Best Ill Niño Songs

Ill Niño one of the best Latin Metal bands so I've tried to put a list of their best songs ...

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1 How Can I Live

This is a great song, and the chorus of this song is brilliant. Great melody.
This band has some great music and styles, and have also been a fairly popular rock and metal band, yet the list on this website has barely any votes and no remixes until mine. It's the same with SOiL: they're a brilliant band too, yet the list for them on this site has next to no votes or remixes. These lists have been overlooked people. Need more votes. - EvilAngel

The first time I heard the song was in Freddy vs Jason, that's what got me into the band

2 Unreal

Unreal has what are possibly the most epic choruses of any song I've ever heard. Both the album version and the single version are fantastic, but the single is the best: it is truly epic. I've heard thousands of songs, I have two thousand on my phone, and I can very easily say that Unreal by Ill Nino is one of the most epic out of all of them. Though they have several incredible songs, How Can I Live and Unreal are the two ultimate in my opinion; they're two of my favourite songs ever.

The official list needs a lot more votes than it has, and a lot more remixes. Ill Nino are massively overlooked in general, but particularly on TheTopTens. - EvilAngel

3 Liar
4 God Save Us

First song I heard by them and still the best. It's so aggressive but such a good melody

5 Predisposed

Literally just spent about 10 mins trying to find this song after having a hankering for it again after many years - went through the list above and then played Predisposed - brought a smile to my lips. This is their best song. It has a bit of everything.

6 What Comes Around
7 Bleed Like You
8 All I Ask For
9 I Am Loco
10 Killing You, Killing Me

The Contenders

11 What You Deserve
12 Unframed
13 This Time's for Real
14 Cleansing
15 Arrastra
16 Blood is Thicker Than Water
17 My Resurrection
18 This is War
19 Letting Go
20 Te Amo...I Hate You
21 La Epidemia

Quite a fresh track but if time is given, I'm sure it'll go down in the books as a classic

22 When It Cuts
23 Not Alive In My Nightmare
24 Finger Painting (With the Enemy)
25 Against the Wall
26 My Pleasant Torture
27 2012
28 De la Vida
29 Guerilla Carnival
30 If You Still Hate Me
31 Father Forgive Me
32 Numb
33 Everything Beautiful
34 In This Moment
35 Serve the Grave
36 Mi Revolucion
37 Only the Unloved
38 Eva
39 Violent Saint
40 The Depression
41 Pieces of the Sun
42 World So Cold
43 Death Wants More
44 Have You Ever Felt?
45 Live Like There's No Tomorrow
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1. How Can I Live
2. Predisposed
3. Unreal
1. Unreal
2. Bleed Like You
3. How Can I Live
1. What You Deserve
2. Cleansing
3. Predisposed

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