Best Ice Cube Movies

The Top Ten Best Ice Cube Movies

1 Boyz 'N the Hood

Better than the boring Friday movie... - CedreticFomento

The greqatrewsrt movie cyhdhwsfiwf liek so vcool

I think it was the best ice cube movie - Gtgghgghjhuhug

2 Friday

This is the best one, and you know this, MAAAN!

I accidentally voted for this, never seen it - Gangem

Boyz n the hood is amazing but you mostly want something a little brighter and that is what this is.

3 Next Friday
4 21 Jump Street

Infiltrate the dealers
Find the supplier!

5 Are We There Yet ?

This a good movie I remember watching it in theaters, then on TV lots

6 Ride Along
7 Friday After Next
8 Are We Done Yet?

This is a good movie I watched it a few times

9 Barbershop
10 Three Kings

The Contenders

11 xXx 2: The Next Level
12 Barbershop 2: Back in Business
13 Anaconda
14 First Sunday
15 Straight Outta Compton
16 22 Jump Street
17 Ride Along 2
18 Ghosts of Mars
19 Dangerous Ground
20 Trespass
21 The Glass Shield
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