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21 Banana

Found banana icee at a convenient store one time probably 15 years ago, loved it. Never found it again. Love the peach kind also. Can't find it anymore either.

I was at this nick resort and they had it AND IT TASTE LIKE HEAVEN

It's the best!

22 White Chocolate
23 Cotton Candy
24 Coconut

M so good! At water and ice, mix it with wedding cake! MUAHAhaha so god

25 Tropical punch
26 Big Red

The dankest of the dank. Period.

27 Blue Strawberry

Blue strawberry flavor

Do this flavor everwhere


28 Strawberry

Strawberry is just great

My Favorite!

29 Orange Dream

True to its name, it tastes like a dream! The flavor is not too strong nor too soft, and it has a lovely, soft orange color to boot.
Unfortunately, it seems to also be as flitting as a dream as I have only been able to find it twice.

30 Cheerwine
31 Jelly Beans
32 Sprite

They really need it.ASAP

Lemon Lime

33 Pepsi

It's the best! It's like heaven in your mouth. 😍

34 Pineapple

You can find it in Puerto Rico

35 Orange Pineapple

Loved this when I was a kid, haven't seen the flavor since 1976

36 Cherry Vanilla

Cherry vanilla is the best icee flavor I've ever had. Haven't seen it in a long time but I still talk about it. That's how good it was.

37 Mountain Dew Voltage
38 Strawberry Kiwi
39 Tiger Blood

Strawberry and coconut

40 Burgundy Grape

Second best to golden punch!

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