WonkeyDude98 Analysis: Demons

My followers (EvilAngel, cosmo, RalphBob, vertitelcabal, etc.), assuming they have been paying attention, should know how I feel about this song, as well as a few others who have watched my remixes. However, for how much I love this song, I've never done a full-fledged review and analysis on it. Let us begin!

So Imagine Dragons are a band from LA that consists of Dan Reynolds (lead vocalist), Daniel Wayne Sermon (guitarist), Ben McKee (bassist), and Daniel Platzman (percussionist). They started recording in the very end of the 2000s with their self-released Speak To Me EP. However, even Dan Reynolds never considered this a legitimate Imagine Dragons record because the staff were completely different except for Reynolds.

Then they released four EPs (I will not say the full name of one for the sake of me not liking saying words like that): Self-titled, H&Silence, It's Time, and Continued Silence. My personal opinion is that they are all 10/10s, with strong lyrics and messages with surprisingly good production from Alex da Kid.

On the Continued Silence EP, the three major tracks were Radioactive, Demons, and On Top of the World. They were all great, but one stood out to me: Demons.

So from the title you could assume anything. Is it a companion song to Radioactive? Is it a song about someone? Well we'll find out as I delve into this song.

We start out with Dan singing about how the ones we look up to may not be what they seem (When the days are cold/And the cards all fold/And the saints we see/Are all made of gold...) above a hauntingly sinister piano which immediately sets the tone as a softer, more emotional feel than most of Imagine Dragons' other cacophonous, bombastic songs like Radioactive (Well songs like Radioactive somehow do it well).

Then as we approach the chorus, Dan starts talking about how he wants to hide the truth and shelter his loved one, but because of his inner flaws (the beast inside), he can't hide from the shame, as well as how no matter what, greed is always within us. As the pre-hook starts, a grimy, burbling guitar lick accompanies the piano. Then when he finally ends the pre-hook with "This is my kingdom come (x2)", the song explodes.

Even with the barely a crescendo, the hook causes a huge payoff, with a shout followed by lyrics commanding Dan's loved one to see his flaws, not wanting to lie. The guitar from the pre-hook has become more of a blare than a burble as it attempts to match Dan's vocals alongside a clanking drum and what sounds like knee-clapping.

Then the second verse starts and ceases the explosion in another soft verse about how those who may be your friend will be shown in the spotlight one day and their true self will be revealed.

Then the bridge, in terms of power, meets a middle between the chorus and verses. Dan talks about how people say that you make your decisions which have results, but he says that it's fate that decides. He also talks about how he wants to save his loved one and how he can't escape his demons unless she shows him how.

This song is mindblowing. Where Radioactive lived off of its power and It's Time off of its complexity, Demons is much better than both of them by being a master of simplicity. This doesn't need to be powerful, it's meant to represent Dan's weakness. It may be vapid but it is meant to have a clear and solid message, and its vapidity displays it. The slow, weak production showcases the burnt-out feel of the song. The lyrics are immense and powerful, and this song has one of the strongest messages I've ever seen.

My verdict is the most coveted honor I've ever given: a 10/5. No song I've heard has received this honor.

There's one thing this song did though: it made me condemn Todd in the Shadows as the worst non-trolling critic in the world. It's one thing to not like Demons, but he outright despised it for being average, going as far as putting it above Holy Grail, Started From The Bottom, and Love Me on his worst of 2013 list, all three of which are much worse songs than Demons, as well as not being able to put Blurred Lines on the list at all. But what put the nail in the coffin was seeing this alongside his best of 2014 list, putting the awful La La La, Turn Down For What, and Anaconda on it, on top of saying that he should've given Anaconda the #10 spot instead of an honorable mention. Translation: He likes Anaconda better than Demons. If I could still comment on YouTube I would've made a rant post longer than this analysis on the worst of 2013 video.

I'm WonkeyDude98, and I don't care what you think, this song is awesome (understatement).


I heard Demons too many times. I prefer Radioactive. - RiverClanRocks

Normally I don't mind slow (I mean this entire review was praising a slow song) but when it's a song that is meant to be as explosively powerful as Radioactive, the tempo irks me. - WonkeyDude98

EDIT: It turns out Todd edited his list on Twitter. Love Me was moved up above Demons. I'll give you that but no more points. - WonkeyDude98

Is Demons really that good? I think it's good, but I can think of a whole bunch of songs better than Demons at the top of my head, even more modern ones. Plus, Todd didn't really like Anaconda for the actual song. - djpenquin999

I realize by now that it's more than a little unconventional, bu I stand by everything I say. Never has a song done so much to appeal to me more.

And if this is another recommendation for Take Me To Church, no, I wil, never like that song. - WonkeyDude98

So if he didn't like it for the song, what did he like it for?

Also, he likes Stupid H**. - WonkeyDude98

No it's not for TMTC. He never said he liked Stupid H**, he said he didn't hate it. - djpenquin999

Also, he just likes the rap side of Nicki, and hates the pop side. - djpenquin999

Except Only, which he put on his worst list for 2015. - djpenquin999

And BedRock, which was on his worst of 2010. - WonkeyDude98

You know what, my next post will review that song, just to convince you. - ProPanda

I hate LaLaLa and I doubt you can change that. - WonkeyDude98

I mean, Demons isn't my favorite song or anything but yeah, it's way better than Anaconda and Love Me. At least it has some substance. - visitor

Okay, I'll admit: this is actually pretty good. - WonkeyDude98

Except when I went on a tangent about Todd in the Shadows. - WonkeyDude98