Top 10 Best Immature/Imx Songs

The Top Ten

1 Extra, Extra

I fall in love with this song every time I listen to it!

I feel like I could c you guys performing life, I love d song with al my heart

2 I Don't Mind

I really like the R&B groove of this song!

Such a sweet melody

3 Never Lie

This is the first Immature's song I heard, their biggest hit so it must be on the top of the list!

That the best ever it topped out new edition

Just love this song!

This was always my favorite Immature song :)~

4 Constantly

Lovely song from the 90'. Pure R&B

Best to me hands down

5 Sweetest Love

Just love it! It's so sweet!

6 Watch Me Do My Thing

"I can do anything I want to do in my life" I'm crazy about this song!

7 Please Don't Go

This song makes me kinda sad, I guess it's because of the video. However I like it a lot!

8 Give Up the Ghost

That's my song! I love it, it's just awesome! Bizzy Bone just killed it!

9 I'm Not a Fool

One of my favorites from Immature, simply beaytiful!

10 24/7

I can't stop singing this song! It stays on my mind all day long 24/7!

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