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This list contains the top ten iCarly episodes. iCarly the brilliant T.V. show about teenagers and their web show.

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1 iStill Psycho

I like this episode a lot because it was about time that Nora gets in jail for goodness sake.

Nora is so hilarious and the kiss is so amazing they really did it good

I hate this episode because it was gross when Freddy had to pin a donkey tail on Nora's butt

Thank goodness nora gets prisoned

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2 iGoodbye

This was a Great episode to end this show, But it is sad that iCarly Have to end so soon. I Hope that iCarly returns soon. - Dreamformusic

It will never return, no show ever returns when it ends, iCarly is done with it's storyline.


I like it because it made me so sad but it was so sweet awesome how Sam has her motorcycle in Sam and cat

This episode just made me feel dead inside, probably cause this is my favorite episode, but I love this episode. An amazing ending to an amazing T.V. show. - tacoperson

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3 iChristmas

I love it because I just watched that episode again it always makes me so grateful for everything I have, I may not have the most expensive clothing the coolest phone or the biggest house but what I do have is a wonderful loving family and I would never wish for any of that to change I love everything just the way it is in my life I have a loving sister and parents I can go to for help and wonderful friends I honestly don't think I would be as grateful if I had everything I wanted.

The fisrt time I watched this I cried when carly did, laugh out loud! Seeing Carlys life like that was so weird but there's a really nice message in the episode, it's something like 'what you have is what you get and you can;t get better than that, and it's true and sorry if that's not exactly right, haven't watched it in a while laugh out loud ;-)

This episode was really good, especially when we find out what would have happened to Sam if she hadn't met Carly. I also love the part in which everything comes back to normal.

Because my dad hits me

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4 iParty with Victorious

Best episode ever. It's about time that iCarly meets Victorious. I love the song at the end, Leave it all to shine.

I love it when Carly ad her boyfriend moves to tori amazing episode just finished watching it leave it all to shine at the very end they all stayed together

This is one of the best not 1 or 2 or 56789 or 10 but still one of the best - devmai

This should be no. 2 to be honest like this ep is such a blessing

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5 iSaved Your Life

It is the best episode ever. Freddie and Carly are like in love and they kissed it is just awesome

This episode is hardly ever on but I love it the most. Wish I could do something about this.

I never got to see this one I tryed my hardest to find it but I just couldn't! I am watching iCarly right now as I'm posting this it looks like a pretty good episode I will try even harder to get it right now. Thanks Bye.


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6 iLost My Mind

Sam has put herself in a mental hospital.

10 so laugh out loud

Jim Parsons was in it

I love this epsiode so much.

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7 iPie

Funny, and I really enjoyed it... Only Nick only plays the corny, crappy, and stupid episodes. Icarly was really a great show that was funny, and just had a good plot overall, but it all went down hill in the finale season. Nothing was funny, it was all corny crap! I really wish Nick would put on some (Girl) shows... Like when they ended icarly and then Victorious, it was all boy shows like, I'm almost positive they lost all the girls that still watched that's channel... the only girls that REALLY watch that channel are tomboys (not trying to be rude really) but untill they put on something halfway DESENT I'm refuse to watch that universe of BOYS!

8 iOwe you

I laughed so hard when sam went crazy about the money and put her mouth in the chili and stuck a plunger on the other guys mouth - cadespencer

I like this episode because its really funny when Sam gets the money and she spends it on a trampoline

"My mom says none of my relati-ah-AHHH"😂forever my fave icarly moment

9 iScream On Halloween

This episode is one of the best on icarly

Got to say " Liked it! "

This is by far the best episode. They scream I laugh.

Boy it was hilarious, when they were ttapped inside that appartement with that unintentional creepy stuff going on lol - DaisyandRosalina

10 iCan't Take It

So Good Sexual scenes

I died laughing when Mrs. Benson screamed. - cabennett18

I loved this one!


The Contenders

11 iApril Fools

This is my favorite! I watched it six times and it didn't get boring

The only episode from this series I don't like, there are few good moments but it was dumb. - DaisyandRosalina

This episode was so random but hilarious! Loved it!

This one was kinda stupid

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12 iOMG

Sam's in love with Freddie - and somehow, even though we all kinda knew it, this episode was still the most "", breathtaking and intense one, when Sam finally made a move on Freddie.

I didn't really like this episode

My favorite because SEDDIE!

That’s amazing. From the first moment I understood that Sam was in love and when they found it out, I knew it was with Freddie, I can say that this episode changed my life

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13 iWant a World Record

THIS IS ONE OF MY favorites!

14 iBelieve In Bigfoot

This show was very funny. And crazy.

Well this is a scooby doo moment!


15 iFix a Pop Star

I love this episode because it shows how Carly Sam and. Freddie meeted and helped ginger fox with her singing career

16 iGo One Direction

I love this episode because I love One Direction: Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn. Ps I created this list. This was a great episode One Direction did a great job as actors. I love icarly I recorded this episode and I keep watching it over and over again. Please share you opinions on the list and the episodes.

