EP Review: Speak to Me

Mini-review: For my first (and possibly last) EP review, I talk about the debut EP from Imagine Dragons which ends up falling short.


Best Song: "Speak to Me", also liked "The Pit" and "Living Musical"
Worst Song: "Boots"

Hello everyone, and it'a about time I review an album/EP, so how about Imagine Dragons' debut EP, Speak to Me?

Naturally, since I can say more than four paragraphs about a song, so it's gonna be easy talking about five. To get this out of the way (Since I might not review these), I love Night Visions (2013) and also respect Smoke+Mirrors (2015) for what it is. I give Night Visions a strong 10/10 with my absolute highest recommendations, and Smoke+Mirrors a very light 7/10 with weak recommendation except for fans of the band. As for their Self-Titled, H+S, It's Time, and Continued Silence EPs, I give them all decent 8/10s (except Continued Silence which I give a strong 9/10) with strong recommendations.

Does their 2008 debut stand up? Well...not really. It's vastly different from their rather dark LPs. That's probably because outside of lead singer Dan Reynolds, the casting is completely different.

The album's strong points are kinda fuzzy, but they aim towards lyrics. The positivity of Pistol Whip, the charm of Living Musical, the desperation of The Pit, and the all-around flexibility of the title tracl. That isn't to say that this album is a failure musically either. There are some strong production here, such as the somber The Pit and the orchestraic Living Musical and the title track.

However, this album was kind of scattered musically still, and was an absolute mess vocally. Dan Reynolds really didn't have a lot of power back then, and Andrew Tolman only serves to make things worse, making vocals seem to come out like squawks. An example of Reynolds alone bringing songs down is Pistol Whip, where he screams out "YAAAAHOOOOOO" about a minute and a half in. It's nice to see Reynolds cheerful in his music for once but...it was kinda unnecessary. Brittany Tolman does give the tracks some vocal weight but not enough, and also even brought down the title track primarily, though it is still easily the best on the album.

The song that made the extended play measurably worse was Boots. It's easily the worst on the album. Musically it's clunky and weightless at once. Vocally, it sounds like Dan, Andrew, and Brittany had never been through a depression (and given some things I know about him I think Dan did go through a depression), and they are imitating what they think depressed people sound like. It's exaggeratedly miserable. It's nice lyrically, but The Pit does it better, and it doesn't properly compensate for the song's other faults. This is easily Imagine Dragons' worst song following Fear.

This is easily Imagine Dragons weakest project to date. Is it terrible? NO. Is it good? Well, kinda. When a band's biggest fan acknowledges the numerous faults among the first of their discography, you know I'm not a blind fan. I'm glad that ALL of their following projects (except maybe Smoke+Mirrors) were as good as they were, because if not this would've been a flop and it's a shame that they started their career this weaksauce. give this EP a very light 6 out of 10 and only recommend it to fans of the band and people with a lot of patience. Even then, it might be underwhelming for the former. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


"possibly last EP review"

Well, that ended fast. - ProPanda

To be fair, I never thought I'd have to expose the Chainsmokers that way. - WonkeyDude98

This...isn't bad, if I'm honest. - WonkeyDude98