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This list contains the top ten iCarly episodes. iCarly the brilliant T.V. show about teenagers and their web show.
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1 iStill Psycho

Just fished watching it. Nora likes her party in her house and she invites the gang to her house to celebrate her birthday. Nora kidnaps the gang in her basement in the episode IP. Love this movie.

I like this episode a lot because it was about time that Nora gets in jail for goodness sake.

I hate this episode because it was gross when Freddy had to pin a donkey tail on Nora's butt

Just finished watching it I love when Nora kisses f it was very funny well done

2 iPie

Funny, and I really enjoyed it... Only Nick only plays the corny, crappy, and stupid episodes. Icarly was really a great show that was funny, and just had a good plot overall, but it all went down hill in the finale season. Nothing was funny, it was all corny crap! I really wish Nick would put on some (Girl) shows... Like when they ended icarly and then Victorious, it was all boy shows like, I'm almost positive they lost all the girls that still watched that's channel... the only girls that REALLY watch that channel are tomboys (not trying to be rude really) but untill they put on something halfway DESENT I'm refuse to watch that universe of BOYS!

This episode is a masterpiece

3 iChristmas

I love it because I just watched that episode again it always makes me so grateful for everything I have, I may not have the most expensive clothing the coolest phone or the biggest house but what I do have is a wonderful loving family and I would never wish for any of that to change I love everything just the way it is in my life I have a loving sister and parents I can go to for help and wonderful friends I honestly don't think I would be as grateful if I had everything I wanted.

The fisrt time I watched this I cried when carly did, laugh out loud! Seeing Carlys life like that was so weird but there's a really nice message in the episode, it's something like 'what you have is what you get and you can;t get better than that, and it's true and sorry if that's not exactly right, haven't watched it in a while laugh out loud ;-)

This episode was really good, especially when we find out what would have happened to Sam if she hadn't met Carly. I also love the part in which everything comes back to normal.

They should have saved this for the Series Finale, but that's just my opinion. Such an amazing episode.

4 iLost My Mind

I voted for this even though I like iKiss better because, like the commenter under me, it was so near the top. I love seddie so much, I'm having a conniption just thinking about them now. Living vicariously through fictional characters. Yolo. I love that Sheldon from Big Bang Theory was in it and how hilarious was he? This whole episode was hilariously adorable (: Freddie actually finds his manhood for once under all that wimpyness and kisses Sam! Ahh, I love it

Great. IGoodbye was TOO SAD so I hated it. I can't believe they ended Icarly with Carly leaving. UGH! I Goodbye is certainly the worst Icarly episode. But, ILost my mind is the best.

Seddie forever! So cute! I actually like iOMG better, but since I liked this episode next best and it was so near to the top of the list, I had to vote for it. I love Sam and Freddie together! So cute! ;D

I love this one I love thending wher freddie kissed sam live on icarly! It was so sweet I love freddie and sam together afterbthe haveenhated each other for years

5 iParty with Victorious

Carly and Tori must be dating the same young man and set ou for revenge just finished watching it with my mum and dad nod they think is really good.

Best episode ever. It's about time that iCarly meets Victorious. I love the song at the end, Leave it all to shine.

So cool how the two shows merged together and it fit so well and nor rushed

You rock, I love the song at the end Leave it all to shine by the cast

6 iGoodbye

Carly, Sam and Fready did assume on their show really love it but it have to say goodbye to it I watched their episodes and movies my favourite was IPie and IParty With Victorious also I really watched victorious on T.V. in my playroom with was great my favourite character is Carly and Sam put tears to my eyes so goodbye to ICarly my mum and dad got very tired yesterday of watching it and I don't no why so goodbye to the Nick show Jack Mary and Bernard

Hrarthbreaking episode, I loved it from the bottom to the top, Carly being relatable missing her father who will show up for a while surprisingly, then she will decide to leave with her dad, the goodbye scene was amazing, sad, but still amazing.
The Sam and Lewbert scene cracked me up.

Heartwarming conclusion to the series. I loved seeing Carly reunite with her father. Definitely my favorite episode, thank you Dan Schneider!

This was a Great episode to end this show, But it is sad that iCarly Have to end so soon. I Hope that iCarly returns soon.

7 iWant More Viewers

It was a really funny episode, especially with the "Pee on Carl" which would show up later on in the show.

Easily the funniest episode ever aired

I Like That Pee On Carl Sign

8 iDream of Dance

The dancing is something different and fun.

