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Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world.


Yes rabbits are very cute and cuddly they are easy to take care of but if you have allergies to fur or something like that I recommend getting a bird or turtle or maybe a lizard.
They need food water a litter box if it indoor rabbit, If you want a outdoor rabbit you only have to clean its cage every two or three weeks, my rabbit like the water bottles that you hook on the cage because she likes to flip the bowls over.
Make sure to give your rabbit lots of attention.
Trust me I know a lot about all animals because I'm in the 4-town fair and I work at pet smart make sure to visit all our animals.
No cats are not good companions. Cats are stupid.
My aunt had a friend that had a cat and one day her friend came over with her cat and tore the ladies face apart so if you get a cat get a kitten and get rid of it before it turns six.
Thanks, be careful with what animal you choose.

We own a house rabbit. He is very social, loving and funny. But please do not go and by one. Many are looking for homes at shelters and rescue organizations. Every year rabbits are given as gifts during Holidays by well meaning parents only to discover that pet rabbits require social interaction and special care. If you still want a pet rabbit I encourage you to do your research and visit the shelters. They do make wonderful pets.

I don't really like them because all they do if you have a wooden hutch then they just nibble their way out and they run away and then its really sad and they leave a hole good smelling and disgusting pile of turds so don't get a bunny unless you want to be heart broken so listen to me because I had it happen to me before and don't listen to your mom because they know nothing about so shut up and listen to me

I have a rabbit and my whole family loves her she is very social and really likes people like most rabbits. She will eat like all greens that you give her. They are very loving animals and will always love you, you should get one!

Rabbits are very social, emotional companions that often form deep bonds with their owner/s. They are excitable, social and fun loving like dogs but they have their own individual personalities. There is nothing quite like coming home to a rabbit running toward you jumping for joy, or flopping over against you and falling asleep. They are very unique, quirky and intelligent, having a highly complex language mostly expressed by body movements. Their lifespan is substantial too, at average 8-10 years with some now a days living into their teens with better medical understanding of them.

Bunnies are cute and very intelligent pets :) they also very funny and adorable. I got one a couple if weeks ago and I'm so glad I did! Also I must disagree with those who thinks rabbits are smelly. So untrue. If a person is clean, his pet will be most likely!

Rabbits are just like dogs and cats but without all of the work and hair that comes with owning a dog or cat. Plus they have the most cutest little noses in the world.

I agree, rabbits are the best house pets. I got the idea of buying one from my cousin. they are so easy to take care. but I took it outside and I wasn't watching and it left. I want to buy another one but I don't trust myself now.

My daughter has a rabbit and he is the best companion for her! Not going to lie, sometimes I forget he's hers and just love him! He loves running are the yard with her. There definitely worth the money!

I have looked at some of the comments. I will look at all but I am thinking of convincing my mu to get a rabbit. I've had one very young so I forgot the experience. I bet they are so fluffy and cute!

These are great less expensive than cats and dogs plus adorable and if you don't want to eat your vegetable smuggle them in the rabbits cage and they eat them

Soft, warm, cuddly, sweet, ADORABLE! I have a white bunny (a smaller sized one a bit bigger than the one in the picture) called Polka-Dot (Polka for short) SHE IS THE BEST! She hops around the house and sleeps with me and is house trained and follows me! - Swiftdawn

Rabbits are awesome. They are really good if you don't have time for a dog, or you're allergic to cats. They're really cut and adorable, and have much more personality than a hamster or gerbil.

Rabbits are the best house pet to own as they are extremely similar to dogs except they are easier to care for in terms of costs, and just being calm, nice animals

Rabbits/ Bunny's are very goo pets. My cousin has a Holand Lop Eared bunny and it is honestly the cutest thing ever. They play around just like dogs and they are always so excited when you come visit them at their cage. But just remember to take them out of their cage often so that they can get exercise and run around! You can leave them at your house for a long time too.

I'm planning to have one because my cousins had two adorable rabbits and I felt jealousy. I think they're soft, furry, and they're fun to be with

I have a bunny and this is the first bunny that we have ever owned and her name is coco. She is the most best pets we have ever had. If you are thinking about buying a bunny by the ones you fall in love with at first sight.

Bunnies are adorable, and are playful bunnies have lots of pros and cons you should do plenty of research before getting one, PLEASE do the research FIRST

HOW DARE YOU! Don't shame dogs like this just because they are at the top! I've had two and they might be hard work but they are the most loyal pets

Right now I'm trying to convince my parents to keep my bunnies inside so they could be healthy pets but best of luck for me but they are great companion for people

Also I don't think it is good to keep a rabbit just for kids, they might not be able to take care of it properly.

Rabbits are so soft its softer than cotton so when you cuddle him or her you feel nice and happy and warm

I love my rabbit, he's very sweet and funny, rabbits are the best pets in the world!

I think rabbit is a sensitive pet at home. they can live with large yards at farm if your pet rabbit will stay alone in his cage it will die when they get bored at all time. they need a partner to enjoy their self..

Bunnies are better than any other in my opinion, they are way easier to care for than any other pet and love attention!