY QUARTER HORSES SHOULD BE NUMBER 1!

I own a quarter horse and she is the best horse I could ever ask for She can rope, jump, sort cows, poles, and barrels and that's why I think quarter horses are the best is because they can be used for almost anything and come out on top

Quarter horses are one of the best breeds ever! They are very gentle and sweet. They are all around amazing horses and great for any style of riding. I recently started jumping mine as well as trail riding and pleasure classes!

I have a quarter horse cross stock horse and he is amazing. I have jumped on him, my dog has sat on him and I have done dressage and competed in every single event
If you have just started to ride I would definitely recommend this amazing breed!

They amazing I have always owned paint crosses and an arab but hoping to get a Quarter Horse soon they are amazing for all disciplines. I have ridden tons and they are extremely smart and level headed.

Quarter horses are great beginner horses and they are super kind horses if they have proper training and a respectful rider. And Quarter horses are almost exactly the same as paint horses. They are just different color. So I also love paint horses!

I own a pure bred Quarter Horse and I love her to death. She's a bit stubborn at times but not very often. She has such a good attitude around anyone. She's a very good listener and quick learner. In my opinion they are the best horse.

I leased a Quarter Horse/ Appaloosa mix named Annie. She was so sweet and was amazing at most things. She had a great personality and I miss her a lot. So I totally agree with the Quarter Horse. But I think it should at least be in second place.

I love quarter horses. I know a lot of people say they are just for barrel racing & roping, but they can jump too. My mare & I have been doing 4 foot 3 & she is soaring over it. I personally think they should be number one.

I don't like this breed very much because of their stocky build. In my opinion, they are not nice looking. The only reason that people use them for barrel racing is because of their large hindquarters. Not my favorite.

This horse deserves to be at #1 because they do what you want them to. These horses can live up to 32 years old. They are easy to train and very fun. Reining is probably one of the easiest. In my opinion.

Best by a mile. Not even close. Best minded, most athletic, most willing, fastest, best in open spaces, best in the arena, most for giving. The free market has spoken as it is the most popular breed in the world.

The most amazing creatures... I have trained 7 of them for people, (i'm 13) and love the experience of owning 4 of my own. Very responsive, great all around... I use mine in everything from jumping to barrel racing!

I love this breed beutiful body, elagent intelligent head and very loving animal. They are so caring too you could put a five year old on it. Tey are really easy too ride.

Quarter Horses are the most versatile breed I've come across. They are intelligent, muscly and willing. Most people are quick to judge but will often be proven very wrong.

Generally, Quarter Horses are the most versatile breed. Extremely intelligent, responsive, and overall the most athletic. Also very easy to maintain and keep happy.

My mom and I have raised quarter horses bred for showmanship and they were so easy to train. With their sweet people loving nature that I'd definitely a big plus.

I do reining and Quarter Horses are perfect for it! No other breed is at their level in reining, and Quarter Horses should be number one!

I've riden a lot of different breeds of horses and my favorite by far is the Quarter Horse. They are sweet, calm, and easy to ride! They are strong, fast, and great all around. They are super bullet proof horses as well. I do mostly western and they are really good at western disciplines!

I think these horses are the best in the world I also like how they can run a quarter of a mile the should be voted for race horses too!

These horses have the fastest acceleration time of any other horse and deserve the top spot for fastest achieved speed.