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21 The Fighter

This song sound definitely be higher! There's just so much raw emotion throughout and Maria Brink's vocals are so amazing (as usual.) Definitely my favourite because of the powerful feeling to this song.

22 Prayers

This song is so amazing. It vibrates with power, and the intro is so amazing. Best song from this band in my oppinion.

Intro is just amazing I just love intro. Starts with amazing guitar riff. Harsh vocal makes you chill to bones. The best song by ITM. It should definitely be on no. 1 others songs I love are remember, forever, adrenalize, blood, whore, beautiful tragedy. But this songs is one of my favorite song. Listen to it and you will know what the ITM is! - himalayaverma

Best song

23 You Always Believed
24 You're Gonna Listen
25 Scarlet

This was the first song I heard from In This Moment few years ago. It's just so simply beautiful and it's full of emotions. Although, I love all of their songs, this one is still my favorite.

It was my first song too and I just fell in love with it! It is so beautiful and amazing song and my favourite! It should be top 10!

Very powerful song. Deserves top 10!

I love it!

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26 Ashes
27 Blazin'

Should be nr1 in my opinion

28 Daddy's Falling Angel

Have no idea how this isn't in the top 10.

24? You CRAZY? This song is a must in the top 10 - DontTouchMyPogoStick

29 Burn

This is just such a powerful song! Should be much higher rated.

30 Standing Alone
31 The Blood Legion

One of their best by far! It has an awesome ending making it an epic song! - amcskillet

Surprised this one is ranked so low in comparison to their other songs. It's just a pure beauty! Give another try, folks...

Amazing, her voice and the drums are really cool
this song is just fantastic adorable, also the words of the song are very nice

32 Roots

This song is amazing and addictive. This song rolls the classic sound of ITM into one song. It's beautiful. - maarilynmaanson

33 Violet Skies
34 Dirty Pretty

Sounds like Marilyn Manson

This song is so underrated! Deserves to be higher!

Amazing song.

35 Out of Hell

Such a beautiful song with such beautiful meaning

36 Bloody Creature Poster Girl

I love this song so much! I think I liked Sick Like Me, Sex Metal Barbie and this song the most out of all the Black Widow album!

This is just so retro,rockabilly pinup and dark at the same time LOVE IT striptease song

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37 Next Life
38 11:11

100% agree with the previous poster. Maybe this song is not quite typical for the band, but the whole Blood album is rather unique as it's unlike anything they had written prior to that. This is what makes Blood outstanding and their best album to date! 11:11 is a wonderful song showcasing Maria's amazing vocal talent.

For me, this one should be in the Top 10, it's not exactly the normal style of In This Moment but this song is just incredible! Listen to it if you haven't do it yet! You won't regret it! - Mokay

39 Circles
40 Mechanical Love
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