Best Idola Cilik Finalists

Idola Cilik is an Indonesian kids talent competition. Now Idola Cilik have 4 seasons. Idola Cilik have many finalists with good quality. And this by number quality of finalists.

The Top Ten

1 Alyssa Umari

Alyssa Saufika Umari stopped her pace in Big 13 on Idola Cilik season 1. She have a good quality vocal with skill. She can played the piano very skill. She also write two singles of Blink (her girlband) "Andaikan" and "Blinkin". She is very talented girl. IFC is a fan club of Ify.

She a good voice

Ify you are beautiful and your voice so very very very good

She is my inspiration, she have many capabilities singing and dancing. She clever making in song for this group "BLINK" and she clever playing keyboard and guitar.

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2 Chindai Gloria Lagio

You're pretty and you have a good voice.. :D
Semangat Chindai... Always support you... @AldiBastianCJR

Alwasys support you chindai

Cindai suara yang tak terdangi di idola cilik 2013

Cindai is the best idola cilik finalist why? Cause she got anything Cute face.. Awesome Voice and.. She always love her family and never forget about her fans she always give a time for her fans even she are very busy ~always Love and Keep Supporting Gloria C. Lagio

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3 Ashilla Zahrantiara

Ashilla Zahrantiara must stopped her step on Big 10 Idola Cilik season 1. She is talented girl. With a good quality vocal and beautiful face. She can played the guitar too. She has some singles like "Masih Cinta", "Curiga "and "Bieb". In case, she is a good musician. But her attitude not too good. Some people have a community to hate her. Shivers is a fan club of Shilla

Ashilla Zee? Multi talented girl with a beautiful face and good voice. I love her so much. Proud to be one of her fans. The most friendly singer I've ever known

Ashilla is talented girl, beside have a good voice she can also playing guitar

Ashilla is a gifted child, also has a pretty face. He's good at playing the guitar, and the sound quality is very good. He also was one of the inspirations for the Shivers

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4 Mario Stevano Aditya Haling

Mario Stevano Aditya Haling is runner-up on Idola Cilik season 3. The owner of sweet voice and hansome face. Rio have one religion album, and have a single on Idola Cilik named "Rindukan Dirimu". He can played a guitar too. Sometimes annoying, but actually he's a good boy. He also have so many fans called RISE ♥

Go Rio Go Rio

Mario stevano or rio is the second winner in idola cilik 3 he is can sing and play the guitar
He is has a very sweet voice and gentle

He has a high quality voice but his fortune hasn't come yet. I wish any producer interested to make a recording contract for him. RiSE is always behind you and supporting you. Love you.. Rio

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5 Cakka Nuraga

He's so talented and keep down to earth, He loves her fans no matter what happened :) and of course we are as C~LUVers love him more.. HE'S SO COOL! Haha :D

He is best of the best. He is the winner on my heart. Good quality and cool personality. Make him special in his fans eyes. One love one heart. Keep down to earth :D

Cakka has a good vocal quality. Mama Ira said Cakka's have better vocal quality. And said kak winda said Cakka has star aura. Kak Naga said that Cakka's band is one of quality Indonesian band. So! Cakka deserve to be the Best Idola Cilik Finalist! - fhilysparks

Cakka Kawekas Nuraga is very very very very COOL+++(? ) I love him so much!

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6 Gabriel Damanik

Gabriel Stevent Damanik is second runner-up of Idola Cilik season 1. With his rock and raspy voice. He also can played guitar, bass, keyboard and drum. He can act and be a model too. And among the other finalists he is the most critical. He is match to be a commentator. He is a good public figure. He also participated on "Musikal Laskar Pelangi". GabFC is a fan club of Gabriel.

He is a talented boy. He have a great-amazing voice. If you stalk his twitter, he really a care-social person. It's really plus point for him. He also have a handsome face:b

He is multitalented and handsome boy

Support Gabriel because he has golden voices! But, not only that.. He is cool too :) so, obligation to vote my brother.

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7 Sivia Azizah

Sivia Azizah is Big 8 on Idola Cilik season 1. Sivia also called as "miss improvisation" because the skill of her can arranger the tone and the song. Sivia is a jazzy girl. Now, Sivia have a girlband with Ify and 2 others named Blink. She is a main vocal of her girlband. SiviaHolic is a fan club of Sivia.

I like her voice, her voice is amazingg


Sivia azizah my lovely, she is calm and beauty. So proud with her :3

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8 Agni Tri Nubuwati

She always interact with the audience. Always smiling and a social butterfly. She also one of the most improved finalist right now. She has created her own song. With her unique tender yet strong voice and personality she'll be always special. No one could ever replace her in Idola Cilik.

Because she is princess charming

She has a lot of talent in his young age, and still maintain academic achievement in order number 1 in her life!

