Thoroughbreds are amazing. My aunt works at a barn close to where I live, and the owner owns one. I saw some of the stable hands ride her and she is super fast! I'm only 12 so I don't know how fast she actually went, but like I said, very fast! Her name is American Dream and she is 2 Years old now, maybe older. I've ridden her before and she is very gentle and slow when you want her to be and she is fast when you want her to be fast. She takes directions very well! I wish I could post a picture but she is gray and white and my aunt usually puts flowers in her mane and also braids her tail!

One of the fastest breeds, definitely one for those with the need for speed. They are also great show jumpers, though they're known better for racing. They come in many different shapes and sizes, along with colors as any other breed does. Though with all horses, thoroughbreds need much patience and training to become the amazing creatures they are. Much like the andalusians, these horses can be the best of the best with the old English Kings when their knights rode them into battle. Altogether though, the thoroughbred horse is non the less an amazingly beautiful, strong and powerful horse. Any owner along with any horse should know this.

Thoroughbreds are certainly amazing horses. They are definitely intelligent, athletic, hard working horses making them ideal for any discipline. Sadly, they get the reputation for being hot headed but this statement is highly unfair because every horse is their own individual. In my experience they are quite level headed but like all horses do best when kept in a consistent exercise program. The only problem with Thoroughbreds is that some can be hard to keep weight on.

I have a 18 year a old thoroughbred named Gatsby he still has lots of energy. My friend has one that's 30 and he doesn't get tired! Gatsby has no problems and he is 16.02 hands hi. If any say any other breed of horse can match up to a thoroughbred. They have hi energy all there life. There's only one thing if you were going to get a small short kid a horse thoroughbreds are very tall and they can get a little rest less. Other wise there amazing!

I Own a stunning 17 hand Bay retired racehorse. He is my best friend! So smart, runs fast through the pasture to greet me. He is proud and beautiful. He loves to play and is for sure a tease. He likes to play with his big ball. I almost have him rolling it back to me. Just a little more work. He loads easy to go to his next adventure and is always a ribbon winner.

They are such fantastic horses. I've owned a Thoroughbred for six years. They are usually gentle, but will throw you off when you deserve it. They can be trained for virtually anything. Even driving. I've been driving my Thoroughbred for the last six months. I wouldn't recommend any breed above a Thoroughbred. Such intelligent and funny horses.

I owned a thoroughbred years ago while he was racing, also grandson to Secretariat, and great grandson to Northern Dancer. I own a thoroughbred/quarter horse now that has all of the traits of thoroughbred and none at all of quarter horse. She is the smartest and easiest horse to train and so so so loving!

I have a thoroughbred and she is the sweetest thing ever! She has an attitude but is not hot headed. The thing is though that she will only let me ride her. Everyone is surprised at what she can do because they thought she couldn't do it or that this bond would end. She would do anything to not hurt me and she is so gentle except for that little riding problem haha

Although I don't own a thoroughbred I have my lessons on a thoroughbred and she has not put a foot wrong. Her name is Dusk and she has been trained previously before I started riding her but it has been about 2 years now and no spooks, rears or bucks just trips. Thoroughbreds are beautiful strong horses and can be used in many disciplines. They are sport and althletic and have a shiny coat. Vote for my baby Dusk and all other Thoroughbreds.

Thoroughbred are truly amazing! Even though they can definitely be a handful for an inexperienced person, they have super big hearts, are willing, and super athletic. They are extremely smart and inquisitive horses. They can do many disciplines as well. Not to mention that they are stunningly beautiful!

I agree! I have two thoroughbred horses and one of them is related to secretariat, they are beautiful majestic and powerful horses, very stunning, they have always been my favorite not just because of the look and speed but also because of the brains

I only know a few thoroughbreds that are calm and responsive and the only reason they are like that is because they are lesson horses other than that they can sometimes be a handful because all they are trained to do is run out of a gate and get to the finish line simple

They can come in all shapes and sized. They are beautiful and strong. Smart and wise. They are all you could ever want in a best friend and companion! - HorsebackCheerleadingGirl

I kind of agree with this. Yes, Thoroughbreds are very pretty and they are good at pretty much everything. But most Thoroughbreds I know have very bad temperaments and are hard to control. I like Thoroughbreds and I agree they should be on top ten, but not second.

I love TB's too. I'm ten don't own one but study hard with them. To my reaserch they are one of the smartest, fastest, fun loving horses in the world.
If I could get any breed of horse in the world, it would be a TB. I have loved them all my life, And is willing to be a jockey when I am older.
I'm very short for my age, And loves TB's. Thanks

TBs are all around horses, they make especially great hunter/jumpers or dressage horses

This breed is the best breed I could ever ask for. I have an 7 year old gelding and he is the best. He is super fast, he has a great jumping skills, he is the fastest runner in the town, and we have more then 100 horses in our town.

They're the best, jumping, drassage, barrel racing, racing!

I ride a Thoroughbred named Tucker, and he is the only horse I've ridden that wants to go faster then what I ask him for. They are loyal, muscular, and spirited horses.

I always had a love for the thoroughbred because of their size and elegance. Also because they are kind hearted and are up to do any task you ask of them.

I love thoroughbreds! They just inspire lot's of tons of people. The jockeys probably feel the same way as I do.

Thoroughbreds are graceful and elegant, strong and powerful. One of the most elite athletes. They are often understated. Amazing creature though. And great companions. There best sport is probably eventing, but they can do anything.

The Thoroughbred horse is the king of horse breeds. There's a reason their sport is called "The Sport Of Kings". Easily the most beautiful majestic creature I've ever set my eyes upon. Seeing their power on the track is like art to me. I've been brought to chills and tears seeing these beautiful creatures perform multiple times. Secretariat, Man O' War, Ruffian. Black Caviar, Zenyatta, American Pharoah, Affirmed, War Admiral, Seabiscuit, etc. And etc. The Thoroughbred remains supreme.

I love to watch these amazing horse. They are fast, and beautiful. They have a nice shape. Tall, long and slender. They are great horses.

I have a thoroughbred and he has a mind of his own! He is so smart and I think thoroughbreds are the smartest horses in the world.