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1 The Jester Race

In Flames' second The Jester Race is the second album by melodic death metal band In Flames. It is the first album to feature Anders Friden as the band's vocalist and Bjorn Gelotte as the drummer.

Highlights: Artifacts of the Black Rain, Moonshield, The Jester Race - TheBerserker

December Flowers, best melo-death song ever. - TheBerserker

Their best albums, so much emotion and saddness and unholyness&beauty I wish they keep that up.

Strongest opening on any album ever, on parr with Megadeth's "Rust In Peace" when it comes to an epic intro. Moonshield is the best song on the album! But December Flower, The Jester Race and Artifacts of the Black Rain are amazing

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2 Clayman

This is the one that got me hooked. It is a classic.

Number 6? Seriously? Clayman is an unbelievable, classic melodic death metal album! In my opinion it should be number 1, but at the very least it should be in the top three. Great album.

Highlights: the whole bloody album..

This is there best album sure Jester Race was good but CLAYMAN has ALL good tracks you won't want to skip ANY.
Not just my favourite In Flames album but one of my favourite albums EVER!

Clayman is the fifth album by Swedish melodic death metal band, In Flames.

Highlights: Only for the Weak, Pinball Map, Bullet Ride - TheBerserker

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3 Colony

Shivers man... shivers

Still the BEST In Flames Album for Me

A Faster Tighter Jester Race

Colony is the fourth album by Swedish melodic death metal band, In Flames.

Highlights: Colony, Embody the Invisible, Ordinary Story - TheBerserker

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4 Come Clarity

After a few albums of experimenting with a lighter sound, all the while still maintaining their melodic death metal style, In Flames created Come Clarity. This album is lighter, but is still reminiscent of their older, heavier material - however, it also has some of the bands softest moments. It is the beautiful mish-mash of death metal/clean vocals, clean guitars, and a high-quality, top notch production. Vocalist Anders is also at his best here, doing some of his most brutal vocals and some incredible clean vocals. Their isn't anything noticeably wrong with this album, and I think it easily stands as one of, if not their best.

Come Clarity is the eighth studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames.

Highlights: Take This Life, Come Clarity, Crawl Through Knives - TheBerserker

This is the pinnacle of In Flames for me, it doesn't get better than Take This Life, Pacing Death's Trail or Versus Terminus!

Awesome album. I like Come Clarity, Crawl through knives, take this life and Reflect the storm!

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5 Whoracle

I discovered In Flames with Whoracle. For me it's between this and Colony for the top spot. The fact that this is a concept album put it over for me. Although Colony showcases melodic death metal to a slightly higher degree.

This album has everything that the early period of In Flames stands for, awesome riffs, outstanding melody transitions and a very good mixing between growl and clean vocals. Food for the gods is a great example. A fast and genius main riff and both growling and clean vocals. A song with great melodies is Jotun which is also one of the greatest tracks in Whoracle.

This was once the one old In Flames album I didn't care for. Oh, how misguided I was. Maybe because it's a concept album, it brings you all the way through without disrupting the flow - and Jotun, what a song.

Pleasantly surprising to see the early albums leading the list, this is probably my favourite for carrying more melodies than The Jester Race and packing more punch than Colony/Clayman.

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6 Reroute to Remain

Reroute to Remain (Subtitled: Fourteen Songs of Conscious Insanity & on The Reissue: Fourteen Songs of Conscious Madness) is the sixth studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames. The album saw a major change in musical style and was In Flames' first considerable step in the direction of mainstream music, and was met with rejection among many of their fanbase.

Highlights: Cloud Connected, Trigger, System - TheBerserker

All songs are really good in this album and there is no negative things to say about it.

Id like this album a lot more if the vocal and audio quality was better. It seems like they rushed to put it out on the market. They should have took another year to perfect everything and give songs a more complex breakdown

And don't forget "Free Fall" and "Dawn of a new Day", not that heavy, but still terrific! :D - Flav

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7 Sounds of a Playground Fading

Perfect combination of their modern alternative sounds with some old-school riffs and lead guitars. Anders is screaming and growling again (title track, A New Dawn, Darker Times, The Puzzle) and the lead melodies from their first albums have returned (title track, Deliver Us, Fear Is The Weakness). Overall their best album with the title track being my personal IF favorite

The tenth studio album by the Swedish heavy metal band In Flames

Highlights: Deliver Us, Sounds of a Playground Fading, Where the Dead Ships Dwell - TheBerserker

I like every album of them, but this is the album which made me take notice of this wonderful band. yes, it might be rather mainstream-metalcore, but if this album wasnt, I probably never heard of them, which is kind of sad. - Flav

Highlights: Fear is the weakness; Deliver us; Where the Dead Ships Dwell

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8 Soundtrack to Your Escape

Soundtrack to Your Escape is the seventh studio album of Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames.

Highlights: The Quiet Place, My Sweet Shadows, Touch of Red - TheBerserker

Borders and Shading? Anyone?

Pretty hard to say what the best In Flames album is but this one barely nudged out Reroute to Remain and Clayman.

Much more melodic than reroute to remain. songs are more thought through. Better choruses.

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9 A Sense of Purpose

A Sense of Purpose is my favorite

It baffles me that this isn't considered In Flames' best album. Incredibly strong songwriting from start to finish, a consistent and clear-cut style all the way through, very tight musicianship, and a blend of everything the band do well. I know that people are often attached to bands older work, but for me this is a real high point in their discography.


This album is amazing for all the song but really for Alias, the Chosen Pessimist, Delight and Angers, Sleepless Again and Disconnected. I like Mirror's Truth too, but it's not my favorite.

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10 Lunar Strain

It's way better than number 10

Old school

Number 7? PLEASE this album is the best death metal album ever!

Lunar Strain is the debut album by Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames.

Highlights: Behind Space, Lunar Strain, In Flames - TheBerserker

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11 Battles

Heavily underrated album & possibly their best since the 90s era. It's a different style now, but this album has everything what makes a superb album, especially great choruses.

Underrated album shows throughout their discography have run while gambit of sounds

Inovative and nostalgic in a perfect union of styles.

Hammer Album gehört weiter nach oben

12 Siren Charms

Siren Charms maybe their lightest album yet but lyrically, it contains deep emotion. If you don't mind listening to alternative metal, Siren Charms is one that offers great relaxing with occasional shreds and light screaming and if you listen and pay attention to the lyrics, you can hear deeply entrenched emotion. This is the "Feels" album.

I like it when bands play a diverse range of music and don't pigeon hole themselves in one style. This album is their most mature piece of work and shows growth as musicians. Yeah it's softer than their early stuff, but it still kicks ass.

The eleventh studio album by Swedish metal band In Flames delivers a diverse mixture of sound ranging from blast-beats to soft electronics. A surprisingly very good album.

Highlights: Most of them.

Many people say this is their worst album, but in my opinion it's the album where his voice is performed in the best way of his career.

13 Black Ash Inheritance
14 I, the Mask
15 Subterranean

This is their best release, but I voted for the Jester Race, because this isn't an album, it's an ep. But this is better than The Jester Race. - Caleb9000

Biosphere kills! Stand Ablaze and Everdying are also pretty awesome. I wish it wasn't an EP, but a full-length album. - Flav

16 Tokyo Showdown
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