Best Imagine Dragons Songs

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1 Demons Demons Cover Art

Ok, so I was trying to pick the top ten Imagine Dragons Songs, but then I realized that it was hopeless (because I love too many of their songs), so I just picked their absolute best. I know that a lot of ID fans don't really like the mainstream songs, and I agree with them when it comes to songs like Thunder or Whatever It Takes, but there's no denying how good Demons is, the lyrics are very touching (and they're even better when you see the music video), and the line "I can't escape this now, unless you show me how" is one of my favorite lines in all music. It's simply the best Imagine Dragons song.

I've never been in to pop music, like, at all, but this song has some elements of rock in it which I like and this is the one Imagine Dragons song I actually like. It has really good lyrics, especially in the bridge, and sounds great. Not really an Imagine Dragons fan, because, like I said, I don't like pop, but "Demons" is amazing.

This is one of the only songs I still like by them. The instruments are great and the lyrics are emotional. Despite the fact that I have grown out of Imagine Dragons, I think this is a pretty good song. I also kind of like "Warriors", "It's Time" and "Battle Cry" as well.

Great song. It has everything you'd expect in an Imagine Dragons masterpiece: it's got a good rhythm that follows the usual Night Visions slow + sad melody, and it uses a variety of interesting sounds to back up the melody with a quality harmony. The bells work perfectly with the sad tune, and the buildup can be heard throughout the music until it is released during the chorus, when the violin and bells sound the best in harmony, working to back up the dramatic melody. The lyrics were well-written and obviously took a lot of effort to come up with. The vocals of Dan Reynolds do a good job to match the style of this song. No. 1 of course!

2 Radioactive Radioactive Cover Art

Imagine Dragons is my favourite band even higher then guns n roses and I'd have to say Radioactive is my favourite I'm pretty sure it was the first Imagine Dragons song I listened too. It was the song the brought me to all of their other songs. Overall it's an amazing song and if you can sing along because it's just so catchy.

Thank you Imagine Dragons for releasing this song because it lead me to your other songs to just loving all of your music!

Just listen to this song will you and also don't forget to vote for Radioactive!

I am waking up to ash and dust I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust I'm breathing in the chemicals oh whoa I'm scaping up I feel it in my bones enough to make my system blow welcome to the new age to the new age welcome 2 the new age to the new age whoa whoa I'm radioactive radioactive whoa whoa I'm radioactive radioactive all systems blow the sun hasn't died deep in my bones strait from inside I'm shaping up I feel it in my bones enough to make my system blow welcome 2 the new age 2 the new age welcome 2 the new age 2 the new age whoa whoa I'm radioactive radioactive whoa oh oh whoa I'm radioactive RADIOACTIVE der love da song love everything about it love them love der songs everything bout dem makes me happy and I knowhow to sing that song ply it on the piano guitar you name it and even have been to their concerts!

This song gives me goosebumps! I love how it has mild dubstep and an amazing beat! Favorite song of the summer.

This song has some wonderful vocals. The guitar-led "Woah" at the start makes you think it's going to be a nice relaxing, acoustic song. But no. Instead, it drops the bass and gives you a digital rock song. The only annoying thing about this song is the snare drum. But, I am on board with this song.

3 It's Time It's Time Cover Art

I've mostly gave up on new music however I remembered of this song and some other imagine dragons songs and I remembered that not all new music is bad. However the fact that believer is in the top 10 is a disgrace. It sounds same to natural so much, and they were overplayed on the radio. However, this song I personally think is the best. Maybe not the most iconic, unlike radioactive and demons, however definitely worthy of third position

It's Time is a great song. It may be upbeat, but the melody contrasts that with the perfect amount of regular Imagine Dragons slow melody. Great feel-good song, but the instruments just don't sound like a true masterpiece of Imagine Dragons work. However, it matches up to being a good song that gives fans something other than the regular slow, sad tempo and melody to listen to.

! Imagine Dragons sang this song my dream come true!
its got a good message I mean Don't you understand I'm never changing who I am wow my BFF this song means so much to me you guys I think Its time to GIVE IMAGINE DRAGONS A LOT MORE CREDIT! AND if you really like them SUBSCRIBE! it has been a pleasure to work with them there leader I bet it would be I bet imagine dragons should get #1 in the best bands 2018! the year it is for me now!

