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Iced Earth is an American heavy metal band from Tampa, Florida that combines influences from thrash metal, power metal, progressive metal, opera, speed metal and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

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1 Dante's Inferno Dante's Inferno Cover Art

Seriously this is the best music ever written, this not a song, it's an epic journey through the plains of hell described masterfully. You can feel it, live it and enjoy every second of it, this is what we call ART !

It's hard to imagine them ever topping this one. Between the music, the lyrics, and the atmosphere along with the perfect song subject. This is the song I think of when I think of old school Iced Earth.
P.S. The Stu Block version is awesome too... even if Jon forgot the one section of chanting vocals

I have to go for this one, just for packing in so much, but there are plenty from the first three albums.

Do people not listen to the early stuff or just genuinely prefer the stripped-down later albums? I enjoy those too, but the first three are some of the best metal albums.

This song has the full spectrum of classic Iced Earth from the beginning to the end. Hard gallop riffs. Dark chanting. Melodic electric and acoustic guitars. Schaffer vocal parts. Infernal lyrics.And Barlow.

2 Melancholy Melancholy Cover Art

It is a daunting task to choose just one of their songs
I believe there should be something called iced earth metal as a tribute of their phenomenal music production
Don't you guys think so?!

Not by far but my favourite followed by "watching over me", "I died for you" and "Pure Evil" and a lots of other Songs.

Has by far the best lyrics, sound, beat and everything basically this is number 1.

Excellent rhythm and melody and very beautiful's a song that travels you

3 Dracula Dracula Cover Art

You know what's funny? People say this is the best one after melancholy, and lyrically they couldn't be further from each other.

My personal number one, believing in god myself I wouldn't have believed anti-Christianity could be this beautiful. I like to pretend it's Dracula's sentiments, resentul after having his loved one being wronged horribly.

You can't feel but empathize with this defiant, mad Dracula.

Well it's not really anti-Christianity, it's more GOD WHY IS MY LIFE SO SAD?

This track is awesome
Its by far the best power metal track that I've known in my entire life
Specially the vocal part...

Best Iced Earth song ever, beautiful beginning and then it starts kicking ass, it's awesome

My favourite song from Horror Show. Without doubt.

4 A Question of Heaven A Question of Heaven Cover Art

Melody, rhythm, drumming, vocals, acoustic guitar parts, everything is just perfect. One of my favourite songs. I was lucky enough to catch them live. Just love this song.

"And in my dying breath
My heart holds no regrets
I wouldn't change a thing"

God damn strong words Wish I can say the same the day it's time to leave.

This is the best of iced earth. Its always added to my playlist! Everyone must listen to this song! Thank you for the wonderful music

This song... It is one of my favourite songs in the world. I get so emotional listening to it, it just pulls you in an there is no escape.

5 Travel in Stygian Travel in Stygian Cover Art

@djh101 You're 100% right man but I rarely ever listen to the John Greeley/ Gene Adam songs that are on Days Of Purgatory. It's just my opinion but I think of the Barlow versions as the REAL songs because those are the classic songs sounding the way they were meant to sound. Again, that's my opinion but after reading a lot of interviews, I think Jon would agree.

Even if you don't like John Greeley, you have to appreciate the epicness of this song. Great ending to a great album. I'd like to hear Gene Adam sing it.

Awesome track! Greely sounds like Rob Halford. The vocals improved a lot on this album.

My 2nd favourite IE song.

6 Burnt Offerings Burnt Offerings Cover Art

I regard this as the quintessential Iced earth song. Amazing riffs, great solos, and decently long.

An extremely well made song and a great opener to the album.

Love it! So good

2nd only to Dante’s Inferno

7 Anthem Anthem Cover Art

The band has gone through many changes. This song is propably the best one of their newer stuff. Even thou I prefer their old style.

Epic song! One of the Best of Iced Earth!

What? 22? What's wrong with you people!

Great song. It should be in first 5!

8 Watching Over Me

Amazing song, the lyrics is killing me ober and over again and the vocals are amazing and fit perfectly.
My best

Breathtaking song... RIP we will always remember you as an angel

So many Memories coming back...

Amazing Song
I Can't Stop Listening To It.
An Emotional Vocal
Amazing Music
Great lyric

9 Damien

How this song is languishing outside the Top 10 is beyond me. This is the most chilling song of all time and along with Burnt Offerings and Gettysburg stands head and shoulders above the rest of Iced Earth's catalogue.

This song and Declaration Day are my absolute favourite Iced Earth songs - this captures the horror feeling of the omen and I would say it could be in my top 10 favourite songs of all time! Epic Song!

This song grows through so many diferent stages, all executed with such a perfection and harmony, that I can say it's the most complete and extraordinary music from Iced Earth.

I have to admit, the first time I heard this song, it scared me. It's one of the best songs from Horror Show. I love it. But it scares me.