Almost make me like dancing

Great episode in season1

9 iWanna Stay with Spencer
10 iOwe you

"My mom says none of my relati-ah-AHHH"😂forever my fave icarly moment

I laughed so hard when sam went crazy about the money and put her mouth in the chili and stuck a plunger on the other guys mouth

I like this episode because its really funny when Sam gets the money and she spends it on a trampoline

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11 iWant a World Record
12 iSaved Your Life

I never got to see this one I tryed my hardest to find it but I just couldn't! I am watching iCarly right now as I'm posting this it looks like a pretty good episode I will try even harder to get it right now. Thanks Bye.

To find this episode go to icarly putlocker and then press ctrl f and in then press isaved your life it comes in yellow or orange and then press that episode, then play it and have funnn!

I to be honest like mainly this episode because its rare and is the best creddie episode. This is the only episode I like really.

It is the best episode ever. Freddie and Carly are like in love and they kissed it is just awesome

13 iApril Fools

The only episode from this series I don't like, there are few good moments but it was dumb.

This is my favorite! I watched it six times and it didn't get boring

I have no idea why I did it but I just. Couldn't help it so I just voted.

This episode was so random but hilarious! Loved it!

14 iHire an Idiot

This one was hilarious! Cort was so stupid! Haha it was really funny.

15 iScream On Halloween

This is by far the best episode. They scream I laugh.

This episode is one of the best on icarly

Got to say " Liked it! "

Boy it was hilarious, when they were ttapped inside that appartement with that unintentional creepy stuff going on lol

16 iGo One Direction

I love this episode, it is my favorite one of the series. Adding to my previous comment, I just love when Harry ran and told everyone that he was well and to get Gibby to never sing or dance ever again. I knew he was faking a week later because you get better after a day for two, but Harry was in bed almost a whole week so that made me figure out what was going on. He obviously liked Carly and was trying to get her attention, but Carly thought he was sick. I miss One Direction and hope they get back together soon

This should be #1. Carly: Oh um Harry, need anything before I go? Harry: Oh no,(grabs her arm)wait can I have some more fruits? Carly: Fruits? sure! Harry And can you cut them into little cubes they way that you do? Carly: Sure. Harry and can you put warm socks on my feet? Carly: Sure, I fix a pair in the dryer(walks towards the door) Sam: Umm what else do you want Carly to do for you, wash your tour bus? Carly: Sam! ( Harry smiles cheeky) I love this episodes so much. I could die if Harry doesn't kiss me

I love this episode because I love One Direction: Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn. Ps I created this list. This was a great episode One Direction did a great job as actors. I love icarly I recorded this episode and I keep watching it over and over again. Please share you opinions on the list and the episodes.

I can't stop watching this episode. I love it so much! I love liam so much! I wish I could meet him. He starts to enter my dreams just don't think I'm crazy, I'm just a true directioner!

17 iToe Fat Cakes

Woo I love this episode!
Shame on carly for getting her fat big toe toe stuck! That silly billy! Should've gone to the fat cake place instead

I loved Sam in this episode. I can imagine myself doing the same thing.

Carly gets her toe stuck in fauset and Sam gets cought taking Fat Cakes over the border.

This one is the best! I want to know what happenens to sam

18 iWill Date Freddie
19 iGot a Hot Room
20 iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo
21 iBelieve In Bigfoot

This show was very funny. And crazy.

Well this is a scooby doo moment!

This one is ICONIC, "all right it's about 50/50 so that means half of you are smart and half of you are stupid"


22 iPilot

Agree! But why did it have to be them just starting the web show? How about she moves in and they become good friends and make the web show!? ( It would have to be 60 minutes. But still! )
P.S. I think Freddie is cute! And I am a boy! But still!


This should be number 3.

"Because I'm a loveable person! "
*knocks down a kid to the lockers"😂
Forever my favourite sam puckett moment

23 iBattle Chip

What an excellent episode. I love the glue part

"There's fruit where fruit shouldn't be"

24 iLove You

This was the original Korrasami! Remember how people shipped two characters together but then all of the sudden, their pairing becomes canon!? Like people shipped Sam with Freddy for a long time but nothing really happened until the iCrush Week. All those shippers of Sam and Freddy finally got their ship canon! Strangely enough, more people ship Freddy with Sam than with Carly, even though Freddy has always had a major crush on her. I used to be a Carly x Freddy shipper but after this episode, I became a Freddy x Sam shipper.

I love icarly and this episode is crazy awesome!

I liked this one

Sam is inlove with Freddie.

25 iPromise Not to Tell

I really wanna watch it

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