First song I ever heard from them! Let me tell you now, they are now my favorite band ever! I have to see them in concert! ( and I don't even go to concerts laugh out loud so that says something! ) Love this song and all of their music, you can relate to.

4 Bleeding Out Bleeding Out Cover Art

I love this song because it shows how hard life could be. I just discovered this band 2 years ago and I LOVE THEM! This is probably one of my favorite songs by the dragons (up there with Hopeless Opus, Gold, Shots, and Ready, Aim, FIRE! ) I have really under rated opinions (on everything). But this just is a slow, soothing song, that captures the feeling of death and dying. Also Radioactive is OVER RATED TRASH! (sorry It is just a song that doesn't fit in with the rest. Kinda like Friction but that song is ACTUALLY GOOD! ) this review stretched to an opinion, better go listen to the song right now! 😄

This one is perfect in every way. It's just like Radioactive, but better. It's got lyrics about how if you will have a relationship, then you will have to deal with the consequences. If it wasn't for this song, then Radioactive would be in this place.

So perfect... A lot like Radioactive but better!
This band has everything that I have been looking for in bands lately. They have a little bit of Coldplay, a little bit of One Republic, some Mumford & Sons and more. And this song shows it all off.

I love this song. A very catchy beat. I am happy that it is number 4. It belongs there. With some nice guitar at the start of the track, this is a diamond in the rough from Imagine Dragons.

5 Monster Monster Cover Art

First, I'd like to tell everyone to stop voting for Demons and Radioactive. While both of these songs are great, this one is much better.
Second, Monster is the one you should vote for. It has a catchy chorus with no superior to its fantastic lyrics: If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me, And if I seem dangerous, would you be scared? I get the feeling just because, Everything I touch isn't dark enough, That this problem lies in me. I'm only a man with a candle to guide me, I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me. A monster, A monster, I turned into a monster. A monster, a monster, and it keeps getting stronger...
If anyone is not convinced of this song's amazing awesomeness, than just listen to the tune. I promise it's better than all the others.
Thirdly, the Imagine Dragons are the greatest band ever and will never create a bad song. IMAGINE DRAGONS!

Beautiful song! Amazing lyrics. The line "If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me" is a beautiful line. It gives emotion for a song with a tint of sadness. The line "I've turned into a monster" makes me feel sorry for the guy. It's like Beauty And The Beast. The prince turns into a monster, and if Belle found out what he was, she'd turn her back on him or understand what he has been through. The beat goes with the song, the lyrics keep the meaning of the song in place. If you want to vote on a song, listen to this before you move on. Because, you may love it like me and vote on it from the beautiful lines.

When I first heard this song, it had a profound impact on me. It reflected how I often believe my decisions to be incorrect in some way and my need to not harm others. Yet I sometimes do, without realising. This song is truly powerful and is one of the only songs that can make me cry. It's unlike anything else you'll hear and even though my music taste has expanded beyond imagine dragons, this remains one of my favourite songs of all time alongside bohemian rhapsody and knights of cydonia. Truly mezmorising, well done ID!

This is by far my favourite song. Usually I didn't pay attention to lyrics but this song made me cry. This song relates the life I have had with others, always being the outcast. I always tried to change but I never could. All that made fun of me I never forgave and always held a resentment toward. I never told anyone or let it out and it just kept building inside me. This made me, unfortunately, the cruel person I am today. And it keeps getting stronger.

6 Warriors Warriors Cover Art

I'll rate this song 100/100... abbsolutely phenomenal...a song that could raise even the dead from the coffin... I've never ever listened to/heard such a powerful, intense & invigorating song as this one... every time I feel down and low all I need to do is to put the earphone on and press the play button and then exactly after 2m51s end up bursting will full of energy, motivation & confidence...Infact most of the Imagine Dragons songs are so very soulful and meaningful with exceptional lyrics particularly from the album Night Visions...and also I utterly love the voice of Dan Reynolds...Some of my favorites other than Warriors are...
Hear Me, It's Time, Bleeding Out, Monster, Every Night (extremely underrated), Demons etc etc...I could go on forever...

