Best How to Train Your Dragon Characters

Dragons and Vikings form the first movie and shorts.

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1 Toothless

Protective, lovable, and simply sweet. Toothless is one of the best made dragons. His appearance is beautiful, especially his wings during flight. His eyes are stunningly detailed. His roar is fierce and commanding. He’s a character to love.

I love how toothless is supposed to be the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself, but he becomes everyone’s favorite dragon in less than 30 minutes.

DUH! My entire favorite scene is when in the first movie, while The Downed Dragon is playing, Toothless jumps on Hiccup and you get that STUNNING shot of just Toothless' face, and THE MUSIC! ARRGH!

Toothless looks so realistic in the movies. They way they detailed his scales and they way they made his eyes so huge and complexly detailed was amazing. I like how his eyes are a green but they also have some yellow/gold in them. I also love his personality and the way he acts around Hiccup. He is super funny.

2 Hiccup

Hiccup always will be my fave character of the film, books, television shows and the sequel. Toothless/Astrid/Valka come second (mostly Toothless) but they are no match for Hiccup! In the first film he was very cute with his high pitched voice, his freckles, his desperation of becoming a viking and him trying to show his tiny "muscles". By the T.V. shows, he looked only a little different, but did Hiccup look HOTTER by the second film! *Fangirls* His hair became somewhat scraggy and slightly messier, his voice did not change much but got slightly deeper, his suit of... Heavy... Metal... Clothing kinda thing (? ) totally WOWED everybody, and his "peg leg" looked more... Grown up, lets say Puberty did him good! Hiccup is AMAZING!

How can you honestly have Toothless without Hiccup and vice versa?! Hiccup is just slightly ahead of Toothless (although I love you too Buddy! You’re the best dragon! ) because we saw him grow from this awkward, inventive, out-of-place, left-out teenager, into a man that his father would’ve been very proud of! And in the end, he proves that there is more to him than what meets the eye! Plus, his Grunkle Iron shield/crossbow is like, the most epic thing ever! Don't underestimate his inventing prowess! Also, lets think about the fact that he has a 3 at the end of his name, so he wasn't the first in his family to have to deal with having that title!

Hiccup has to be my favorite character with Toothless coming in close second (sorry Toothless, I love you). I love his personality, his voice, his freckles and his sarcasm and eye rolling! I can't even put into words why Hiccup is just so AWESOME!

Just amazing. The star of the show. The first viking to train and ride a dragon, and a night Fury dragon at that. He gets my vote

3 Astrid

She's a warrior, she's hot, she's a badass, she's Astrid, and she has undergone such a remarkable journey with Hiccup that they are THE ABSOLUTE BEST COUPLE IN HISTORY!

She has had a lot of injuries and is very stubborn and a warrior. I know that she would do anything for her loved ones. This is she is my favorite.

She was the only memorable character in that dragon school, and she's very realistic in the second. She's the best.

My favorite character, definitely. Ruffnut was at first, but when I saw the Season 4 finale, Astrid was AWESOME.

4 Gobber the Belch

He's so funny and his 10-foot long moustache is awesome

He is so funny
not that much funny just take one o out

Why so serious
be funny like gobber the dung

Gbber the awesome

5 Tuffnut

Tuffnut is so dumb and funny! I was so upset when they got a new actor to play him in number 3

He is hilarious. My favourite, just the best. He lies destruction and we'll, that's all

Can only be truly appreciated if you've seen Race to the Edge

I wish I had him naming my dragons

6 Ruffnut

The twins are so cool vote for Tuff and Ruff!

"The Smarter Twin"

7 Snotlout

Very loutish, but he is pretty funny

Legit my favorite character
*waits for the hate*

Feel bad for him :(

8 Viggo Grimborn

In my opinion Viggo is the best villain. Unlike the past villains: Alvin, Dagur and Ryker, Viggo was smart. One of the main points of having Hiccup as the main character was that he could outsmart anyone easily. That was until Viggo showed up. From this point on Hiccup had an intellecutal rival which made the series more interesting.

