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21 Jason Winkler
22 Piper Williamson

Is the twin sister of Patricia Williamson, seen in season 2, video-chatted with Eddie near the end of the season. Very nice to everyone.

Patricia's twin sister, seen in season 2, video chatted with Eddie near the end of the season, and he (eddie) accidentally kissed Piper (thinking it was Patricia) - Sha3nab123

23 Poppy Clarke

Jerome's sister, sneaky and cute! Transferred schools in season 3.

Poppy is so mean! She blackmails her brother Jerome, while he takes the blame for her. She is sly and sneaky, a bit like Jerome. I love her nickname 'POOPY'!

Poppy Clarke is Jér�'me's little sister... She is sneaky and sly having a quite similar personality to her brother! She first appears in season 2 of House of Anubis, blackmailing Jerome and is revealed as Jér�'me's sister a few episodes later! - Sha3nab123

24 Robert Frobisher-Smythe

Robert you are evil I like it I have the greatest idea I think that Bethany George that's me being your Slave and I think team evil should get revenge on them brats Robert there is something you must know I am one of your colleges of ancestors Robert it is my dream to meet you in person team evil rocks and is the best team in the whole wide world I love you guys in a evil way

25 Senkhara

Sneaky, and evil but very interesting!

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26 Vera Devenish

Vera devenish you are my favourite actress you are absolutely beautiful woman I have always inspired you are very inspirational person I know I would like to meet you in person in real life I love you like a sister

27 John Clarke
28 Daphne Andrews
29 Jasper

Jasper is Fabian’s godfather and works at the museum.

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