Before I listened to Warriors, I didn't know what to do with my life. I heard about this song from my brother once. I decided to listen to it. From then on I never heard a better song. The only thing that might come close to this is Monster. I honestly think it should at least be #5 or higher. I do understand why there are songs that people think are better. Warriors just makes me feel optimistic even though there are a lot of happier and brighter songs. I mainly don't know why this amazing song makes me so happy.

Warriors, Battle Cry and Monster should be anybody's top 3
I really don't see how Warriors and Battle Cry are outside top 10, and Monster at 6! Demons and Radioactive are NOT THE ONLY SONGS. At least give these a listen before voting, I mysepf came to vote for Monster but I've listened to the top 30 songs and after that I am voting for this, must mean something just try this song, and Battle Cry too, they're absolutely at par

The only bad thing about this track is that it's too short. It was written for League of Legends and it has an absolutely sick guitar solo at the end. One of the best songs of Smoke + Mirrors.

7 On Top of the World On Top of the World Cover Art

Listen to this song.

There's a ninety-five percent chance you'll like it. A ninety percent chance you'll love it. And a surprisingly high chance that you won't stop listening to it until 2020.

This song will make you feel incredible. It'll make you feel joyful, celebrational, and triumphant. But above all, it'll make you feel like you can do anything. It'll make your spirits as high as they've ever been, it'll make you feel like life is really beautiful, and it'll make you feel so happy, you'll feel downright silly.

At least, that's how it makes ME feel.

But maybe it won't make you feel all those things. Maybe it won't make you feel any of them. Maybe it'll make you feel frustrated, angry, or maybe even depressed that garbage like this is popular.

But there's a pretty good chance it'll make you feel happy.

And I don't know about you, but if it can do that, I say it's time well spent.

There's a reason I love Imagine Dragons. Each of their songs are completely different. There is no similarity between one song and another, but each of them are simply marvelous. They've made deep, high thought songs like 'Demons' as well happy, colorful songs like this one there. And if I had to choose only one song of Imagine Dragons, it would definitely be this one

I just love how imagine dragons can change a few simple beats and make it into a proper song with percussion and guitar and everything. They even put in a few simple things like clapping and whistling that make all the difference. I love the song because it sounds so basic but awesome

This is the best song I have heard from the band, it has inspirational quotes and makes me so pumped up! It really is more catchy for me and my friends who know the band. It makes me get through hard times easily without getting too hard on me! It's awesome and I will always cherish it.

8 Believer Believer Cover Art

It is so good, just listen to the way he sings it:
"But they never did, ever lived,
ebbing and flowing,
inhibited, limited, till it broke open
and it rained down, it rained down, like..."

Too awesome to be described, but I'll try. It's so much better than those Billie Ellish and 21 Pilots songs that my diva classmates listen to! It's one of the selected few songs that is not related to STUPID LOVE! It's SO MUCH BETTER.
"But they never did, ever lived,
ebbing and flowing,
inhibited, limited, till it broke open
and it rained down, it rained down, like..."

I bet after a couple of years it'll eclipse demons as the #1 song...if not at least will reside within the top 3 for sure...which of course, it immensely deserves...this is one the very few songs that has/had a such a huge impact on my life, stuations and thinking... Also how immaculately Dan sang it, I felt the song was exclusively written in dedication towards me...Almost every single word on the song resonates with my life and' might just be another song for others but to me it's something very special that'll be preserved in my mind & soul forever as well as will ultimately ascend with me to heaven after I'm done breathing the last breath of my life...

Number 38... seriously! I understand it's only been few months but hey! real ID's fans should know the difference between ok, good and best songs...when I heard it the first time I was thunderstrucked as to how empowering and invigorating the song is and now yet after 4 months of non stop listening I still feel the same way but with tremendous intensity...In my opinion this should be right after Demons and Radioactive completing the top 3...followed by Monster, It's time, Warriors, etc etc...

