Top 10 Best Immature/Imx Songs

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1 Extra, Extra

I feel like I could c you guys performing life, I love d song with al my heart

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2 I Don't Mind

I really like the R&B groove of this song!

Such a sweet melody

3 Never Lie

This is the first Immature's song I heard, their biggest hit so it must be on the top of the list!

That the best ever it topped out new edition

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4 Constantly V 2 Comments
5 Sweetest Love

Just love it! It's so sweet!

6 Watch Me Do My Thing

"I can do anything I want to do in my life" I'm crazy about this song!

7 Please Don't Go

This song makes me kinda sad, I guess it's because of the video. However I like it a lot!

8 Give Up the Ghost

That's my song! I love it, it's just awesome! Bizzy Bone just killed it!

9 I'm Not a Fool V 1 Comment
10 24/7

I can't stop singing this song! It stays on my mind all day long 24/7!

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