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21 Who We Are

Great song shouldn't be so low, fits hunger games amazingly Y'ALL SHOULD VOTE FOR MORE THAN JUST DEMONS AND RADIOACTIVE!

Is it just me or is imagine dragons making a song for hunger games the best thing that has ever happened to my life...

My Favorite out of them, and I like most of there songs! Well.. Still this is my favorite. Shocking it's not in the top ten, or five...

It teally should be higher on this list. It's one of my favorites ever

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22 My Fault

Amazing beat and great vocals. Definitely as good as Radioactive in my book.

This song is the best! The opening's a lot like 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' of Green Day, but as you listen to it, you find this one is better. Really awesome!

How is this not in the top ten? It's one of my favorites off the album- the idea that he wrote it for his wife when he was away one tour, not sure if it was his fault that they were both suffering under the distance- it's so original and romantic. Deserves so much more publicity!

This should be in the top #10 - psycho-

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23 Roots

Acting as the perfect lead-in between Smoke + Mirrors and the future of the band, this song deals with how lead singer Dan Raynolds moved on from his depression (as represented within Smoke + Mirrors). Coupling that with a beat that would almost feel more in place with a hip-hop song, and yet feels more at home here, Roots is one of Imagine Dragons' all-time best!

Roots could possibly signal a new ID album in 2016, which we need desperately. From the Rap God-like piano in the beginning to Dan's excellent vocals to the bombastic drum. - WonkeyDude98

I broke the replay button while listening this song - One of the best... Sounds very good

Best one in my opinion!

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24 Selene

Its actually called selene, with an e! But this has been my favorite song by them for months now, never gets old:) the beat is amazing!

This song is an older one, but definitely my favorite. I can listen to this song over and over, and it especially sounds great while driving. pretty sure I've been seen by like twenty drivers through the window getting really into this song

Selene is definitely my favorite song of theirs without a doubt, and trust me I have aLL of them! If you've never heard it you're missing out!

I'm not going to be like some other people: "this song deserves at least 1st place!
The song is really good but the day radioactive or demonstrate are surpassed is long away. This one should be in theerror top 10 as 10th I'do say

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25 Underdog

This should be in the top ten. It's kind of like "On Top of the World" because of it's catchy beat. And I love whenever Imagine Dragons put catchy beats in their songs! But I love most of their songs honestly.

This song has such a great beat and catchy lyrics

The Underdog after all. You need to get used to it, but the lyrics are catchy and fun.


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26 America

Love this song, just has a great message! Makes me feel very patriotic and emotional all at the same time. More people need to listen to it!

JUST AMAZING! And a really good beat

I love the lyrics and the vocals of this song. Good music.

Makes me proud to be an American Firebreather 😍

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27 Lost Cause

Relatable for going through depression etc. With lyrics like "Oh! Dig my shallow grave. But it's not me you'll save cause I'm a lost cause I'm a lost cause! ". It gives you chills and definitely needs more votes.

This is the saddest song I've heard in a while yet it's amazing

It's amazing. I could listen to it forever and it'd never get old.

Loved this song, and as soon as I listened, I loved it.

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28 Thunder

I'm a hardcore Imagine Dragons Fan right from day one and possess almost 90% of their Discography and loved them all... although some more than the others...but anyway...There are only a few of theirs song that I utterly didn't like...and this THUNDER is at the bottom of that category...sorry Dragons but this song is just atrocious... repetitive, annoying and ear hurting.. devoid of Lyrics...just one word repeated 80 times throughout the song... I don't really get why there is some much of hype for this song and the hilarious part is that people call it the best song of their latest album (or sometimes even all time) when BELIEVER is by a million light years better which is also the best song on EVOLVE and arguably one of their better song ever... - Arhaan95

Such an awesome song! My body just starts dancing automatically whenever I listen to it. It gets a little embarrassing when in public but this song is hands down AWESOME

Brilliant song with wonderful music video and a modern dubstep vibe

This should be 4th!

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29 Working Man

I love imagine dragons

THis song ROCKS I love it. It is wonderful

A so, so, SO close second to Who We Are. Almost as good. Singing about the common "working man" trying to make a living. Not only did they make a good point, they also made an amazing song!

"Shake it, shake it
Moving again
Been a long time coming for the working man"

Second best under bleeding out. Super catchy. It's GRRR8!

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30 Whatever It Takes

Another brilliant song from Evolve not better than Believer but a country mile better than Thunder... - Arhaan95

This song has an amazing tune and it is just beautiful.

Probably their best song EVER! This song deserved to be 1st Place! 1

Best song from imagine dragons

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31 Leave Me

This song is so awesome! I realize it doesn't compare to Radioactive and the other songs, but it's really good! Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed. I found this hidden gem on Pandora.

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32 Tokyo

A catchy song that should really be on itunes. My friends and I are always singing it! Needs to be more well known, I am sure it would take the nation by storm!

It is as good as radioactive

The instrumentals really make you feel like you're in a downtown Asian metropolis

More like a futuristic Asian metropolis. Imagine Dragons truly is the best alternative rock band ever.

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33 Nothing Left to Say

Nothing Left to Say is a great song. The melody is so powerful and the tone and vocals are just a perfect match. I don't know why this song is usually paired up as "Nothing Left to Say / Rocks."

I don't know why most of people think this is rocks, but it's awesome

I have the unpopular opinion of significantly preferring NLTS to Rocks. I mean Rocks was good but it is nowhere near the level of NLTS, let alone looking good as a companion piece. - WonkeyDude98

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34 Destination

Unbelievably catchy, really upbeat, great rhythm... best Imagine Dragons song by far, whether it's the studio version or the acoustic.

It's too bad not many people know about this song. It's a great one. Very catchy and fun to listen to.

Too bad this song isn't very popular. It's very catchy and brilliant? - IsyTheElf101

This song always makes me smile

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35 I'm So Sorry

I can't quite comprehend how with such a brilliant debut album no one could even be bothered to check out there new album, it barely has 1000 listens per song (excluding the four singles) on the deluxe edition, this song is easily this albums bleeding out, a hidden gem!

This song is on a new level of music. It has everything you'd possibly want. EASY TOP 5 in the imagine dragons list. What an absolute amazing band, I don't think there is a song I don't like from them. Don't know how this is 34, someone wanna explain?!?!?!

Gotta be honest... This and Warriors are my favorite of their songs, I listen to them both after a crap day, and they really feel epic

Easy top 5 - Warwolf18

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36 Sucker for Pain

Amazing use of rap and rock hook!

I'm a sucker for this song

I'm a sucker for pain

I like this song

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37 I Need a Minute

Should be in the top ten. I don't know why songs from their first album are not so popular

Such a good song and their origin songs are almost/better than their new songs.

I really love this song and that's all I can say. This leaves me speechless

Amazing song. Upbeat and fast, needs to be at least in the top ten.

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38 Look How Far We've Come

By far my absolute favorite song from them! Only downside... You can't find this song anywhere to buy. I highly recommend this song! I fell in love with it the first time I heard it!

Why is this so low? One of my favorites, like a mix between Amsterdam and On Top Of The World

39 Rise Up

Awesome song, I hope Walking The Wire is put in here!


40 Curse

IS THIS A JOKE? CURSE IS THE BEST SONG EVER! Makes me dance every time! Come on guys!

Oh, my goodnes! This should be up there with radioactive! Possibly best song in all of existence! Please listen to it! It's extremely passionate song!

This song is incredible! This would go to straight to number 1 if only people knew about it!

I think this is my favorite after Demons(and Release)

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