9 Amsterdam Amsterdam Cover Art

I love the song very much. I think I loved Amsterdam because of this song and now I'm learning dutch! I think this song was from the World war 2 or something. The lyrics were "But I won't wait much longer 'cause these walls they're crashing down.
No I won't wait much longer 'cause these walls they're crashing down.
And I keep coming up short" I think they're talking about the Berlin (Germany) walls. I think it's about a German boy moved to other European country JUST BY THE SIDE OF AMSTERDAM. Because he is a Jew just like Anne Frank.

PS. Netherlands and Germany very near.

I don't care if you don't agree with my interpretation. I've been dying to share this because I love this song very much. What if I'm right about this?

Got a great rhythm, some seriously good vocals that are full of emotion. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant. The word play between the singer and his mother, brother, and his (now ex) lover implies a despairing story without actually stating anything. On top of this abject disappointment is a strong message of hope that is only better because of the negativity that comes around it.

This song literally makes me feel like I'm in an alternate universe. It takes me somewhere that I could never go to before I found this song. The instrumentals are just amazing and the voice is so unique and just amazing. All in all, this is definitely my all-time favorite imagine dragons song.

I LOVE this song! I actually got it for free on itunes, which is how I started listening to Imagine Dragons, and it's still my favorite. You NEED to listen to this song!

10 Nothing Left to Say / Rocks Nothing Left to Say / Rocks Cover Art

Nothing Left to Say is a blatant ripoff of pre-existing melodic riff from the song by "Cake - Frank Sinatra". Just listen to the riff easily heard from 2:54 to end and you will hear the exact same guitar instrumental. It's heard throughout the song but it's the predominant part of both songs and the reason why "nothing left to say" is so well written. Again, I don't care about the lyrics and I am only pointing out that the song is pretty much the same melody as the predecessor in almost every melodic stage, both by build, climax, and major riff. I still give the song a high mark because it's better than a lot of the majority of imagine dragons songs.

perfect way to end an album. Nothing Left to Say puts me in a deep state of relaxation and Rocks sounds really sweet and fun and cute and it almost makes me cry to listen to it right after Nothing Left to Say

This is my absolute FAVORITE! I play it on repeat. And if you feel the urge to cry just think of something REALLY sad during the word break that is like two minutes. I don't know the instrument playing but I think of something sad during that part and WOAH WHO IS CUTTING ONIONS!

I really think that this song should be higher because songs like these should really be listened to carefully... and people should listen to more songs of Imagine Dragons other than Radioactive or Demons I mean those aren't just the only songs they have!

The Contenders
11 Round and Round Round and Round Cover Art

It's like a dream. It full of emotion and feeling, how someone is trying to find their purpose in life and not just go on the same old boring routine like most people do. Overall it screams "life is short. Live it to the fullest! "

People seem to overlook the lyric of this song, I consider this as one of Imagine Dragon's best work. But then again, their album is great. Not their single. The whole album is perfect.

This is my favorite song of all time. I never get tired of it, I listen to it constantly. It's really special to me, and I wish more people would listen to it.

My favorite imagine dragons song. I can't stop listening to it. Once I hear it once I can't get it out of my head. Than I start singing along.

12 I Bet My Life I Bet My Life Cover Art

This should be number 2, right after Demons. I cry every time I listen to it! Such amazing music, lyrics and the singing! I AM GOING CRAZY OVER IT!
"I've been around the world but never in my wildest dreams, would I come running home to you"
I sing it so much in class that most of my classfellows know it by heart too just because of me! LOVE IT TO PIECES!

I don't think this is the best song, but I'm voting for it anyways because it deserves to be at least top 5. It's upbeat, catchy, unique and has a deep meaning. It's received so much critical acclaim and is the practical definition of pop/folk. VOTE FOR IT PLEASE!

Are you CRAZY?! This song deserves 1st place or at least 3rd place. The lyrics are well-thought and very touching when listening to the song. Plus, the background instrumental and the chorus especially just takes this song to even greater heights.

I've been looking for this song everywhere! The only thing I could type into Google was so I I bet my life on you which had been stuck in my head and now I've found it! I love it so much! immediately smashes download button

13 Tiptoe Tiptoe Cover Art

This song takes a while to grow on you. But after a few listens, you start to like it a lot. Some complicated drums put a nice vibe to it. This is a hidden gem from Imagine Dragons. #2 for me. Love it.

