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101 Wheat Germ

It tastes better than it sound. Trust me. I love it on chocolate ice cream. You should try it!

102 Milk

It creates an icey shield over then very first layer of the ice cream and adds much more creaminess and milkiness to the already-delicious ice cream. Give this one a try!

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103 Cashew Pieces
104 Rice Krispies

I like the crunchiness of Rice Krispies on any ice cream flavor

105 Cinnamon Apple Chunks

Small apple pieces cooked with cinnamon until softened. Pour over ice cream.

106 Pizza

Pizza is so nasty on ice team not that I tryd that cause I haven't

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107 Almonds
108 Cocoa
109 Sea Salt

I really love seasalt. It really gives you that sweet and salty taste your looking for!

110 Lucky Charms
111 Shredded Mint
112 Espresso

With some cocoa powder... Yum!

113 Frosted Flakes

Who needs a cone!

114 Cinnamon Hearts

Add a spice to anything sweet!

115 Salted Nuts

I love salted nuts in my mouth

116 Pecans
117 Potato Chips V 2 Comments
118 Goobers V 1 Comment
119 Smucker's Marshmallow Topping

If you like marshmallow, this stuff is awesome!

120 Cereal

Crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch is awesome on vanilla or mostly vanilla ice cream. Other flavors of ice cream you can't really taste the cinnamon, but vanilla ice cream is awesome with this cereal.

Any flavor ceral on any flavor ice cream is so delicious to me, even raisin bran.

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