I liked him right away!

Best name + Best voice + Best evil plans + Best bad guy design + Best way to talk as a bad guy = BEST HTTYD VILLAIN EVER!

My favorite villain, because he’s like, “I’m afraid, Hiccup Haddock, that I must battle you today.”

9 Fishlegs

Definitely one of the best geeks I've ever seen come out of any franchise because he's funny and caring and kind and such a nerd that he and Heather were such a great match for one another that they definitely should've got married in HTTYD THW!

10 Stoik the Vast

Strong and cool, he gets my vote

Best daddy that is all

is a very kind and he is really nice to Hiccup

The Contenders

11 Zippleback
12 Stormfly

Stormfly is such a beautiful and playful Deadly Nadder and I just love her so much she's so awesome!

So beautiful

13 Dagur

Dagur the Deranged was amazing. His growth and maturation was done well and he was hilarious!

An amazing villain

He’s so awesome and deranged!

He. Is. The. Best. Villain. EVER!

14 Heather

She's not Astrid, but that doesn't mean she's just as awesome! Heather has been through so much in the HTTYD Universe that she deserves just as much recognition as everyone else because she has proven time and time again how much of a badass dragon rider and a fantastic character she is. Also, she and Fishleggs were such a great couple that I am still so sad the writers just ended their relationship.

WHY IS SHE SO LOW? I love her more than any other character! She’s so sweet one second and the other she’s trying to murder people. She’s the one of the most important characters in rtte but I don’t like fish legs I kinda of wish she liked snot lout better

Heather is awesome! She is bold determined. And cares about whats on the inside. Still Astrid will always be better.

Heather should be way higher she is such an awesome character.

15 Cloudjumper

Proud, skilled, and loyal. Cloudjumper is an amazing dragon. His appearance is unique, especially his four wings. The reason he can fly so well. Cheers for Cloudjumper the Stormcutter.

I just love cloudjumper

Cloudjumper lets go

It looks so awesome

16 Light Fury

Skittish, wild, and clever. The Light Fury is one with the wild. Her personality is nice, appearance absolutely beautiful, and she flies well. While not endangered, she’s still a rare dragon to see. Hard to train as well.

Regarding what I see, this one dragon with the name Light Fury is amazing, beautiful, interesting, and highly respected as the only female dragon that I like. Light Fury should be in position number 2 after Night Fury (Toothless) or if you can be in number 1 before Toothless

"Part of the Night Fury but instead is a Light Fury"

Albino version of a Night Fury

17 Hookfang

So funny and very sarcastic!

He's incredibly stubborn and ignorant and that I love his personality so much it's just that hilarious, especially whenever his muttonhead dragon rider is around! 😆😆😆

18 Windsheer

Wind shear is such a cool dragon!

an awesome dragon in my opinion more awesome than astrid and stormfly

soooooooooooo deadly and so amazing

19 The Blue Night Fury

There is no blue night fury

20 Death Song

a deadly dragon beautiful but deadly

21 Valka
22 Eret son of Eret

Lol I love him he's hilarious

23 Screaming Death

One of the largest dragons; we never saw it fully grown so it could be larger.

has the ability to make dragons not attack it wow

24 Drago Bludvist
25 Skrill

It may be smaller than most threats the dragon riders have faced, but size doesn't matter when it comes to The Skrill! This dragon has the ability to summon and control actual lightning as long as it wants which is one of the most devastating forces of nature and if that wasn't dangerous enough, it can cancel out plasma blasts from Night Furies until the dragons have run out of firepower. It's also extremely intelligent and fierce that it definitely deserves a much higher rating because while it may be no Screaming Death, it's more powerful and dangerous than most people let on. BEST HTTYD DRAGON VILLAIN RIGHT HERE!

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