This song is probably one of the best songs I have ever heard. Interesting lyrics, as well. One of their really unique songs that really stands out.

Insane song, Imagine Dragons rock! Sleepless nights for the new album guys I'm waiting on you! This should be number one, it always brings me back good memories... Awesome chorus

MY FAVORITE! When they play it live its funny because at a certain point everyone starts cheering. Now every time I hear that part I think of my concert. Anyways awesome song!

14 Gold

This is the best song by imagine dragons to me and I very carefully examined them thoroughly. I primarily judge the actual melody and musical verses as opposed to lyrics and this song has an amazing western feel with a touch of casino gambling action along with a sinister base verse that maintains true at a human level. It has the most engrossing riff and the most prominent crash of a climax. Every time the word "gold" is highlighted, it strikes true with perfect synchronized beat along with the background tune which never fails to climax and deliver the showdown impact that I always search for in a melody. Other songs I rank second to this are battle cry, roots, lost cause, nothing left to say, uptight, warriors, and believer. The large majority of the remainder of imagine dragons is dominated by a non-powerful soothing sounds that are radio friendly but don't leave a lasting impact nor have a memorable melody. Gold is a masterpiece achievement and rare to see such a hard-hitting ...more

Gold needs more love. People probably don't really listen to the lyrics of a song, It has one of the best lyrics in all of their songs.

This is easily my all time Imagine Dragons song, and believe me when I say that this band is my life. The song challenges the traditional ideas of achieving dreams of stardom by confronting the ugly truth of celebrity life and the loss of connection with normal society, communicating issues such as trust and greed in one hideously addictive and strange rock-heavy offering. The use of Dan Reynold and his band mates screaming and shouting throughout the song gives a certain and chilling tangibility to the real frustration of celebrity life and the issues it brings.

This song is sinister, strange, truthful, and in its own way very, very beautiful. This song deserves to be heard by the world. Don't ignore this song because it portrays a very real story and has amazing lyrics.

15 Battle Cry Battle Cry Cover Art

Now THIS song should be after Radioactive as number 2. I mean it WAS on Transformers, so what the hell is it doing on number 16? It has a great beat that I can't stop listening to it!

This song is downright amazing! It invigorates you and has some kickass lyrics. Not to mention, it was in Transformers 4... The song has a sweet beat to it, and the chorus is just hands down awesome

The beat, the eeriness makes this a beautiful song. The background vocals are amazing and layered up beautifully. I don't know why this isn't in the top ten.

Best "Do or Die" song ever, listening to this track before exams and practicums boost my morale and surprisingly, my grades

16 Ready Aim Fire Ready Aim Fire Cover Art

Honestly, if I could, I would vote for everything. But this is definitely a very beloved song to me, and so I vote for this. The rhythm and percussion are absolutely incredible in this song, and the vocals are mystifying, as are in all of their songs. This is a great song. It's so sad that you have to purchase the whole album to get it, though!

Dan's voice is especially powerful in this one, I think. It gives you that men working vibe like it was created with dusty old instruments in a workshed. really a stand out for me.

This song makes me feel so... Alive. It's got such a unique sound to it and even though I love all of imagine dragons' songs, this is one of their best ever. It's got a... mood to it that you don't see a lot. Angry, I guess tired is the word I'm looking for, but determined. I like it more than radioactive, and that's a hard song to beat.

I never, ever thought the day would come when Imagine Dragons would write a song that could surpass the awesomeness of some of their classics; Such as Radioactive, It's Time, and Demons. Well, they did it! And that's what makes them the best band of all time!

17 Whatever It Takes Whatever It Takes Cover Art

This one should be higher than 18. With semi-raps as the verses and that guitar solo when they do it live, I am in love with this song. I know everyone says this for every song, but this really should be at the top of the list.

This one is easily my favourite, especially in love with that guitar solo. It's one of their most upbeat songs, and I definitely think it should be at the top.

