First, I'd like to tell everyone to stop voting for Demons and Radioactive. While both of these songs are great, this one is much better.
Second, Monster is the one you should vote for. It has a catchy chorus with no superior to its fantastic lyrics: If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me, And if I seem dangerous, would you be scared? I get the feeling just because, Everything I touch isn't dark enough, That this problem lies in me. I'm only a man with a candle to guide me, I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me. A monster, A monster, I turned into a monster. A monster, a monster, and it keeps getting stronger...
If anyone is not convinced of this song's amazing awesomeness, than just listen to the tune. I promise it's better than all the others.
Thirdly, the Imagine Dragons are the greatest band ever and will never create a bad song. IMAGINE DRAGONS!

This is by far my favourite song. Usually I didn't pay attention to lyrics but this song made me cry. This song relates the life I have had with others, always being the outcast. I always tried to change but I never could. All that made fun of me I never forgave and always held a resentment toward. I never told anyone or let it out and it just kept building inside me. This made me, unfortunately, the cruel person I am today. And it keeps getting stronger.

When I first heard this song, it had a profound impact on me. It reflected how I often believe my decisions to be incorrect in some way and my need to not harm others. Yet I sometimes do, without realising. This song is truly powerful and is one of the only songs that can make me cry. It's unlike anything else you'll hear and even though my music taste has expanded beyond imagine dragons, this remains one of my favourite songs of all time alongside bohemian rhapsody and knights of cydonia. Truly mezmorising, well done ID!

Every one should watch the lyrics or music video of monster it will be the best song you ever heard I love the song so much if I told you what I was would you turn your back on me and if I seem dangerous would you be scared I get the feeling just because everything I touch isn't dark enough and this problem lies in me

Monster is my FAVORITE song of all time! Don't get me wrong, I love ALL Imagine Dragons songs, but THIS ONE is a MASTERPIECE. I'm literally listening to it RIGHT NOW. If you haven't heard it, you definitely should. And if you're like me, you'll absolutely love it so much that every time you hear or see the word "monster" you'll scream and laugh giddily. Yes, that is what I do.

This song is one of my favorites because is sweet the way that says "and if I seem dangerous.. Would you be scared" anybody is a monster... But if they could be someone.. Would be good, maybe a monster by the face, body or something like that but just when they feel bad with it... Is enough to know that are good at all

I love imagine dragons I even made my own account of imagine dragons and this song was the first one I picked so I just love this song it used to be in 7th I don't get that at all who ever thinks this song is bad is crazy this song should be in first - Rofl999999

I never said that I want this,
This burden came to me,
And it's made its home inside (oh oh oh oh)

This lines is so related to my life, when I just started my study and I was late so "i never said that I want this " but "This burden came to me" and lots of pressure and now I don't get my perfect result so last line "and it's made its home inside", Love you imagine Dragons, in future I wish your bend is one of the best Band in the world

I love this song I will sing some of it
If I told you what I was would you turn your back on me and if I seem dangerous would you be scared I get the feeling just because everything I touch isn't dark enough and this problem lies in me
You better hear this song best song imagine dragons ever made even when I play wizard101, pirate101, and animal jam on my laptop I always put that song on but sometimes I put let it go in Japanese

"I'm only man with a candle to guide me! " This is one of my favorite songs from this band, and honestly, it should be higher, I love the bass, lyrics are very thoughtful in this song. And guys be honest, most of the people now know imagine dragons for "Demons" and "Radioactive"

This is my favorite song of all time! It seems as if whenever I see a new movie and/or T.V. show then it reminds me of this! I have actually put this song with two different show episodes and have ideas for others. This song reminds me mostly of Ninjago. If you get what I mean.

I love this song well I like some one republic and Katy perry but I still love imagine dragons and I also put that song on every day on my laptop when I play wizard101 and pirate101 and animal jam I put on that song all the time I LOVE IT

Many people don't know this song yet. It's probably one of the newer ones that takes time to be discovered. Love the beat, the drop and that 'radioactive-like' chorus voice, but better. This song SHOULD be in top 3. Love it

Monster definitely beats demons. "I'm only a man with a candle to guide me, I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me." The best lyrics and chorus ever. I never get sick of this song.

This song has one of the greatest choruses that I have ever heard. I am constantly confused why this song is not Number one or too. When you hear the chorus of this song, your heart almost skips a beat as it goes on.

Man people haven't lived till they have listened to the perfect sounds from this perfect band. I feel bad voting about a single songs as all Imagine Dragons songs are perfect. And that is an understatement

It's the best you can get. The song is about the one's strengths that become a great power which is unstoppable. The same is achieved by hard work and Passion. Yes, that's the word for this song. Just amazing

My favorite song of all time. A modern classic that perfectly blends Imagine Dragons' signature ballads with a darker tone that gives me a genuine emotional response to the music. Absolute perfection.

This song touches the deepest monsters in you. Don't deny. It's definitely there. A must listen for anyone who is in touch with themselves. This song deserves to be the no. 1, nothing less.

Every time I hear this song now it reminds me about Alan Rickman, who died in winter 2016. Listening to it right now. Has always loved this song, and will always do it. Always.

Better than any other imagine dragons song. The lyrics is awesome and why would the makers of Infinity Blade 3 use this song? Because it's awesome! Love it very much.

The lyrics just touch your heart...along with it its music just speaks...its simply awesome...may be better than it!

This should definitely be in the top three just because of the line ' I am only a man with a candle to guide me '! The lyrics is like the best I've ever heard!

This song should most definitely feature amongst the top 3 of the list... It is undoubtedly one of the best imagine dragons song ever...

This is my favourite song, it's so amazing, I'm surprised it isn't higher on the list. I love most of Imagine Dragons songs, but this is forever my favourite. - IsyTheElf101