Best How to Train Your Dragon Characters

Dragons and Vikings form the first movie and shorts.

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1 Toothless Toothless

He's cute and preventive

Toothless is the best dragon and adorable.. I LOVE you TOOTHLESS

Toothless looks so realistic in the movies. They way they detailed his scales and they way they made his eyes so huge and complexly detailed was amazing. I like how his eyes are a green but they also have some yellow/gold in them. I also love his personality and the way he acts around Hiccup. He is super funny.

Cute, cunning, and

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2 Hiccup

Hiccup is the best character because he is intelligent and proves himself to others

Hiccup has to be my favorite character with Toothless coming in close second (sorry Toothless, I love you). I love his personality, his voice, his freckles and his sarcasm and eye rolling! I can't even put into words why Hiccup is just so AWESOME!

Just amazing. The star of the show. The first viking to train and ride a dragon, and a night Fury dragon at that. He gets my vote

I'm against liking the same characters as a lot of other people but Hiccup is so much like me it's amazing. He is definitely my favourite character with Fishlegs coming in second for me o3o

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3 Astrid

She has had a lot of injuries and is very stubborn and a warrior. I know that she would do anything for her loved ones. This is she is my favorite.

She’s pretty tough and and kind

She is just awesome! What would hiccup do without her?

Astrid all the way. Her and hiccup=worlds cutest couple in the history of all T.V.

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4 Gobber the Belch

Gbber the awesome - Danidragonite

He's so funny and his 10-foot long moustache is awesome - tigerstar908

Why so serious
be funny like gobber the dung

He is so funny
not that much funny just take one o out

5 Tuffnut

I wish I had him naming my dragons

Can only be truly appreciated if you've seen Race to the Edge

Just so much destruction

He is hilarious. My favourite, just the best. He lies destruction and we'll, that's all

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6 Ruffnut

"The Smarter Twin"

The Twins Forever!

7 Snotlout

He's awesome

Very loutish, but he is pretty funny

8 Stoik the Vast

Strong and cool, he gets my vote

9 Fishlegs


10 Zippleback

The Newcomers

? Fright Fury

The fright fury is by far one of the coolest dragons out there. With a paralyzing sting, crystal breath, and awesome fighting skills, this dragon could be a powerful ally or enemy

The Contenders

11 Viggo Grimborn

In my opinion Viggo is the best villain. Unlike the past villains: Alvin, Dagur and Ryker, Viggo was smart. One of the main points of having Hiccup as the main character was that he could outsmart anyone easily. That was until Viggo showed up. From this point on Hiccup had an intellecutal rival which made the series more interesting.

12 Hookfang

So funny and very sarcastic!

13 Cloudjumper

It looks so awesome

Three words:
1. I

14 Stormfly
15 Toothless Toothless
16 The Blue Night Fury


17 Whispering Death


This snake of death is awesome

18 Dagur

Dagur the Deranged was amazing. His growth and maturation was done well and he was hilarious!

19 Screaming Death

One of the largest dragons; we never saw it fully grown so it could be larger.

20 Heather

She should totally be higher

Why is she this low

21 Village Elder

Her name is Gothi, and yes, she's awesome. It would be funny to see her try to ride Toothless.

22 Eret son of Eret

Lol I love him he's hilarious - tigerstar908

23 Valka
24 Drago Bludvist
25 Light Fury

"Part of the Night Fury but instead is a Light Fury"

26 Death Song
27 Meatlug
28 Red Death
29 Boneknapper


30 Fireworm
31 Terrible Terror
32 Newtsbreath
33 Skrill
34 Queen Mala
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