Best Idola Cilik Communities

The Top Ten Best Idola Cilik Communities


IFC love ify now and forever

We proud of IFY :D

Proud to be IFC, a community who love Ify Alyssa anything that she do, and remind her when she had any wrong :D

IFY very Amazing and please follback @LilyAulia_


I'm RISE. RIO is our prince! RIO = RIsing star On the way

Rise Is The Best Community
And I Love Rio

Always support rise, I wish to be a winner in we heart

RISE is the reason to love RIO

3 Bagaslovers

Togetherness Makes Us One

Togetherness Make us One

Bagas semangat bagas pasti bisa

Always support you bagas

4 Cindailicious

I love you @chindaiGloria
I will always support you honey

Keep Support cindai to be the winner at idola cilik 2013! @ChindaiGloria @OFCindailicious

Cindai You made our us life Complete...

I'm proud be cindailicious:))

5 ChelseAddict

I always support chelsea.. ChelseAddict always love chelsea

Go chelsea! ChelseAddict always support you..

Go Chelsea Go Chelsea Go!
Always support Chelsea :-*

We are very proud to be ChelseAddict. We will always support Chelsea Now, Tomorrow and Forever.

6 C~LUVers

One Love One Heart

One Love One Heart. We proud to have Kka! We proud to be Cls!
Kka is perfect boy, multitalend, friendly and so wise =) - syifayasminnurfadila

ONE LOVE.. ONE HEART.. C~Luvers love Cakka forever..

I'm C~LUVers and I proud


The best community ever! Fans of ashilla zahrantiara

#IGotShivers, #ProudToBeShivers, Keep Support Ashilla Zahrantiara..
I'm big fans of Ashilla zahrantiara because she is multi talent.
She can play music, acting. She has beautiful voice. She powerful.
Ashilla is perfect
#katrin Yeskabajili

Always for Ashilla Zee

I'm shivers! A real community

8 ChelGasFever (Chelsea-Bagas Fever)
9 DIFAmili

Difa,. You are my everything

One Family One Direction

Bersama kita pasti bisa go.. Go.. Go.. DIFAMILY

DIFAMILI without DIFA.. Nothing
DIFA without DIFAMILI.. Hopeless..
DIFAMILI IS THE BEST... - jiardifpro

10 RayReady

I'm vote Ray Prasetya because I'm very very very love him and support him always

Ray is multitalend and he always make him fans proud of him. I'm proud to be RR. Ray Ready Until Whenever m/

Best of the best..
He is the most handsome than all.
RayReady always number 1.

Rayready until whenever (y)

The Contenders


Givers always give the best for Gilang.. Yeah, GilangTheWinner!

I don't care everyone takling about gilang... I will always support him inside or outsite Idola cilik.. I PROUD TO BE GIVERS (y)

Gilang. I loph you...

Semoga kita bisa bertemu... Amamiinn... :)
Amin GILANG WAHYUDA WANNARTHA miss you Gilang and

Yeah, I'm GIVERS.. Always support @gilangwahyuda<3

12 Sivia Holic

I'm SiviaHolic.. Are you?

This com is like family. Keep humble guys


I love sivia azizah

13 Alvinoszta

I am Always alvinoszta

Let It Flow!
Alvinoszta always support @IamAlvinJo_


Happy 3rd anniversary! LET IT FLOW!

14 GabFC


Love one heart one family pokoknya...

Always one heart one family

Aku bangga jad gabfc, one heart one family...

15 Agniaza

Yeah, I'm Agniaza. One For All, All For One.

I'm AGNIAZA now and forever #hugs AGNI


Keep support Agni :)) one for all, all for one

16 Love Angel

Ayoo yg love angel vote ya :D

Love Angel is the best

Ayoo yang love angel vote ya

We are love angel...! Go vote to angel


I am proud to be Freenzy. Freenzy is a great community. They are compact and have always supported Ozy.
Freenzy always share stories and information about Ozy.
Many who miss the same voice Freenzy Ozy. They want to see Ozy appearances on television.
Freenzy always care about Ozy Ozy and also care about Freenzy.
Ozy always care at Freenzy Freenzy and vice versa.
In his twitter bio Ozy, Ozy also wrote that he care at the Freenzy fans

Proud being freenzy :)))))

Love fz & ozy

18 Deva Society

DS always support DEVA! Be the best dev!

Go DS Go DS Go!

Deva is the best :) and he was always the spirit under any circumstances. Salam DS!


19 OurMarsha

I'm OurMarsha, Always support Marsha

20 Ke-ers

I'm a ke-ers. Keke lovers

Big fans of Keke! :D

21 Sobat Rafli

A fans of Alfandy himawan bagus rafli - dillafauzydamanik

Sobat Rafli pada Vote yaa - noorlailani

22 BaDaiStatic

Couple ter-sweet di Idola Cilik 2013

23 OikLovers

Ayodong oik lovers mana

24 Dbieterz
25 Hapsari Adinda
26 FattaHunter

Vote FattaHunter yya...
Menurut aq Fattah it multi talented...
Dy bsa main alat musik...
Anak ny baik, manis.
Pokok ny Cinta bgtz ma Fatrah...
We Are FattaHunter...

He is the next idola cilik, dia orang nya rendah hati, tidak sombong, dan ramah kasih 1000 bintang untuk fattah ( dari FH sluruh INDONESIA ) good luck fattah - rayhanirawan

27 D'Linstar

We are here for you LINTAR

28 Belovers

Fans of Bagas Rahman Dwi Saputra IC2013

29 AryAddict

Arya Is My Heart

Arya We Love You...
Ayo AryAddict dukung Arya donkk...

30 CaIkers Family
31 Zevana Fans Star
32 AlVianoztaholic
33 SaLovers
34 Gilangel Lova
35 PattonBanget
36 DraversNizers
37 Amel Lovers

Walau amel bertahan 2 minggu di menuju pentas, tapi kami akan slalu support amel kedepanya.. Go AMEL go AMEL GO AMEL - rayhanirawan

38 Ulfah Lovers
39 SobadJiwo
40 ZaiDDicted
41 B-Starz
42 Oursobat Rasha
43 Guard DifAngel
44 GuarDifAngel
45 Chelsblova
46 Lovadict

"go go go chelsea & bagas" you are beautiful and handsome idola cilik 2013

47 Fanda Dhubby
48 LoveClcs

Bagas & Cindai So Cool, Handsome boy's & Beautiful girl's and Face baby & Chubby + Cute.

49 Dinvers

Ini adalah fans dinda idola cilik

50 Cindai Anjing Babi Tai
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