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61 Mini Marshmallows

Mini marshmallows have a great taste with ice cream. They are squishy and add a lot of good flavor to ice cream!

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62 Magic Shell

Remember Magic Shell? You poured it from the bottle and it froze over your ice cream? THROWBACK!

It's perfect! It creates a delicious hard shell on the outside of your ice cream... Made of chocolate!

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63 Crunch
64 Cheesecake Bites


65 Snickers
66 Nuts
67 Honey

Paired with wheat germ is amazing!

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68 Chocolate Flakes
69 Milo

Dry and wet mix

I don't even know what Milo is.

Yes would love to try this


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70 Nestlé Buncha Crunch

They are so good on vanilla ice-cream. Yummy

I am a kid I like this stuff I am doing this for homework. unfair! ;(

71 Granola

I love granola by itself! On ice cream! YUM!

72 Pretzels

This is awesome! How did it lose to popcorn? POPCORN! NOBODY PUTS POPCORN ON THEIR ICE CREAM!

73 Hot Chocolate Powder

"Pour a packet on your ice cream, mix it, and it's the perfect combo.

74 Crushed Butterfinger Candy Bars
75 Malted Milk Powder

So rich in flavor!

76 Vodka

This should be the last along with beer wheat germ pizza and popcorn.

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77 Reese's

They are amazing on ice cream!

Reeses go well with everything

78 Sour Patch Kids Sour Patch Kids

Super sour candy on ice cream... DELICIOUS!

79 Ice Cream Cone

Don't you put the cone underneath the ice cream not on top as a topping?

80 Nerds

It's so good it makes my mouth water and sweet and sour I just love it so people who like sweet and sour should try this because its fantastic and so buy nerds and you will be wishing to have it again!

Nerds are the best! So sour and small. They evolve your ice cream to the best food ever!

The add such a flavor too your ice cream. I can't believe someone else hasn't added this yet. Nerds for #1!

Nerds are the' bomb mixed in ice cream! Have you ever had a Nerds Blizzard?! Sooo good!

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