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1 BaDai (Bagas & Cindai)

BaDai Couple Romantic in the Idola Ciik

They are is the best...

Bagas & cindai is romantic couple
And succses for bagas & cindai we love tou forever, and miss you... The best for you... By:irah

BaDai always the best whatever they conditions

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2 RiFy (Rio & Ify)

Dare to be slaw

I always love RIFY ( Rio and Ify ) Forever

We are RiFy Maniac! - AprilMayesa


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3 AlVia (Alvin & Sivia)

I wish it isn't hoacks or something.. In my heart I always imagine that they will be together. They are looking cute..

Go AlVia Go AlVia Go!


ALVIA gocap I LOVE ALVIA you are is the best ALVIA NOSZTAHOLIC

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4 CaGni (Cakka & Agni)

They are not relationship, just friend. But, they are so sweet and we love them.

One love One Heart, One for All All for One. They look so cute together.

Go CaGni.. They Look So Cute Together ^_^

CAGNI is my favorite couple because they are very cool n so cute..

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5 ChelGas (Chelsie & Bagas)

Chelsea's beauty, nicely, kindly, and have beauty voice. Bagas's handsome, nicely, and eum, so WOW! #ChelGasFeverForever - Aliyya_NH

So sweet couple :-) beautiful and handsome

Sweet couple ever. Just like the next generation of RiFy

ChelGas is the MOST BEST Couple

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6 Rasha(Rafli-Marsha)

Rafli marsha Couple is the best forever

I give my smile for you... Rasha is very amazing couple...

Marsha rafli couple best forever

Couple Best Friend paling Ok, kece, sama-sama gak sombong! Pokoknya Okee

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7 GiNgel (Gilang Angel)

Go Go Gilang Angel Go Go Gilang Angel

Hai I'm Givers and I love Gilang Wahyuda Wannartha so much he is my brother, proud of you Lang^^

GilAngel is the best couple:3
Sering kode-kodean
GAL always support Gilang Angel

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8 CakShil (Cakka & Shilla)

They are is a good couple not just in sing a song. But they have a Relationship outside Idola cilik.

I like them. Because they have a couple in a real life. They have a love. But now they are UnRelationship

They are a romantic couple idola cilik

Go cakshill go go!?

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9 DifAngel (Difa-Angel)

I love them. Cute's boy and cute's girl

Handsome boy and Beautiful girl, Love them so much.

Difangel go go go go difangel go go go difangel go go go go

Aa DifAngel paling the best Deh

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10 SiViel (Sivia & Gabriel)

Siviel the best perfect couple siviel handsome boy and beautiful girl so you're the best couple

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11 FyEl (Ify & Gabriel)

I Love Gabriel & Ify

Saya suka Gabriel & Ify

Paling suka fyel

Ify and Gabriel is the best couple :)
Gabriel ever mention to ify. He said neng ify get well soon.
Continue on ic 1, gabriel invite ify the band Super idol
In addition, Gabriel often photo near ify, if each member of the super idol
They are also very compact. GFC name Gabriel fans. Name fans Ify IFC
They also both have to play the movie.
Jessy Gabriel and 7 friends
Ify in White Gray
Wow, so sweet yeah

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12 ShIeL (shilla & Gabriel)

Shiel is the romantic couple

ShIeL The Best Couple IC

Couple paling cocok itu ya SHIEL, paling So Sweet, paling unik, ya SHIEL

Shiel I love you cocok aq l�"biћ suka shilla dan gabriel ∂ɪ̣̇ banding couple lain

13 CaIk (Cakka & Oik)

They are the cutes couple ever in the world...

Caik is the best couple I know! They are is a romantic couple! I Loved!

The best couple. I like it!

Go CaIk We are CaIkers Family

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14 CaFy (Cakka & Ify)
15 OCha (Ozy & Acha)
16 AlShill (Alvin & Shilla)
17 FaKha (Fatin & Mikha)

Miktin is the best couple.. perfect couple..

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18 FatMa (Fattah & Salma)
19 GilSha (Gilang & Marsha)
20 YoShil (Rio & Shilla)
21 DeKe (Deva & Keke)

Success for deke (deva dan keke) maybe is good

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22 BaSea (Bagas & Chelsea)
23 DeFy (Debo & Ify)

Couple paling saya suka!

It's very nice couple! And I'm love Debo... Buat sobaddebo, ayo vote debo juga yaa... ^^

24 DinFa (Dinda & Difa)

Mereka pasangan yang paling thebest
Sama sama chubby, pokoknya thebest

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25 RaCha (Ray & Acha)
26 AlNi (Alvin & Agni)
27 IvCa (Ivan & Oca)
28 MaCi (Mario & Cindy)

, they are very romantic Couple and they make inspiration to most people..
How people not vote for they? See ya!

29 PriYel (Pricilla & Gabriel)

Couple paling the best deh

30 Dingel (Difa & Angel)

I think they look perfect together. They're cute. Handsome and Pretty. They look like a sweet couple ^^

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31 OKe (Rio & Keke)

The best couple. So sweet

One Soul to be the Winner!

32 DifSea (Difa & Chelsea)
33 Ifvi (Ify & Via)
34 AlFy (Alvin & Ify)
35 Rayfy (Ray Ify)
36 DiSha (Difa & Marsha)
37 BagFy (Bagas & Ify)
38 Goldfy (goldi ify)

I think its new couple, maybe is good, success for Goldi and Ify :) we love you

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39 CaCha (Cakka & Acha)
40 ArSa (Arya & Alsa)
41 ObPa (Obiet & Patton)

Good couples..

42 Vion (Sivia & Sion)
43 GiDai (Gilang & Cindai)
44 BaSel (Bagas & Misel)
45 SiviYo (Sivia & Rio)
46 O2 (Obiet & Oik)

They're so sweet and so cute

47 BagAngel (Bagas & Angel)
48 Chechi (Chelsea & Cindai)
49 RiShil (Riko & Shilla)
50 FyTian (Ify & Septian)
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