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41 iHatch Chicks

Easily one of the best

42 iShock America

It is a wonderful movie I have watched parts 1 to 3 or. 2 to 4? Let me know Thanks Bye

I really like this brand new movie just fished watching it.

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43 iBloop 2 V 1 Comment
44 iWas a Pageant Girl

There was no "boob slip" there was a nude colour bra thing. And anyway we got to see that sam isn't just "beating down a truck driver with an empty carton of milk" but talented and capable of looking just as pretty as carly (why does everyone love carly so much? ) I wish freddie got to see sam in a dress. Team seddie

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45 iLike Jake

Poor Carly! And having watched Miranda Cosgrove's music videos, it's funny hearing Carly's comment that "Half the pop stars on the charts can't sing, they fix their voices with computers or something".

46 iHeart Art
47 iRue the Day
48 iHave a Lovesick Teacher
49 iSaw Him First

Did James Maslow played Shane here or it's just me and my sister

50 iStage an Intervention
51 iReunite With Missy

I felt so sorry for sam

52 iMeet Fred
53 iSpeed Date
54 iBattle Chip

What an excellent episode. I love the glue part

55 iPsycho

Only #50? This is the best iCarly episode ever. Stuff that is at the top is not that great.

ISaved Your Life is #5. WHAT? This episode had no humor at all! Also, didn't iStart a Fan War make one thing clear? There is little romance involved in iCarly. It's all about the comedy!

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56 iPromote Techfoots V 1 Comment
57 iPromise Not to Tell
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