10 The Coming Curse The Coming Curse Cover Art

Iced Earth's greatest and most powerful song. The lyrics, about "the wicked one" coming to wipe out all mankind, are simply intense. Matt Barlow's vocals are absolutely perfect for the style and epic-ness of this song. The opening guitar riff is one of John Schaffer's most memorable.

Great song to jam to. Should be ranked #1.

By the way I am talking about the original version, NOT the remake with Ripper Owens. Although I am a fan of Ripper Owens, the original version with piano and Matt Barlow on vocals is MUCH better.

"The Coming Curse, your anti-Christ, I am the watcher's eye

I vindicate and cleanse the Earth of all mankind"

The intro goes on maybe a few seconds too long, and so does the outro, but the heart of this song is perfectly constructed, and I don't throw the word perfect around often. It is a concise, poetic, melodic, summary of the story Jon came up with, which is kind of an Antichrist, Illuminati, Watcher hybrid.

The original to be specific. Everything about this song is perfect. From the beginning with the piano, to the verses and the guitar riffs, and straight to the chorus. No part of this song lets up. All of it is great.

You couldn't ask for a better closer to "Something Wicked This Way Comes! "

The Contenders

11 The Phantom Opera Ghost

#11? One of my least favorite IE songs, I find it boring and am not a fan of the vocals in this song

Love this song so much and I thin kit should be in the top 10

Ignore that guy who says this song sucks the vocals are the best in this song with that girl singing who is she

12 Dark Saga Dark Saga Cover Art

Ausome song from dark saga. Probaly my second favorite

13 Dystopia Dystopia Cover Art

One of my favourite Iced Earth opening songs that gives you a great first impression of the new singer.

Fast and aggressive riffs, catchy lyrics and a great solo, Awesome iced earth song with new singer

Got me hooked on iced earth

Awesome RIFf and drumming
With a powerful vocal/...

14 Stormrider

Best song! The one that made me a fan of iced earth, in the voice of Matt Barlow

Fight on! Grab on! Stormrider! Stormrider!

Most people say

15 When the Night Falls When the Night Falls Cover Art

When the moon is full! Easily one of the greatest Iced earth songs of all time, shame it's not in a upper level of the list

15th place?! Come on one of the best iced earth songs ever.
When the night falls
In my opinion

Best riffs, and best live song. My #1

Heavy metal at its best!

16 Angel's Holocaust Angel's Holocaust Cover Art

Awesome song. I actually prefer the Greeley version to the Barlow version.

17 Pure Evil Pure Evil Cover Art

Every second of this song is perfect!

This song is cool live.

Need higher rank

Very wicked and ausome

18 Burning Times Burning Times Cover Art

One of the greatest songs by them ever better live with stu on vocals and the bells in the beginning are just badass

19 High Water Mark High Water Mark Cover Art

God forgive me, please forgive me. IT'S ALL MY FAULT, THE BLOOD IS ON MY HANDS! This is perhaps the best Ripper moment in the Iced Earth discography. How intense the ending of this song is just unbelievable. The other parts of the trilogy have to be included in this comment as well. Detailing a battle in a song is not easy, but Schaffer was able to do it. It is not told only using the lyrics, which are amazing, by the way, but also by representing parts of the battle musically. And when you listen to it, you can sort of get what's going on. Also, what makes it really stand out from what most others would have done is that the story is told without taking a stance on which side is right and which is wrong. It would be easy to say that the confederates are scumbags because almost everyone would stand against them but Schaffer tells the story equally from both sides. And the music makes you feel like you really were on battlefield fighting for you country.

From The Glorious Burden album. This song is a true master piece. The feeling, the lyrics, and of course... The power!

This song and album is so underrated. High Water Mark is a brillant masterpiece.

This song is an epic masterpiece.

20 I Died for You I Died for You Cover Art

Awesome song from an awesome album by an AWESOME band! Iced Earth is one of my favourite bands and will always remain so.

This song has so much feelings. And even more if you indagate about it's origins. Must be first!

This song was the 1ST I heard from Iced Earth and remains one of my all time favorite song

One of the best songs of Iced Earth... 3º best lyrics and very touching music

21 Birth of the Wicked Birth of the Wicked Cover Art

So... Behold the birth... The wicked!

22 The Clouding The Clouding Cover Art
23 The Hunter The Hunter Cover Art

The melodies in this song are extremely catchy!

Three of the singers have sung it for a reason!

It's one of their more catchier songs it's rad

Descending... From heaven... The Hunter!

24 Ten Thousand Strong Ten Thousand Strong Cover Art

Perhaps my fave song with Tim Ripper. Love it!

Ripper at his very best! Awesome track!

Why is this not ranked higher?

What is all I'm gonna say

25 Declaration Day Declaration Day Cover Art

Are you serious, this sing should be way up the polls.. Like top 5 @ least

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