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101 Weis

Natural and so delicious my all time favourite

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102 Carte D'or
103 Briqs
104 Moo-ville Ice Cream

Definitely the best ice cream I've ever had.

105 Bulla

Good old classic bulla shouldn't be this low.

106 Cadbury

Delicious, genuine flavouring and satisfies the buds

107 Dairy King

What! WHAT! What the heck is wrong with this company, they are clearly trying to take Dairy Queen's fame. Obviously it will never happen though - Unknownguy

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108 Mister Softee
109 Cold Rock
110 MADO
111 Valsoia
112 Madhura Ice Creams
113 Wallings Ice Cream

Try the apple pie ice cream

114 Dolfin
115 Ruggles - Smith Dairy
116 Reed's Dairy
117 Sonata Ice Creams

Mouth melting and tasty ice creams

High quality product, kids having lots of fun

118 Solanki Ice Creams
119 Sanjay Ice Cream
120 Culver's Frozen Custard

Primarily in the mid-west, frozen custard is like heaven and the flavors are out of this world. You can see the custard being made and the toppings are added just as you order, which is important because the salted pecans are crisp, not soft from sitting in a freezer. Check out their website and drool at the MANY flavors of the day. I don't live near a Culver's, which could be good. I'd weigh 300 lbs. if I did. Culver's hasn't come to California yet, but when I visited friends in Bakersfield my host said he was going to take me to someplace I'd really love. I was excited when we pulled into a sign that said "Freddy's (or Freddies? ) Frozen Custard. However they only serve two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. I guess I've been spoiled by Culver's!

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