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81 Release

"Heaven talks but not to me,
'Cause heaven knows nothing good comes free..." Seriously... People always say ', I LOVE IMAGINE DRAGONS, LIKE, THEY MADE DEMONS, ON TOP OF THE WORLD AND RADIOACTIVE... Right? ' Yeah, but did you LISTEN TO THEIR ALBUM!?

Caught my attention as I started playing. AMAZING SONG!

Listen to the first 5 seconds. Enough said

82 Summer

I love this song! It's fun, catchy, and has a great lyrics.

83 Levitate

New song from Passengers, it is pure pop but is catchy and fun to listen to!

It's got a good beat and I really like the toon and the lyrics.

Awesome track

84 Walking the Wire Walking the Wire

See you again (song with most likes on youtube) has a ratio of likes to dislikes 24:1 and Walking the Wire has a ratio of 256:1

Well singed! My favorite song of Imagine dragons..!

Such a soothing song! One of the best


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85 I Don't Know Why

Out of an album which isn't too rock, this stands out! (Along with Believer, obviously)

"Dangerous, you love is dangerous" simply one of my favourites now!

86 Yesterday

They sound so happy and cheerful in this song and I love it!

the best

What is this? - Th3Zm0nst3r

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