Agni? She have a beautiful voice. Her personality and attitude be a role model for girls. She's awesome achievement not just one kind. Music, education and more competition. Her make me a positive thinking.

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9 Bagas R. Dwi Saputra

He has an amazing voice


Jago main gitar, bass, drum, piano, keyboard. Sering juara lomba menyanyi. BEST TALENT

You're the best.. The next idol :D

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10 Alvin Jonathan Sindunata

Alvin Jonathan or called Alvin is Second runner-up. Starting from his hobby of singing in church, Alvin was offered to join "idola cilik 3". Alvin refused, because he did not want to be a singer but being a football player. With the cool style and good sound, Alvin was successfully make a lot of people in Indonesia, especially the young girls like him. Alvin has a community of fans who were named ALVINOSZTA. Do not have a mother, does not mean making Alvin discouraged. He even got up and ready to reach all of his goal

Since successfully won as second runner up, he alrady had his own single titled "Berteman saja" and he also sing feat. Olga victoria on olga's album.

I like him. With his cool style, his beautiful eyes=) He doesn't like singing, but he has a beautiful voice. And he also got the Runner Up 2nd, how should we didn't like him?

Amazing Boy! Perfact! And hansome boy! I love him!

Alvin so perfect. He's perfect just the way he is. Proud of him. He's amazing. He's strong boy. I love Him more than word, more the anything.

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The Contenders

11 Goldi Senna Prabowo

He is a good boy and top 6 ic 1

Personality yg peduli ama prestasi anak negeri

Hello Goldi^^ keep spirit...

Goldi is a cute boy with a good voice, He is a kind boy, the best

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12 Difa Ryansyah

Difa you are so HANDSOME

Spirit and keep smile :D

DIFFA I miss you dek kece...

Difa cute and handsome boy

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13 Gilang Wahyuda Wannartha

Gilang is the best!

Gilang the winner and the best

Gilang always can enjoy the music, when he sing, everyone feel like enter to the music. He is ability to all of song. Slow/mellow, energic, and other! He always can sing all of kind of song. And I think. He have 'lesung pipi' that can hypnotised everyone :3 we love you GILANG

Love his voicee.

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14 Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto

Actually I'm a k popers and from all the girls in idola cilik 2013 I think she's the prettiest although maybe she doesn't have a nice as nice as you know who but she have shown her stage act I still don't get it why they chose cindai as the prettiest I mean look at her and plus angel ic 4 is below her oh come on this is just too shay.

Not that I don't like her or something but anyone could tell hat Chelsea and angel is suppose to be 1 or 2 ya higher than her at least. What is wrong with you people maybe because your just her fans but well everybody have their own opinion

I was really surprise about it, it looks like they use cheat or something but please don't bash me I'm just saying.

This is my point of kay

Go Chelsea... Always Support Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto!

Chelsea is the best, beutiful and awesome voice! Always support Chelsea!

Keep Support Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto :-)

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15 Ray Prasetya

Muhammad Raynald Prasetya just Big 11 on Idola Cilik season 3. But He is very talented boy. He can played the drum very skill and other instrument like guitar, bass, and keyboard. He won many competitions of drummer. He can act too. He participated on "Yang Masih di Bawah Umur" T.V. series. RayReady is a fan club of Ray.

Ray is multitalent person. He alwyas love RR

RayReady always support ray, but we are RRUW

Ray is amazing

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16 Oik Cahya Ramadlani

Dari dulu suka sama oik
Love oik ♥

17 Trifosa Rehuel Alfasan

Hai oca apakababar nih gimana kabar oca aku senang liat waktu pentas idola cilik 2013

18 Angelica Pieters

She is talented and a hardworker. She is a strong girl, in final, she did a mistake about fell in stage, but she got up calmly with a smile on the face and was still singing. Beside her look, she serves us a quality not a drama's story. She continues her debut, and singles, but yet an album.

Even though Angel only runner-up on Idola Cilik 1, but she has wonderful voice. And then, She is beautiful too.

She is a great singer, she can make every song sound good.. She have a big voice, and many people says that if she's sing with her powerful and difficult song, tyeh got chills.. Love you "SANG DEWI"

Angelica Martha Pieters is runner-up on Idola Cilik season 1. Angel have amazing voice with powerful and good skill. Make people stand-up for her performed. Angel have religion album and two singles "Kunang-kunang" and "Merenda Kasih". She has collaborated with several singer. Angelova is a fan club of Angel

19 Debo Andryos


Debo I loe voe

Love Debo so much cause he was encouragement in my life #SobadDebo

de e be oo

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20 Fattah MIF

Go fattah... Go fattah.


