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1 Lapras Lapras

As my favorite Pokemon, Lapras gains my vote. But come on. Let's give Weavile some love. How's it 26th? ':(

Lapras is definitely one of my favorites. It learns 2 different 1 hit KO moves (sheer cold, perish song). Not to mention its amazing defenses and Special Attack.

Lapras is easily the best ice type ever. She is even quadruple super effective with ice attacks on Dragonite and other dragon type pokemon. It's also the best water type pokemon as well.

PU Tier - socoolmudkip

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2 Glaceon

I completely agree, everyone I meet seems to forget about Glaceon and start praising Jolteon or whatever. Glaceon is my fave Pokemon and I'm glad someone thinks it's awesome

AGREED! Glaceon has decent stats considering its an ice type, and as everyone knows, ice type's have many weaknesses. Glaceon is also one of the cutest eeveelutions, I mean, when I first saw it I completely fell in love and I knew that I just had to get one. Overall, it is an AWESOME POKèMON!

Without a doubt the best evolution of Eevee, just look at him is just awesome.

I love all of the eevelutions but Glaceon has to be my favorite!

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3 Articuno Articuno

Honestly This has been my favorite pokemon For ever this was my 1st legendary I ever saw and it just looks so cool it has good Stats When I caught it in blue I was so happy and red it was honestly the best thing I've ever had in my life Like this bird is cooler then zapdos and moltres Moltres is my least favorite legendary bird zapdos is Pretty cool but not as articuno I just love the design its nice and simple but it looks better then advanced ones like zapdos its just really has a place for my heart.

I love love LOVE birds, and especially Articuno, for it looks like an eagle. My friends say I like it only because it's a legendary Pokemon, but that's not true. If it wasn't a legendary I would love it just as much. The attacks are great, and the design, I think, is even better. Moltres looks like a stork and Zapdos looks like a songbird with zig-zag wings. To end it all, Articuno is my favorite ice Pokemon.

Have any of tried Mind Reader+Sheer Cold? Guaranteed to his OHKO! Nothing can beat that.

Best ice legend.

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4 Froslass Froslass

Froslass is the only Ice/Ghost type plus it is a total boss in the anime, personally this should on the number 1 spot!.
Plus it can learn Destiny Bond :D and even better is that it is learnt at level 59!. All I can say is that it should rule the Number 1 Spot!.

Frosslass, along with Rotom-F, is the only ice-type Pokemon with more resistances and immunities than weaknesses. It is also the fastest ghost-type ever (tied with Gengar). Besides, it looks like at total boss.

Its really the best and she is so cool I really want it to be my pokemon just look at her she is so beautiful nice designs and even tougher than glaceon she is the best pokemon I've ever seen this isn't an opinion ITS A FACT

Love it's design and type combo, Fairies, Ghost and Ice Pokemon are my favorites~~~

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5 Kyurem Kyurem

Kyurem didn't just break the record but also the ICE! It has the powers of BOTH Reshiram and Zekrom. Lapras has a stat total of 535, Glaceon: 525, Froslass: 480, Articuno: 580 and mamoswine: 530, nothing close to Kyurem's 660 stat total. In a battle with all five of them, Kyurem could turn white and freeze them (ALL of them) into an ice statue so Kyurem is the winner. In fact Kyurem is the ONLY one of the strongest legendary Pokemon on the list.

This pokemon is the bomb! I beat Reshiram, Zekrom and billions of other dragon type pokemon with this boss pokemon! YAY KYUREM!

My favourite Pokemon as well as Mewtwo. Best ice type Pokemon by far and should be in the number 1 spot in this list. Should also be in the the 5th spot on the top ten strongest Pokemon

Kyuruem is totally awesome! Not only it has two alternate forms, it also can learn Reshiram and Zekrom"s moves!

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6 Mamoswine

Well Walrein may be a big blue walrus but this... This is a gigantic dirt, ice pig with even bigger and sharper tusks. Not to mention... (oh wait I already did) it's a gigantic dirt ice pig!

