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1 Wanted

Really good song to slow dance to. Me and my Homecoming Queen slow danced to this song during the Homecoming King and Queen coronation slow dance at the homecoming dance surrounded by people

It's a good love song, specially I love the lyrics. The tune is good too.

Most Amazing song! Very emotional song!

I absolutely love this song

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2 I Want Crazy

A spark of ingenuity

3 Somebody's Heartbreak

I'm sick and tired of everybody thinking wanted is the best because as a true HAYNIAC I know wanted is the bees knees but he has better songs like this one and light me up and of you told me to so give those a listen before you vote.

4 Cry with You
5 Storm Warning
6 If You Told Me To
7 All You Ever
8 Love Makes Me
9 Invisible

Underrated song by him. This is one of the best songs by him, and it tackles the painful issues of bullying and the effects it has on people. But this song shows that it will be alright, that it seems like an everlasting night, but the sun will rise again and everything will be okay.

Best of hunter hayes... this one is real good.

10 Where We Left Off

It has such an incredible meaning and makes people realize the sacrifice the military puts out there. They sacrifice their lives every day, and I think it's something we all need to realize.

It's an amazing song, written for an amazing movie, with an amazing message behind it. - ineedausername

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11 Everybody's Got Somebody but Me
12 When Did You Stop Loving Me
13 Flashlight


14 Tattoo

Great song. Upbeat, puts you in a good mood.

15 Not
16 Storyline

Great Song. Not on this list yet because it is new.

17 Light Me Up

Always makes you feel young and alive.

18 If It's Just Me
19 Still Fallin
20 More Than I Should
21 21
22 Better Than This
23 Rescue
24 You Think You Know Somebody

This is a crazy good song, he probably reaches his highest note in this song, and that's insanely good and addictive

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