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21 iCarly Awards

I really like this episode. It is so Funny

22 iGet Pranky



23 iDate a Bad Boy

I love icarly so much but this ep was stupid. Carly dumps him for collecting something-for gods sake she is such a brat. Sam rules

Love this a lot

24 iQ
25 iMeet The First Lady

Other than meeting First Lady Mrs. Obama, this show was terrible the plot made no sense and could have been quite a lot better.

Icarly meets the First Lady Mrs. Obama.

26 iBalls V 3 Comments
27 iGot a Hot Room
28 iDream of Dance

The dancing is something different and fun.

Almost make me like dancing

Great episode in season1

29 iEnrage Gibby
30 iKiss

How could anyone forget the episode featuring everyone's favorite bickering duo's first kiss! So amazing. We got to see a part of Sam that we hadn't known was their before. She really cares about Freddie, even if she doesn't act like it. So sweet! Seddie warriors unite!

31 iBeat the Heat

Such an underrated episode! It's so fun to see Lewbert, Mrs. Benson, Chuck & company crowding up Carly's apartment, scrambling for cool air!

32 iWanna Stay with Spencer
33 iFred
34 iGo to Japan

IGo to Japan is my favourite movie now but it is time to change it to IParty With Victorious because I really love it and very funny and my favourite song is make it shine by victorious cast and tori vega well done Dan for crating the shows are ICarly and Victorious my favourite character is Carly

I miss this movie parts 1 to 3 I hope it will turn again

What do you mean I hope it will turn again?

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35 iWant More Viewers
36 iHalfoween
37 iPear Store

Really Hilarious! every main cast has his/her own story(except Sam & Freddie)

38 iPilot

Agree! But why did it have to be them just starting the web show? How about she moves in and they become good friends and make the web show!? ( It would have to be 60 minutes. But still! )
P.S. I think Freddie is cute! And I am a boy! But still!


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39 iNevel

I like the way Nevel becomes more and more creepy after meeting Carly. Also Carly, Sam and Freddy's plans to deal with him are pretty clever!

40 iWin a Date
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