Best Idola Cilik Fanbases

Idola cilik has a fanbase called idola cilik lovers but some are specific to each of the participants. Let your fanbase vote.

The Top Ten

1 Shivers

Proud to have Ashilla Zahrantiara and proud to be SHIVERS

V 4 Comments
2 Rise
3 GabrielFC
4 Freenzy V 2 Comments
5 Chindailicious

Not just a pretty face but her heart is also Beautiful

Chindai go...go...go my idol

Go cindai. Cindai is the best

V 3 Comments

IFY CLUB... Common, be proud. We always together

V 1 Comment
7 Sobat Rafli

One heart one destination - dillafauzydamanik

Sobat Rafli always support Rafli ;p

8 Givers

We will always be true givers not givers fanatic

9 C-Luvers V 2 Comments
10 BLovers

Go bagas go bagas go I support you because you have a voice is good, you so cool and I always remember you, bagas is the winner.

V 3 Comments

The Contenders

11 ChelseAddict
12 DIFAmili

I love you, difa

13 Sivia Holic
14 Alvinozta
15 CindaiLicious
16 OurMarsha
17 AryAddict
18 Deva Society

DS is Deva fans! I like him, we love him!

20 Ke-ers
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