When they first released this song, I was immediately in love with it. I've been a fan for years now and was very proud to see the measures they took. I do love all of their old songs like Tokyo, Selene, All Eyes and practically all NV songs but this is just pure gold on the Evolve album

Another good radio pop jam from Evolve not better than Believer but a country mile better than Thunder.

18 Shots Shots Cover Art

Okay pretty much all of the songs from Evolve are overrated. Believer, Whatever it Takes, Thunder, are not bad songs by any means, but there are so much better songs that not everyone I know who likes Imagine Dragons know about (actually, pretty much none of them) For example, pretty much all Smoke + Mirrors songs! My favorite is actually a very close tie between Monster, Warriors, I'm So Sorry, Friction, and Shots. Shots in particular is a ridiculously relatable song that sounds poppy and upbeat but has a sad meaning behind it and I love it so much. Gave me some crazy nostalgia when I listened to it for the first time in five years and I love it to death

I love you dan reynolds and I love the rest I have watched you ever cense I was 4 thank you for making very cool music keep it up guys please talk back to me and if you are seeing this right now I want to have tickets I want to watch you guys so bad you guys are one of the best bands I have ever known when I first heard you guys I told my mom who are these guys and she seed imagine dragons and I loved you guys I told her I want to be in that band one day and she seed some day.

Shots is a great song. It has many contradicting themes, but it stays true to one melody through most of the song. It's a great song to sing along to. Best Smoke + Mirrors song? Of course it is. This is one of Imagine Dragons' best-written pieces. Maybe no. 2 to Demons.

This song is by far one of their best songs, and the music in it is just amazing. The lyrics are good, and the guitar at the end is the cherry on top of how amazing this song is, and how talented this group is.

19 Roots Roots Cover Art

It a pity not everyone has listen to this song, people really don't know them. When you ask your friend, who are the imagine dragons, they say, those who sang thunder, radioactive, believer and demon. They are far more than that.

If any of imagine dragons fans haven't listened to this song he/she is not yet their core fan. Because this is their best song, surely deserves no. 1

Acting as the perfect lead-in between Smoke + Mirrors and the future of the band, this song deals with how lead singer Dan Raynolds moved on from his depression (as represented within Smoke + Mirrors). Coupling that with a beat that would almost feel more in place with a hip-hop song, and yet feels more at home here, Roots is one of Imagine Dragons' all-time best!

I love imagine dragons they help me so much. I had a really hard life and j still do but since I herd imagine dragons I can't stop listening to them please make more songs I love you guys. Good job Plazt roots is amazing I wish I could jet VIP tickets or any ticket to there conserts you guys need to play your last show in bosie my best friend said you guys were amazing I love you guys so much and keep playing

Probably the most underrated imagine dragons song, it there third best to me

1. Believer
2. Radioactive
3. Root
4. Demon
5. Bet my life
6. Bad liar
7. Next to me
8. Monster
9. On top of the world
10. Machine

20 Natural Natural Cover Art

Natural is one of the Imagine Dragons songs that Dan didn't put much emotion into. I'm not saying that that is a bad thing, though. Wonderful transferral into that guitar bridge, though. Love it.

Dude...AWESOME SONG! I could listen to imagine dragons all day, and the minute a new song by them comes out, I'm listening to it. So when Natural came out, I was listening to it none stop!

Natural is 100o times better than polaroid, because everyone likes natural because it has such good beat and the song is awesome. Polaroid is boring.

Why it isn't higher? This music is very honest about our world, and It makes you stronger, very inspiring masterpiece!

21 Dream Dream Cover Art

This songs lyrics are so good... Every time I hear this song I cry because you can feel the emotions put in the song, and the lyrics are so true and sooooooooooooo good. This song is number 1 for me. Very underrated song. I wish people would listen to every song by the dragons before voting. Would be amazing. This song just touches my heart and is so good.

Most people who say they like Imagine Dragons are not true fans; the only know the radio hits. True fans know that even the lesser known ones are good, such as Dream, which has everything you could ask for, including Dan's incredible vocals, eerie falsetto and screaming. Not to mention the keyboard which is later joined by loud drums and violin.
This is the best Imagine Dragons song.