Mamoswine does look a bit like a mammoth but still its really good and can take many shots.

I love mamoswine, beside its super amazing stats, it's cute too.

Jat look at this thing, it has tank written all over it. With earthquake this beast should be higher on this list

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7 Weavile

I can't believe how under appreciated weavile is. With 125 attack and speed and an unexpecting move pool. Very few things can switch in on weavile and not be severely damaged or most likely ko'd. I keep one on nearly every competitive team I have. It always sweeps through the elite 4 as well. Weavile deserves to be in the top 5 at least. Speaking he is amount dark types.

Weavile has good Speed and Attack and a decent move-pool to compliment it, such as a STAB Icicle Crash, though the accuracy hurts a little, and Knock Off, as well as some coverage through Low Kick / Poison Jab or priority in Ice Shard. Slap on a Life Orb and it's an amazing revenge killer, that being said, with a 4x weakness to fighting as well as a weakness to Stealth Rock it doesn't do much more than that. Both these weaknesses are common among ice-types though.

Why the HECK is this not in the top five?! This is the fastest Ice Type! It is tied with Darkrai as the fastest Dark type too! It's attack stat is deadly with Life Orb!

Weavile is like a scary ice cat. it can slice your head off.but I will admit it does have a lot of weaknesses but, it makes up for it with good moves and speed

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8 Regice Regice

Explosion is the first move he learns so obviously, he is #1! - Awesometepig101

Even though it is a legenary... I think this is an awesome ice pokemon! This is my opinion so don't judge me... So yea! Regice is the best ice-pokemon for me

It's so beast it has little ice cannons for hands
That shoot ice beams that could kill a man on contact
It doesn't have the greatest move pool but it's still great
But it has very useable stats.

Regice is the best ice type, my signature Pokemon, and the best ice type!
In fact, I own a team of ice-types. I am the official ice-type master of ALL of Pokémon. Read this and read it well. If you think you have a team of ice types that can beat mine, then your ballistic.

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9 Walrein

It's a big blue walrus that can learn destructive moved. It's got cool pre-evolutions and it's just generally a great addition to ones team. And did I mention that it's a big blue walrus? :3

It is really cool in my opinion and has a nostalgic value to me as my first ever Pokemon booster pack was an EX power keepers with the very angry walrein art

I don't know if this is a legendary, or if they count, but the legendary ice Pokemon should be the first ones because they are undoubtedly the best. - maggot-104

All I can say is I rly don't like this final evolution. Spheal was rly cute and so was sealeo. Then u get this rly weird ugly obese walrus thing. Looks like great kid great teen then failed college and lives in his moms basement eating pizza playing video games all day

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10 Beartic

Beastly ice Pokemon he is the best ice Pokemon I mean cubchoo is beater then abomasnow considering beartic is way better than cubchoo beartic would be the ice type KING

He looks so menacing! Not to mention his attack stat is very high and it's about time Nintendo had a polar bear.

Beartic is awesome I can't wait to get one

Beartic rules! 'beedrill too

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11 Abomasnow Abomasnow

This guy owns it all, he provides a decent move pool but yet has very powerful attacks and is downright cool

Ice and grass type! 4x weak to fire but starts a hail storm to make blizzard 100% accurate. Best ice type ever!

Abomasnow is the best but I think I hit the plus sign on another Pokemon cause I didn't know what it did

Mega Abomasnow wrecks with a Sub-seed set. That and you get to KO other pokemon as a PINE TREE. YAAS

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12 Vanilluxe

Probably one of the most over looked ice types out there. Despite what people may say about it's design, Vanilluxe is one cool customer. Sporting a very respectable base 110 special attack Vanilluxe can be deceptively powerful. Access to speed boosts in the forms of automize and weak armor can raise Vanilluxe's speed to amazing levels. Ice beam hits any Pokemon foolish enough to stay in very hard. Flash cannon provides some nice coverage against fairies and opposing ice types. Don't underestimate Vanilluxe. When left unchecked Vanilluxe can run away with a match and punch large holes in the opponent's defense.