This episode is about One Direction is in seattle and are going to perform on icarly Carly gives one of the band members jungle worms.

One direction is my everything. So the fact that they were in my fave kids show is just a plus. This should defiantly be the winner. Without a doubt

No! This episode is the worst! One Direction is annoying! - Daviddv0601

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17 iHire an Idiot

This one was hilarious! Cort was so stupid! Haha it was really funny.



18 iOpen a Restaurant

I loved this episdode

19 iToe Fat Cakes

Woo I love this episode!
Shame on carly for getting her fat big toe toe stuck! That silly billy! Should've gone to the fat cake place instead

I loved Sam in this episode. I can imagine myself doing the same thing.

I love where Spencer gives Sam the warm dog poop bag! HEHEHE!

This one is the best! I want to know what happenens to sam

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20 iLove You

I liked this one

Sam is inlove with Freddie.

This was the original Korrasami! Remember how people shipped two characters together but then all of the sudden, their pairing becomes canon!? Like people shipped Sam with Freddy for a long time but nothing really happened until the iCrush Week. All those shippers of Sam and Freddy finally got their ship canon! Strangely enough, more people ship Freddy with Sam than with Carly, even though Freddy has always had a major crush on her. I used to be a Carly x Freddy shipper but after this episode, I became a Freddy x Sam shipper. - Daviddv0601

21 iCarly Awards

I really like this episode. It is so Funny

22 iGet Pranky



23 iDate a Bad Boy

I love icarly so much but this ep was stupid. Carly dumps him for collecting something-for gods sake she is such a brat. Sam rules

Love this a lot

24 iQ

I lik thes shew becase I am 7

25 iMeet The First Lady

Other than meeting First Lady Mrs. Obama, this show was terrible the plot made no sense and could have been quite a lot better.

Icarly meets the First Lady Mrs. Obama.

26 iBalls

The title is hilarious

My 2nd favorite episode. - Kittylitature

3d web show hurts others and cures others.

27 iGot a Hot Room
28 iWant More Viewers

It was a really funny episode, especially with the "Pee on Carl" which would show up later on in the show.

Easily the funniest episode ever aired


29 iDream of Dance

The dancing is something different and fun.

Almost make me like dancing

Great episode in season1

30 iKiss

How could anyone forget the episode featuring everyone's favorite bickering duo's first kiss! So amazing. We got to see a part of Sam that we hadn't known was their before. She really cares about Freddie, even if she doesn't act like it. So sweet! Seddie warriors unite!

31 iEnrage Gibby
32 iGo to Japan

IGo to Japan is my favourite movie now but it is time to change it to IParty With Victorious because I really love it and very funny and my favourite song is make it shine by victorious cast and tori vega well done Dan for crating the shows are ICarly and Victorious my favourite character is Carly

I love this episode/special it's my favorite iCarly episode. - tacoperson

I miss this movie parts 1 to 3 I hope it will turn again

What do you mean I hope it will turn again?

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33 iBeat the Heat

Such an underrated episode! It's so fun to see Lewbert, Mrs. Benson, Chuck & company crowding up Carly's apartment, scrambling for cool air!

34 iPilot

This should be number 3.

Agree! But why did it have to be them just starting the web show? How about she moves in and they become good friends and make the web show!? ( It would have to be 60 minutes. But still! )
P.S. I think Freddie is cute! And I am a boy! But still!


"Because I'm a loveable person! "
*knocks down a kid to the lockers"😂
Forever my favourite sam puckett moment

35 iWanna Stay with Spencer
36 iFred
37 iHalfoween
38 iWas a Pageant Girl

There was no "boob slip" there was a nude colour bra thing. And anyway we got to see that sam isn't just "beating down a truck driver with an empty carton of milk" but talented and capable of looking just as pretty as carly (why does everyone love carly so much? ) I wish freddie got to see sam in a dress. Team seddie

This episode is awesome

It's inappropriate because of the artificial boobs and Sam's breast was exposed in the makeup department.

39 iPear Store

Really Hilarious! every main cast has his/her own story(except Sam & Freddie)

40 iNevel

I like the way Nevel becomes more and more creepy after meeting Carly. Also Carly, Sam and Freddy's plans to deal with him are pretty clever!

41 iWin a Date

Gibby was so stupidly halarious.
"Pick the right one if you want TO get tasha"
"okAY? "

42 iSpeed Date
43 iHatch Chicks

Easily one of the best

44 iShock America

It is a wonderful movie I have watched parts 1 to 3 or. 2 to 4? Let me know Thanks Bye

I really like this brand new movie just fished watching it.

Just finished watched it

45 iBloop 2

The cast talk about their bllopers on icarly.

46 iLike Jake

Poor Carly! And having watched Miranda Cosgrove's music videos, it's funny hearing Carly's comment that "Half the pop stars on the charts can't sing, they fix their voices with computers or something".

47 iHeart Art
48 iRue the Day
49 iHave a Lovesick Teacher
50 iSaw Him First

Did James Maslow played Shane here or it's just me and my sister

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