I don't understand why is this song so low and so underrated. I mean, this is the Demons of Smoke+Mirrors with a grandiose feeling in addition.

I follow them since their early beginning (I'm not like those who only know Radioactive) and Dream is simply the best song they made so far. So disappointed they didn't play it live.

Most of voting people only know their songs that went on radio but this one is the best ever, with such emotional voice, chorus, piano, violin and even drums. This was the only song to really catch me me when I listened to smoke+mirrors for the first time

22 Who We Are Who We Are Cover Art

Ahhhh this song is so good! I listened to it 8 times in a row. That's how amazing it is. I'm a HUGE fan of the Hunger Games series, and this song worked for it on so many levels. Each time I listened to it, it reminded me of a different character or scenario. It is THE anthem for the victors, especially with the chorus. I loved the music and the guitar was on point. Dan Reynolds sang it so well. This might be my favorite Imagine Dragons song...

"It's who we are, doesn't matter if we've gone too far/ Doesn't matter if it's all okay/ doesn't matter if it's not our day" it's saying that we have to push on. We have to keep moving, never stopping.
"We were never welcome here/ we were never welcome here at all" but we keep on doing what needs to be done.
It's catchy, has an awesome beat, and the message and the... determined/melancholy mood makes it even better.

To be honest this song is one of the greatest songs that they have made. Sure, it is not going to beat the multi-platinum hits; Demons and Radioactive, but should at least get to the Top Ten. Song is so powerful and really builds.

So, the only good Hunger Games movie off the only good book in the Hunger Games series also has the best song by Imagine Dragons in it. It's a conspiracy, it is.

23 Thunder Thunder Cover Art

I like how in this one, Dan acknowledges everyone who is still in school. This one is a huge hit for everyone and the kind of song that you would play in the car with little kids so they can make fun of that weird voice.

Goodness! Sorry Dragons but this song is just atrocious. It's obnoxiously repetitive, ear hurting, devoid of lyrics -- just one word repeated 80 times throughout the song. I don't really get why there is some much of hype for this song; the hilarious part is that people call it the best song of 2017.

I personally really like this song. It is not just rhythm but the meaning behind it. Listen to it and take it in. If you have any dream or goal YOU want to achieve, it is basically telling you to keep persisting. Just like Imagine Dragons wanted to create music and how they were the "lighting before the thunder". Very inspiring.

Such an awesome song! My body just starts dancing automatically whenever I listen to it. It gets a little embarrassing when in public but this song is hands down AWESOME

24 Hear Me Hear Me Cover Art

At school, no one knows this song except me. It is so sad. This song is so in-depth, I can't help but listen to it over and over again all day. I love the lyrics and the music... especially the music. It's catchy and I think Hear Me deserves a chance to be number one someday. Please listen to it and you'll see what I mean. Vote for this song. You will make me eternally happy. Hear Me doesn't deserve 13th place, it deserves at least 5th.

Incredibly touching. Underrated indeed and listen... Can you hear it too? This song is amazing and can help you express through a hard time when you have your walls up. But you still care. And this is really deep.

This is the best song by Imagine Dragons. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant. Please Listen to it. This deserves to be number one, Please Vote for it,

This song is about listening to what people have to say, and it is also worthy of the top 10 in my opinion. One of ID's best songs!

25 I'm So Sorry I'm So Sorry Cover Art

This one is great. When you first read the title, you think "Oh, it's just going to be another one of those dreary love songs." But it's, like, the complete opposite of that. It's a really heavy rock song, with an interesting transfer from those crashy drums to those piano chords. A big hit for me.

I can't quite comprehend how with such a brilliant debut album no one could even be bothered to check out there new album, it barely has 1000 listens per song (excluding the four singles) on the deluxe edition, this song is easily this albums bleeding out, a hidden gem!

This song is on a new level of music. It has everything you'd possibly want. EASY TOP 5 in the imagine dragons list. What an absolute amazing band, I don't think there is a song I don't like from them. Don't know how this is 34, someone wanna explain?!?!?!

This song is one of those songs you just can't stop listening to and it is so good with the guitar and the beat and everything I would recommend it to anyone that LOVES Imagine Dargons and rock.

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