Best Idola Cilik Communities

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Proud of ify alyssa.. Keep calm and be a IFC..


Rise I love you forever

Always dare to be RISE

RISE always love RIO

3 Bagaslovers
4 Cindailicious

Cindai You made our us life Complete...

Always support you miss chubby

I will always Support Cindai

Clcs alway supports cindai

5 ChelseAddict

Aku bangga jadi ChelseAddict! Chelsea is a perfect girls! Golden voice and beautifull face and her heart! She is the best forever and ever! ChelseAddict and Chelsea is the best!

We are very proud to be ChelseAddict. We will always support Chelsea Now, Tomorrow and Forever.

Chelsea is the perfect girls with her golden voice she is the number one and the best forever her quality is very perfect and if you want to vote her is easy just click IC(space)CHELSEA send to 6288 we always pray the best for she! Forever till the end

Support Chelsea always, pokoknya buat chelsea semangat terus ya.. Chelseaddict loves you forever, God bless you always chelsea

6 C~LUVers

#IGotShivers, #ProudToBeShivers, Keep Support Ashilla Zahrantiara..
I'm big fans of Ashilla zahrantiara because she is multi talent.
She can play music, acting. She has beautiful voice. She powerful.
Ashilla is perfect
#katrin Yeskabajili

I'm shivers! A real community

8 ChelGasFever (Chelsea-Bagas Fever)
9 DIFAmili

Difa,. You are my everything

10 RayReady

Best of the best..
He is the most handsome than all.
RayReady always number 1.

The Contenders

Givers always give the best for Gilang.. Yeah, GilangTheWinner!

12 Sivia Holic

This com is like family. Keep humble guys

13 Alvinoszta
14 GabFC
15 Agniaza
16 Love Angel

We are love angel...! Go vote to angel


I am proud to be Freenzy. Freenzy is a great community. They are compact and have always supported Ozy.
Freenzy always share stories and information about Ozy.
Many who miss the same voice Freenzy Ozy. They want to see Ozy appearances on television.
Freenzy always care about Ozy Ozy and also care about Freenzy.
Ozy always care at Freenzy Freenzy and vice versa.
In his twitter bio Ozy, Ozy also wrote that he care at the Freenzy fans

18 Deva Society
19 OurMarsha
20 Ke-ers

I'm a ke-ers. Keke lovers

21 Sobat Rafli
22 BaDaiStatic

Couple ter-sweet di Idola Cilik 2013

23 OikLovers
24 Dbieterz
25 Hapsari Adinda
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