Best Hot Chelle Rae Songs

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1 Tonight Tonight

The only modern pop song that I actually like. It's one of my favorites. Best song they have.

This song should be at the top of the list! I love it!

The only song most people know from this band, though

Tonight Tonight is my favorite song of the day

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2 I Like It Like That

This song is awesome! It just makes my day better! Hot chelle rae rocks hotingly!

3 Honestly

Dis should b number one

4 Hung Up

Superb song! Best of all

Awesome song and cool music a must listen song :D

5 Don't Say Goodnight
6 I Like to Dance
7 Keep You With Me
8 Bleed

I'm in love with this song

9 Come Back to California
10 Why Don't You Love Me

I really like it!

The Contenders

11 Forever Unstoppable
12 I Wish
13 The Only One
14 Alright
15 Nothing Left to Hide
16 Say (Half Past Nine)
17 The Distance
18 Whatever

How is this not in the top ten? My favorite song but not by far, too many to choose from. I don't pick a few to sync to my iPhone I just copied the entire Whatever album.

19 Last One Standing
20 Never Have I Ever
21 Radio
22 Downtown Girl
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