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61 Motta
62 Kawartha Dairy

So good. I like taking my eldely dad there. He always gets rum raisin. I usually end up with some chcolate fudge or chcolate of any kind but we feel very nostalgic, sitting there, Dad telling me stories about how hard it was to get ice cream when he was a kid. Great prices for big scoops at the dairy stand. Much pricier in the stores.

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63 Nestle

Great taste

64 Mayfield

I wish I had known about this ice cream earlier! So delicious

The best in Tennessee, especially the creamy, homemade vanilla. I live on Blue Bell in Texas and Mayfield in the Smokies!

65 Little Baby's Ice Cream

I love it! But after seeing a certain... video...

Ice a feeling.

66 Halo Top

AMAZING! And low calorie so NO REGRETS!

Could be less expesive

67 Heritage Diary

I tried this one time and I could not stop eating it! Trying to find it but I can't please help me. But seriously you need to try it. (please like this)

Ice cream taste was yummy yummy...

Standard ice cream super quality and rate was very compitetive

This ice cream made me realise that I need to start keeping a heritage diary. that was 3 years ago and I have kept my heritage diary ever since. this place made me be my full self.

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68 Dairy Day

One of the award winning brand for its taste

Celebrate the moment

Good ice cream

Superb taste with best qualify...

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69 Polar
70 New Zealand Natural

What a nice ice cream

Of all the ice creams I tasted in NZ, New Zealand Natural was by far the best. Light, not too sweet and the flavours were really authentic. Keep it up!

You should try Hocky Pocky flavor.

71 Bellany Ice Cream

Passion fruit is best

72 Dairy Fun

This is The Best Ice Cream in Northern India

"East or west Dairy Fun is the Best "

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73 Carvel

I'm surprised it's so low on this list! 102? really?

The best in the nation

Best in the world!

REAL ice cream. So many different flavor sand always super fresh. The chocolate crunchies are amazing.

74 Schwan's Ice Cream

Hands down the best! I swear there is crack in it, it's so addictive! No, I've asked, it's just cream instead of vanilla or something

Comes in a freezer truck.. creamiest ice cream you will ever have

Amazing. Best I've ever had!

Stop the big yellow truck and get some! It’s terrific!

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75 Freezo
76 Braum's

Braums is best

Braums is the best no doubt
Oklahoma City

Perhaps the best ice cream I have eaten. That is 75 years or so.
Discovered Braum's when in the Rockwell, Texas area.
Hope someone will open a Braum's in the Phoenix, Az area.
A most important consideration for me is that any product contains NO corn syrup and particularly NO HFCS.
These I consider are contaminants.

77 Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is an artisan ice-cream company centered in Columbus, Ohio, with national distribution. It is known for its creative flavors and its high-quality ingredients. It has been featured nationally in the press as an artisan ice cream maker, and won two sofi Awards.

It's so good that It should be across the world

Excellent ice cream. Love it!

Simply amazing.

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78 Hood

Their comeback caramel and homemade vanilla is far better than I expected a top 2nd tier ice cream

thier special series are always good - moose4life19

True, old school, classic ice cream!

79 Iberri

I tried them on one in-flight.

Cheap and taste nice

Fresh tasty and good design

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