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21 Angels & Demons

His verse might just be one of the greatest displays of lyricism I've ever heard. The beat is dope as well

This song deserves to be heard by everyone tech fan or not it won't disappoint

There are words than can describe IT's verse in this song.

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22 Rich Man's World (1%)

Best song for people new to Immortal technique. This probably has the catchiest beat of all his songs and one of the best beat, hook, lyrics and other media integration combinations.

"You get up and howl about america and democracy. There is
No america there is no democracy, We no longer live in a world of nations
And ideologies. The world is a college of corporations... Inexorably
Determined by the... Immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business. "

This track is amazing it deserves a top ten spot

Oy Vey

23 Toast to the Dead
24 The 4th Branch

This song gives me the chills it's so good! By far the best immortal technique song in my opinion. Surprised its not higher on the list. "How could this be? The land of the free, home of the brave. Indigenous holocaust and the home of the slaves. Corporate america dancing off beat to the rhythm. You really think this country never sponsored terrorism"

This is one of the many songs Technique has released that has educated me - I understand a lot of more favoured songs are his stories such as Dance with the Devil, however this is a story in itself over how America exploited the Middle East to gain its dominance which still influences the politics of the modern day.

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25 No Mercy

Immortal Technique did amazing on this track and also did good in the whole album. But this one should have been in the top ten chart!

Hay this one is dopest

26 Black Vikings V 1 Comment
27 Open Your Eyes

The greatest immortal technique songs, he raps about global issues like, racism, politics and war! The greatest song Technique has ever made! 3rd World is a very underrated album and it is his best album! I love all the songs! It is the greatest achievement

I love this song! Listen to what he has to say, you must OPEN YOUR EYES before your die, WAKE UP! Immortal Technique is a great rapper and is a very influential rapper, PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT HIM! He is too good and must be known like he already is!

Best song ever made! Someone crown him the king of Rapping (Immortal Technique) because he deserves it! The songs he makes are unbelievable and make sense, lyrically, he is the best rapper of all time!

The best song I have ever heard in my life! The best lyrics and the some good beats in the song! The best rapper of all time is in a great song! The epicness is on a higher scale!

28 The Prophecy
29 Creation and Destruction

Love this joint can't believe iT's this low on the list

30 Young Lords
31 Death March
32 Sign of the Times

This song has to be on top five at least, it is his most underrated song and is as good as point of no return and third world. Has the greatest lyrics just listen.

33 Locked Up

Greatest freestyle of all time it is from revolutionary volume 2 and he even disses jennifer lopez immortal technique is the best lyricist of all time.

34 The Poverty of Philosophy

This song is an eye opener and deserves to be in the top ten. Maybe not this best song sound and rap wise, but his best song lyric wise other than dance with the devil

Clever and sad song

35 Tell the Truth
36 Beef & Broccoli
37 Internally Bleeding
38 The Illest

Rev Vol. 1 is the greatest album of all time and it will eat the Carter III, The illest is the greatest song from that list of amazing songs! And that is saying a lot given the circumstances, up against Dance With THe Devil and Revolutionary!

The illest song of all time, Rev Vol. 1 is the greatest Immortal Tech album ever made, and it deserves to be more recognised. This song is so much better than Dance With The Devil and Point of no Return!

The greatest song in the history anything! Immortal techniques lyricism is the way to go in this song, as he tears it up, better than most Classic MC's such as BIg L, KRS One and even Big Pun!

The greatest song on Revolutionary vol. 1 besides Dance With The Devil, I love old school Immortal Technique! That was when he was good, now since he made 3Rd world, the worst album ever, he has lost his respect!

39 Crimes of the Heart
40 Rebel Arms
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