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21 Sahlen's Hot Dogs

You guys are all lost... The fact that this one isn't even on the list discredits this whole site.

The best hot dog I'm about to try

Father works there represent

Grew up eating Sahlens, the best!

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22 Smith's

Would be #1 if people knew about smiths

Natural casing, and great flavor!

Great flavor. nice snap

There's not a better hotdog in this country, Smith's(ERIE PA) is THE TOP DOG. The official hot dog of the Pittsburgh Panthers,Perkins and Pirates.

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23 Wimmers Natural Casing

Tasted one on opening day I was very impressed very juicy great taste

Much better than the top rated in this survey.

These compare favorably against the top 4

Been eating for 20 years, great flavor

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24 Dietz & Watson Natural Casing Franks

One of the best

25 Niman Ranch
26 Thumanns

The absolute best crunch, with natural casing, cooked on the grill or heated in water.

Hard to find in the South but worth the hunt.

Best dog but cannot find them in the Carolina's.

For me there's only 3 hot dogs to buy for quality and taste,1.sabrett 2 thumanns 3.nathans famous...i like sabrett dirty water dogs,thumanns beef pork blend or just beef deep fried,nathans grilled...others are cheaper less quality,and taste...

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27 Usingers

Without doubt, best tasting, quality wieners available. Signed, Lifelong Milwaukee Area Resident.

28 Wolfe's Neck

The best frank ever. They were acquired by other company & cannot find them anymore. Was told they were in Hannaford.

29 Caspers

Very famous in san Francisco bay area

Hands down the best

30 Bar-S

I perfer the texture of Bar-S hot dogs. Haven't tried many other brands besides ball park. I will stick with Bar-S.

They are the bomb! They actually are made of beef with some fat. M

31 Loeffler's

Nothing comes close to Loeffler's.

The 60 year old legend from Trenton, NJ. Also try their pork roll from the pork roll capitol of the world.

32 Kowalskis

Best anywhere in USA that I have had.

Natural casing. The best

33 Jordans
34 Abeles & Heymann
35 Hatfield

The best! Hands down

Tried Hatfield Beef Phillies franks. Suprised at how good. I don't like snappy /crunchy dogs or too garlicky dogs. These were good beegy flavor

36 David Berg

None better.

37 Kirkland Signature

These are juicy the ones in the 3 pack I m not sure if they are the same as the 1/4 pound ones but they are juicy

38 Kaspers
39 Frank's

DUH - Clubberoni

40 Coleman
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