Top Ten Best Hot Dog Toppings


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21 Potato Chips Potato Chips

Put in the bun
add the hot dog
taste gods gift to us

22 Cooked Onions

cooked are good, but so is raw

23 Brussel Sprouts

What! Who in their right mind eats these things much less contaminate the sacred hot dog with their disgusting stench?!

24 Ground Beef

Hot dog with ground beef cheese and ketchup. Yum my favorite!

25 Honey Mustard
26 Miracle Whip

That stuff ain't fit to put on cardboard and surely not a good hotdog.

I love the tangy Zip of Miracle Whip

27 Kimchi

Spicy garlicy sourkraut what better companion to a jucy frank?

28 Slaw
29 Olives
30 Cream Cheese

Add onion flavor cream cheese to your dog with coleslaw. Totally good and fresh!

31 Red Pepper Jelly

Gives a kiss of sweet and heat.

32 Hot Sauce

It's so spicy yet so good.

33 Sport Peppers

Hard to find but oh so good!

34 Barbecue Sauce Barbecue Sauce

Used to eat this as a kid, and it was so good. - Nick-brick8

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