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1 Season's Call

the 2nd opening of BLOOD starring Saya Otonashii. hyde's vocals suits being one of the opening theme of that anime. - ronluna

I like the song season's call I really felt the calmness of hyde's voice and it's inspired me a lot I love it...

This is the best band song I've ever heard

I like this song...!
not only with the lyric... But also this music too...
Even this music is made by K. A. Z!
XDDD - ichiiwaike


I can't believe how ageless Hyde's and Laruku's music is. The hell with Nicki Minaj or ANYONE who's way over-rated... Laruku should get attention from all over the world. Pop music comes and goes, Laruku and Hyde will forever be evergreen. - minttuleppu00e4nen

Secret letters, once you listen to it it sticks in your head forever

In the courtyard birds singing
Through the window bells ringing...
I absolute love this song in both versions English and Japanese

Secret letters of HYDE is like an ultimate addiction..
Just like his voice..
Even after this long.. I can just get enough of this song...

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3 Evergreen

This scenery is evergreen,,,
I like this song

4 The Cape of Storms

I personally think that it is the best song from Hyde because it is energetic and melancholic at the same time. Plus, the words are quite understandable, as they are not in other songs. This song is perfect for him and his voice.

A song that's full of longing emotions and the lyrics is perfect for the manga based movie "The Last Quarter" (Kagen No Tsuki.

I love the melody specially when played in piano and violin.

I remember listening to this even in my dreams.

5 shallow sleep

Feels the beautiful words of this song..
I really like this.. - kazumiya

6 Angel's Tale
7 Hello
8 Horizon

the acoustics of this is very relaxing - ronluna

9 Jesus Christ
10 Countdown

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11 Masquerade

I love it's all masquerade...

12 Hideaway
13 Sweet Dreams (As Vamps)

It's still a hyde's song... If you have the chance, please listen to it

14 Faith
15 Unexpected
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