21 Angel Karundeng

Little princess like angel voice

She is very talented, even though she is tiny, she has a wonderful and astonishing voice

She is princess from manado who has many talent, gold voice and smart

Angel is a really talented girl. She is very pretty. She is known for her beautiful smiles as she loves to smile. She is a princess from Manado. Manado is very proud to have her as representative in Idola Cilik. She deserves to be Idola Cilik. Her fan club is LoveAngel. The fans always yell "Angelnya satu, pendukungnya banyak". She has many fans because of her beautiful voices and pretty face. I love her "Burung Camar" performance a lot.

22 Gladys Betsy
23 Videmarsha Anasuciara Prabaswara

Love you marsha :* you're AMAZING

Salam 3G
Good voice, good looking, and good attitude, she is Videmarsha Anasuciara Prabaswara

Love you Videmarsha Anasuciara Prabaswara

Love you cece :* slam 3G

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24 Oca Rahuel

Top 13 finalist IC 2013 A GOOD VOICE

25 Dinda

Dinda has a awesome voice and high vocal technique... She's just 9 years old... Unbelievable

Dinda have a amazing Voicee

26 Alfandy Himawan Bagus Rafli

SobatRafli keep Support Rafli

He has a good voice, SobatRafli is a fan club of Rafli

15 besar idola cilik 2013..

27 Halilintar Mahaputra

Lintar has good voice

Halilintar mahaputra morgan. COOL BOY with great quality of sound. Keep support him. You are my idol, eveer!

I miss your voice, face and performance of you lintar:')

28 Salma Aliyah Putri Mandaya

Your voice is good, just likeparamore :P



29 Gita Dwi Carni Tobing

She is from palembang

The good finalist of idola cilik 2, she is from palembang south sumatera, she is so good voice and the first finalist from palembang in idola cilik

Now she is studies at SMM Yogyakarta (Sekolah Menengah Musik) grade 2. She studies in clarinet instrument. She also has a band "otak kanan"

30 Andrea Arnetta Angelique Karundeng

Angel idola cilik 4 2013.. Angel keren, cantik, pintar, memukau, mirip Sandra Dewi...

31 Amelia Eprisa

She is Have a Cute Face. Like itt

32 Deva Ekada Saputra

He has a good voice with the gentle face... I liked him very much...

Go Deva Go Deva Go!
Deva have a nice voice

Go deva ekada saputra. Always support you, miss you presiden DS.

Saya support mas mas typo :""")

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33 Ozy Adriansyah

Ozy Is The Best

Ozy you are good tallent. Your voice is Melayu total. You are cute, handsome, dilligent, polite, intelligent, kind, not arrogant, friendly with fans.
Sweet smile. Cheer up sad friends, care about God, family, friends, just fans.
Ozy cool

Best of the best-----> YOU

34 Patton Latuiperissa

I think Patton is the best idola cilik. Ever! Patton Banget

He is amazing... No one can be like him, he's very good singing. Have a distinctive voice with jazz music or sound shrill

One word describe him, amazing.

Patton kecilx glen fredly: )

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35 Gabriel Angeline Thalita Pangemanan

She is most beautiful in idola cilik 3

She has a good voice :)))

Keke Idola cilik 3 :D

Good voice and most beautiful idola cilik 3

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36 Obiet Panggrahito

Good tallent, good voice, good manner, everything about him is good

The best voice ever! Obiet must be a winner

He is a good voice.. I like him..

He has soft voice... Nice

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37 Rizky Egeten

Rizky Patrick Egeten is a winner on Idola Cilik season 1. With his soft and pure voice, he can captured the heart of audience. He also sang for religion song. He is good at sing. Kilovers is a fan club of Kiki.

Best idola cilik finalist forever and ever!

Orang manado paling span

38 Dayat Simbaia

He's Good Boy, Top 5 on Idol Cilik 1, Leader of Boyband STANZA - liyan_karunia

Dayat is very awesome since I saw him in Idola Cilik for the first time!

Your's my best friend (y)

39 Bastian Bintang Simbolon

The best. Part of cjr

Big 14 idola cilik 2. Part of coboy juniof

40 Muhammad Ibrahim Fattah

Be the next Idola Cilik 2013

41 Rizky Maulanna

He is first eliminated in idola cilik 3, kasihan banget nih dia, gue bantu aja ye

42 Gabriella Dear Munthe
43 Achmad Fauzy Adriansyah

5 besar idola cilik 3, dengan karakter melayu

44 Rahmi Amalia

Rahmi is a talented girl, Her voice like a siti

45 Zahra Damariva

Zahra Damariva must stopped her step on Big 5 Idola Cilik season 1. But not her step on entertaiment world. In 2011, she launched her album named "Langkahku". Not just it, she wrote some songs on her album. She can played the piano very well. She also in a project to write a book. Zahra have a good vocal too. Z-Addict is a fan club of Zahra.

46 Trifena Ragelita
47 Sion Simbolon

Top 5 Idola cilik 1 and member STANZA. Sion is the best Idol :-)

48 Josia Valerio Simanjuntak
49 Larissa Safanah Arif
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