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1 Frank's Hot Sauce

Up there with Tabasco, Sriracha, and Valentina in my opinion. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Awespme! It is clearly the best!

The buffalo flavor of franks is my pot basically. Addictive!

I love Franks Red Hot. Texas Pete and Louisiana Hot Sauce are very similar but Franks is just a tad better. I would rank all those in the top 3 with Sriracha at #4.

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2 Chimay

How is number 1 always the one I have not heard of - Ilyas678


3 Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce

We used to fight over this stuff in my dorm. It doesn't taste bad like Tabasco, its imported from Mexico, and it's just the right amount of spicy.


4 Tabasco

I eat more hot sauce than anyone. And let me tell you this. Tabasco is the king, on tables coast to coast in the United States. Any sauce that takes 3 years to make and age deserves to be number 1.

It actually gets rid of bee stings!

Always have this in my fridge. - comicoco

5 Texas Pete

Good flavor. Enhances your food instead of overpowering the flavor

6 Sriracha


Excellent hot sauce. Gives a spice to brighten your day!

Gotta love the cock sauce!

7 Frank's RedHot Xtra Hot Sauce
8 Melindas

Extra RESERVE! Meaning aged to perfection. The choice for flavor over heat shows in this beautifully balanced hot sauce. I have (and still continue to) tasted all the others listed on all types of international dishes for decades, and have collected hundreds of types of hot sauces. (Most are wall hung on custom sized,built, and painted racks in my man-cave) A much aligned and refined offering, this does have heat, but not insult.THIS black labeled babe is the one that I continually panic about when she runs empty. You can put some

9 Valentina
10 Louisiana Hot Sauce

Name says it all. Best hot sauce in not only louisiana but across the country as well

Ranks higher than Franks and as good as Tabasco

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11 Tapatio
12 Joe Perry Boneyard Brew
13 El Yucateca

It is delicious and imported from Mexico. Whats Not to love?

14 Bee Sting Hot Sauce
15 Gator Sauce
16 Pico Pica

It's the beh

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