I got a shiny purple vanilluxe in my white2 and he's my powerhouse in subway because of the choice scarf ice beam, he also get signal beam, icy wind for doubles and explosion because of that 95base attack so amazing

So, I know people are hating on Vanilluxe because of design, but there are worse designs out there, like geodude. I know it has a limited move pool, but with acid armor, leftovers, and ice body, this ice cream cone can kick some dragon type butt!

My favorite ice type I. The whole series.

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13 Cloyster

With skill link, cloyster is beast. Icicle spear is guaranteed to hit 5 times! Plus, shell smash! This thing sweeper my team because of skill link,

Skill Link, max speed and attack, Ice spear and Rock blast? With shell smash! Your opponent wont see it coming. They're going' down

Cloyster was one of my favorites back in Gen 1, and with Shell Smash and Skill Link, it's only gotten better since.

Cloyster is a vagina. Why did Nintendo have to do this to us?

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14 Dewgong


He's my favorite Pokemon actually... - MrBrony8675309

I just absolutely love Dewgong! So cute and powerful with the right move set.

I am undefeated with my dewgong! Sadly underrated, esp. For generations 2/3.

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15 Glalie

I just obtained a Glalie in Pokemon Diamond and it is amazing! The incredible attack stats balance out my mostly Defense team. Glalie's design is amazing to and it is a pure Ice-type. That makes it incredibly rare. Vote for Glalie

I have a level 100 glalie and it beat all of the dark type elite four trainer by using freeze dry and blizzard and defeated all of the elite four trainers Pokemon by using crunch and freeze dry and it defeated an abomasnow to

Defiantly one of the best ice types. It was the first ice type that Ash managed to obtain and has always been on of my favourite Pokemon.

Glalie is great! Vote for Glalie

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16 Cryogonal Cryogonal

Its one of kyurem followers must have some abilities also its like got great attacks like sheer cold ice beam etc etc

Its just like vanilluxe people hate it because of its sprite

Why is this so low on the list? It looks awesome with its "cool" eyes and stuff!
I used it in XY and it was so good! It helped me beat the Elite Four!

This is such a cool Pokemon!
It's a real fridging cool Pokemon!
It's seriously in the cool zone!
It's a n-ICE one all right!

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17 Spheal

It's a cute, blue, seal! I love seals! All you need for a powerful team is cute Pokemon, because the other Pokemon will be knocked out by their pure cuteness!

Spheal is really cute and awesome too. I've got one on my ice type team and its boss!

How did it come 16th! :( This is my fave Pokemon and I got one on my team and I've won three contests(around that) with only just this Pokemon!

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18 Seel

The absolute best name ever. End of discussion.

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19 Vanillish

Vanillish is my favorite Pokemon, and I'm not joking. The losers who make fun of the design can resort to their Charizard, and their missing out. Vanillish is catchable from early in the game, is tied with Lapras for the best non legendary ice type stat-wise. He SHOULD have gotten a Mega Evolution...

Best in Unova. The design is cute (opinion of course) nice speed, well rounded, Nice movepool. You gotta kill those killer Dragon types right?

Best Unova Ice Type. Now, I understand people hate it because of the design, but it is better than the living pile of goo that Muk is or the extremely generic Pidgey, Rattata, Lillipup, Sentret, Seel, and others.

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20 Snorunt

You just can't love Snorunt, a little adorable strong Pokemon, WHICH CAN EVOLVE INTO A GLALIE OR A FROSLASS I MEAN WHO doesn't LOVE FROSLASS RIGHT? Well it's understandable that people like Articuno and Regice but they are legendaries so hush Glalie, Froslass, and Snorunt must be on top

Look at snorunt and love him. It's impossible to do otherwise. My favorite Pokemon ever.

Snorunt is my favourite ice type Pokemon

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