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81 Levitate

New song from Passengers, it is pure pop but is catchy and fun to listen to!

It's got a good beat and I really like the toon and the lyrics.

Awesome track

82 Summer

I love this song! It's fun, catchy, and has a great lyrics.

83 Polaroid

How is this so far down the list?! This is my favorite Imagine Dragons songs. I can maybe understand it maybe not being top ten since there's a lot of people who haven't heard many ID songs other than Radioactive, Its Time, and Demons. But seriously, this isn't even close to the top ten and that's just ridiculous to me. I have heard tons of there songs yet somehow there are songs that I've never even heard of that higher than Polaroid, which is on Smoke + Mirrors. I just don't understand how someone who is a really big fan and has heard all of these random songs hasn't heard Polaroid and not loved the hell out of it. I know it's just my opinion but it's just such a good song to me. Also, The Unknown is incredible and is also very low on this list.

This song is just inspirational and can fix anyone's day. It's catchy, and a very awesome song. Vote it up!

Polaroid is so catchy and awesome. It can inspire anyone who is having a bad day. Listen to it, you won't regret it.

Agreed, how is this number 45, honestly believer, polaroid and demons are their best songs

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84 Emma

What? Kidding me right are you even listening to imagine dragons?
This song has nice soothing guitars.nice lyrics..common guys..

Well this sucks! Come on people! Please get this song higher up! It's really not This bad!

Great song! Why aren't you on itunes?


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85 Drive

This song is one of their older ones from an early album. It has strong layering and a great hook. It is underrated and will definitely grow an you. Try their earlier stuff.

One of the most underrated Imagine Dragons song, but I think it's very catchy and cozy

I still can't believe that dis song is at 40th rank.. I just LOVE this song... just listen it once and you'll come to know the true essence of this song!

This is the only song that has ever made me cry. Something about it is so deep, and it is so beautiful.

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