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The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colours and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated.


Cats are amazing animals and I love them... But to the person listing off all the insignificant reasons that leads him/her to believe cats are better pets than dogs can shove it up their biased you know what... Let me know when cats help with a search and rescue operations... Let me know when a cat saves lives with weapon detection and all the other jobs they have alongside first responders and national militaries around the world. Let me know when a cat helps humans track and retrieve dinner... Or protects a human from an aggressor... Dogs do these things on a daily basis by the hundreds of thousands... What would be called a miracle for a cat, is considered a daily job for a dog... I'm tired of this being a debate. You want to argue about ease of maintenance? Whatever... But don't talk to me about cats being better companions than dogs... Open your mind to reality... Dogs are man's best friend for a reason.

I love cats more than life itself. I don't care that I am allergic to them, they are just the best!
Here's why they are better than dogs (don't get me wrong, dogs are still my second favorite animal):
They don't drool (well okay, one of my cats does a little bit, but he is so sweet)

They don't jump on you for no reason.

They don't need to be taken outside at three in the morning to go to the bathroom.

They can sense when you're sad, and will try to comfort you.

They are less of a hassle to take care of.

They can scare off BEARS! (It's on YouTube)

They are independent and don't require all of your attention.

They can be playful, but at the same time they don't destroy the house.

They not only get rid of rodents, but cockroaches too (well, at least, my cat does)!

They don't smell.

They have hygiene. - CatCode

I accidentally clicked cats but anyone who thinks cats a.k.a goldfish pets are better than dogs are ignorant.

Dogs are better because

-They are cute

-They don't scratch you all the time

-You can freely pet them and cats be like nope not there now I'm gonna bite you even though you did nothing and then I get mad and throw them out and regret buying this ugly piece of fur

-Cats destroy your wallpaper

-Cats are uglier than dogs

-Dogs are more loyal cats just want food

-Dogs are better at learning tricks than cats.

-Dogs are more social.

-Dogs are more popular

-I said this already but cats are just so damn annoying when they scratch you for no reason honestly I put my cat down because it scratched me

-Dogs are a man's best friend.

-Cats just sleep and eat.

Ok, cats are way better than dogs. Go on the internet and watch "cat saves boy from pitbull attack" and you'll see. some people say dogs play with you more often, but that is SO NOT TRUE. my cat Ernie loves to play with strings and toys and cats don't jump all over people like dogs do. plus, cats smell way better and they don't eat poop. my dog always smells terrible and during storms she jumps on top of me with NO WARNING at all. plus she eats poop and then licks me all over. cats never drool on you. think about it- would you rather have a jumpy dog that rips up your pillows and chews your books or a calm cat that can sit in your lap and purr? That's another thing- dogs never purr! I will never understand how people can like drooling, smelly, poop-eating dogs more than cats.

I don't know who the crap posted the top comment, but I am completely discusted on your thoughts toward dogs. If you raise a dog right then they are just as good pets as cats. People who treat their dogs like the way you probably would treat your dog are the reason why the dog acts the way it does. You should be ashamed for posting such hateful comments about dogs. By the way... if you are loving toward a pitbull and raise it right then it is probably the friendliest and sweetest pet you will ever own. So screw off.

Why does everyone like dogs so much? Dogs are loud wild and annoying animals. My mom's dog jumps on me bites me and scratches me every time walk in the door and it follows me everywhere doing the same thing. Cats are quiet, lovable, cute, stay still, playful, and they love people. People who say cats are lazy and can't be played with, haven't played with one before. Cats are way too under rated.

Love cats so much! Best pet ever. I think cats and dogs are the best starter pets. I would say cats would be the best starters because you don't have to walk them and they say when the want to be fed. If you leave a big bowl of food, so they can eat whenever. Dogs, however you have to walk them feed them at the same time everyday. That's what my family does anyway. Your might do differently.

Dogs are cute, lovable and adorable but I recommend getting a cat because they are much more quiet than dogs and can stay home by itself for one week! (just use those daily feeding machines that feeds your cat. You can buy it at pet stores. ) they also groom there selves but watch out for hair balls. That's why'd I recommend a cat

Cats are amazing creatures, I don't understand why some people don't appreciate them. If we didn't have cats the rat population would be too high. Cats are the best! And they are super cute! Dogs have to be walked and they're always barking, so much work! Cats are the perfect pet!

I had a cat before, but it died. Anyway point being, cats are the best! Everything they say that they are not friendly and scratch, and, what's up with the bad guys usually being cats! They are friendly and loyal, my cat loved to play! She never scratched. And guys DON'T DECLAW THEM! They can get infections, paw aches whenever they step for their lifetime, it's like cutting off the tip of your finger, BUT YOU WALK ON IT AFTR, don't declaw them. Otherwise they are also easy to take care of!

People that don't like cats don't like them because they scratch. This is very hypocritical because a dog will do much more than scratch you. It could rip your arm right off. Cats are friendly and scratch when they are threatened. Dogs are much more dangerous than cats by all means. I actually like most breeds of dogs, but cats definitely are the best!

I have cats, and I have had dogs. Cats are nice, but are not as special as dogs. Cats to not connect with people on the same level as a dogs, and they do not protect their family. Dogs also find missing people, are used much more for therapy, can find illegal drugs, and track criminals, sorry cats are not even in the same realm as a dog!

Just like dogs except much much cleaner they clean themselves and everything all you need is to put sand in a cardboard box and change it every few days and your g2g ( I'm lazy so there good for me haha dogs take too much energy

Cats can be cute but like to be on their own, don't kiss or cuddle, they scratch, and their food is gross and their litter is disgusting. Dogs are way better because you get to walk and play with them, they protect you, love you, and just make a great friend for any age of a person!

I think cats are way better then dogs no offense to dog lovers by the way cats can purr witch is awesome! Please don't SAY MEAN STUFF TO ME I AM JUST 10 YEARS OLD

Although I agree cats are cute but they are heartless, it is scientifically proven that cats are selfish and don't really have feelings for their owners, now dogs actually are affectionate towards humans and actually CARE!

Cats are just cute and cuddly. In my opinion if I had the choice to save one type of animal from death, to be honest, it would be a cat

Cats are by far better than Dogs. Dogs tend to bark a lot and bite and can get on your nerves sometimes. Cats may scratch but they curl up on your lap a lot and purr at you and sleep with you. Dogs are also playful and kind, but Cats love string and are really kind too. - TopTenJackson

Move over, dogs! Cats are ready to cuddle up with they're buddies! They say that a girl's best friend is a cat, and I agree. Mice are close to cats, but when it comes to it, cats make better pets.

I love cats! There adorable pets

I have always wanted a cat because they are clean and there is a saying about all pets which you don't have about cats and it is cats don't stink they blink and I love cats and kittens

They are so cute and sweet! And they each have their own different personalities. And although I like dogs cats are cuter and take better care of themselves. I love dogs but cats should be #1 on this list!

I think that cats are cute, its funny to watch them struggle to a costume off, they make great memes, easy to take care of they don't leave a "chocolate present" on the floor or in the yard, they don't need to be walked, they don't lick your face, they clean themselves, and are a great pet to have around kids because cats don't play rough they bat their face with there paw. I could go on but I'm to lazy... :3 CATS RULE!

Cats are better than dogs because you do much less work with them like you don't have to walk them and they are more loving and don't have to clan their litter bow if they are a outdoor cat that is a lot less poop duty

Cats are cute and cuddly they look after them self and they are house trained. Even though you can't take them for a walk they don't attack